Experience all the seasons with a new veranda
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Build one veranda on the balcony or in terrace it is the best method to create a domestic space in contact with the open air, where you can enjoy a few moments of relaxation alone or in the company of loved ones. Using the right furnishing elements, it is possible to experience the veranda throughout the year, making it a natural extension of one's home. In this article, we'll give you some useful tips on how to take advantage of a veranda in home.

Live the veranda all year round

The veranda represents the right combination of external space and interior space. It can be used to relax in the company of a good book or to make lunches and dinners with friends, during the summer. To create a veranda, it is not necessary to have a garden, but the structure can also be installed on balconies and terraces, becoming an extension of the house. The veranda can be obtained renovating the balcony, if necessary, and using one wood or metal cover with windows. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy the outdoor panorama, in every season of the year.

Vivi-all-the-seasons-with-a-new-veranda-3This space can be decorated with plants and garden furniture. pretty planters they can be arranged along the perimeter, to enhance the contact with nature and give liveliness to the environment. The central area can be set up with a table and chairs, useful for lunch or dinner in the open air. Finally, if space allows it, you can also add gods sofas it's a garden table, in order to recreate a pleasant sitting area. We advise you to use hard plastic furnishings, able to withstand humidity and wear over time. You can light up the veranda using the lantern or delle Candles, making the atmosphere dreamy and evocative. As for the flooring, you can choose adhesive or interlocking PVC tiles, so as to recreate a rustic and evocative setting.

Experience all the seasons with a new veranda, an effective way to experience outdoor spaces

If you are wondering how to use a veranda and implement one renovation to the sqm of your home to optimize the spaces, you can take inspiration from our list of ideas, suitable for every space requirement. Here how you can use the veranda to enhance your home:

  • Integrate the living area with the living room: if you are lucky enough to own a beautiful outdoor garden, you can use the veranda to make it an integral part of your home. Using a glass cover you can minimize the barriers between the inside and the outside of the house, giving the impression of living inside a large, unique environment, relaxing and surrounded by greenery;
  • Enlarge the living room or kitchen: if you live in a small house, you can use the veranda to save space and make the rooms more comfortable. Usually, it is advisable to install a veranda on the kitchen balcony, to create an area dedicated exclusively to cooking food, or in the living room, to increase the depth and accommodate a greater number of people;
  • Increase the brightness in the home: it can happen that the particular arrangement of some houses does not allow the passage of natural light, making them dark and forcing us to use artificial lights even during the day. A veranda with transparent glass can be the right solution to increase the brightness of the rooms;
  • Create a winter garden on the terrace: if adequately covered, large terraces can be used even in winter, becoming the ideal place to hold parties and family dinners.

Making a veranda: which permits to request

Building a veranda on the balcony or on the terrace is one of the most requested interventions by the owners of buildings who wish to create a space in contact with nature, even in their own home in the city. However, the construction of a veranda is a real enlargement of the house, therefore it requires the necessary authorizations, in order not to risk going to penalties. According to the law, even those who live in a condominium can freely create a veranda on the balcony, as long as it has certain features features:

  • The work must be in order with the necessary urban planning authorizations;
  • The veranda must not violate the rules of the condominium regulation;
  • The structure must not alter the architectural decor of the building but it must harmonize with it, respecting its style, color and materials;
  • The veranda must respect the distances established by law from the windows and balconies of the other condominiums, in order not to incur privacy violations;
  • The work must not alter the panoramic view of the other tenants of the building.

So, before starting work, to make one veranda on the terrace permits to request and documentation to be presented are the following:

  • Authorization from the condominium administrator, for the implementation of the project;
  • Presentation of the SCIA (Certified Activity Start Report) in the municipality of residence, through which one feels the intention to build the veranda on the balcony;
  • Request for modification of the cadastral plan at the Revenue Agency of their city.

To create a veranda on the terrace permits are essential to avoid encountering dangerous crimes that can involve large fines and major problems with the law. In fact, it is good to remember that, even once the irregularity of the work has been ascertained, it is removed at its own expense, this does not determine the extinction of the crime. In Italy, for the crime of Building abuse you risk:

  • Payment of a fine up to 10.329 euro for not having observed the norms foreseen by the building and urban planning regulations;
  • Shutdown up to 2 years, with fine from 15.493 to 51.645 euro for the implementation of the works in the absence of permits or for their continuation, despite the order not to proceed.

By choosing to rely on specialized companies, the regulatory and permit side will be entirely managed by those who carry out the work. This represents a double advantage, as time is saved and the wise management of the necessary practices is guaranteed.

How much does it cost to build a veranda on the balcony

A question that is often asked is "how much does a veranda cost?"This is a complex issue that cannot be answered unambiguously. In fact, the installation of a veranda on the balcony is comparable to the construction of a new room and can involve variable costs, based on multiple factors. To know how much to have a balcony, first Vivi-all-the-seasons-with-a-new-porchwhat will be necessary to evaluate the type of structure that you want to realize. There three main types of terrace verandas:

  • Wooden verandas: the wooden works are among the most expensive on the market. In fact, wood is a precious material that guarantees solidity and strength to the veranda. Furthermore, it can improve the aesthetics of the home, increasing its overall value. Usually the costs for wooden verandas range from 3.000 euros to 6.000 euros. Price variations may depend on the type of wood used and the size of the structure;
  • Glass verandas: this kind of verandas is very appreciated in modern homes because it fits perfectly with the sober and essential style of the current design. Even if they have a very suggestive aspect, the glass verandas need more care during their use and can be installed only by specialized personnel. In this case, the prices depend on the number of windows installed and their characteristics and dimensions. Generally the costs are around 1.500 euros;
  • Verandas in aluminum: these are widespread verandas in city homes and offer excellent value for money. In fact, aluminum is a flexible and versatile material at low cost that can guarantee high performance over time. Aesthetically they have different styles, depending on the chosen model. They can be customized in color and shape and can be embellished with sliding glass doors. The cost of aluminum verandas is around 1.000 euros.

also the dimensions they can influence the cost of the veranda. Covering a large area will surely cost more than a small balcony. Before buying a veranda, we recommend that you Request a quote to a specialized company that will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs. Taking an appointment, in a short time a specialized technician will carry out a personalized inspection and will draw up a free quote. Relying on competent personnel is always the best solution to carry out one's own restructuring interventions, without running the risk of running into trouble and at a convenient cost.

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