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Once it was the spacious home to tempt buyers. The opportunity to live in dispersed environments to be furnished in multiple ways meant being able to flaunt magnificence and grandeur, especially with regard to society. The vast environment gives a sense of grandeur and majesty, becoming often useless, if not totally inadequate. Today's trends, on the other hand, change course. No longer immense spaces, but rather reduced environments, if not even merged, to recreate an intimate, sophisticated and, above all, welcoming atmosphere.

Today the small space is a philosophy of life: the daily frenzy and a series of logistic requirements impose the use of functional environments, preferably practical, easy to clean and to keep in order. The villa on the outskirts is supplanted by the attic in the very center, where the bus stop is a stone's throw from the house while the workplace is only a few kilometers away. Needs evolve along with trends, and if once the man aimed at buying real estate that could remain for future generations, today he is inclined towards small spaces, in the center and whose price is possibly contained.

A single word contains all this: attic. Cozy, practical and accessible to all, the attic is re-evaluated transforming the old wash-house of a condominium into a chic, warm and every-need environment. Whether it's 80 square meters or slightly less than 30, the attic is a room obtained from the attic of a building that, restored and made habitable, can become a real home.

Only one adjective characterizes it compared to the other architectural structures: welcoming. The idea of ​​minimal spaces, merged into one or two rooms, makes it possible to make the rooms practical by furnishing them with different solutions, dividing the common spaces (such as the living room entrance and the kitchen) with design alternatives.

The attic is of purely French derivation. It was François Mansart who designed it in the seventeenth century, re-evaluating a space that was generally intended for other uses. The passing of the years and the evolution of the architectures has allowed to improve the environments making them more habitable both in height and by extension reaching the most modern and sophisticated structures better known with the term attic. If the latter is a property reserved only for a certain clientele, the attic is within everyone's reach, being able to buy it at competitive prices even if located in strategic locations in the heart of the city.
The attic, today, is a question of space. Cities are expanding year after year, crowding continuously. Finding a free home is a wager lost from the start as prices soar with increasing demands. Re-evaluating an attic becomes the ideal alternative for not giving up the city: the restructuring involves specific works and a not insignificant expense, which however meets the tax advantages thanks to the deduction equal to 50% of the cost incurred.

And it is with this purpose that the sloping roofs and exposed beams are no longer a matter of necessity, but rather a decorative element with which to enrich one's own spaces. The attic, being at the apex of a building, offers panoramic views and breathtaking views that allow you to embrace the whole city at a glance.

Almost as if one could dominate the world from such a strategic position, the attic is also cool in summer and warm in winter, all the more so if the roof is re-evaluated with insulation and coats. The opportunity to install stoves and fireplaces without affecting much on the building also makes it possible to re-evaluate energy performance by being able to install different solutions with minimum environmental impact.

Discover how to renovate the attic and live in the attic with a project defined in every detail

Home refurbishing is a project to be defined in every detail. Especially if it's an attic whose restructuring costs include costs necessary to obtain those certificates that allow the habitability of the attic. Creating a custom-made home is a contemporary trend, even more so if you know the bargain of buying a property with an attic.

Regardless of whether you are in the center, in a resort area or a country barn, it is essential for the attic to be an architectural project designed down to the smallest detail to recover the ceilings. Nothing will be left to chance while the cost for renovations of the house may vary by sqm.

There are numerous elements to be taken into consideration when drafting a project. First and foremost stands out the roof renovation which, corresponding to the ceiling of the attic, must be adequately insulated to avoid infiltration of humidity and rain. In this case it is necessary to assess whether the expense falls to the sole owner of the attic or can be divided among the condominiums because, if the attic represented the top floor of a condominium, the roof is a job that in many cases is due to everyone the owners of the building.

The situation is different when the building belongs to only one person. In this case, the expense for the roof's thermal coverage rests on the owner alone, who can choose the best solution to obtain a suitable thermal insulation for his needs. The insulation protects the interiors of the attic against humidity and sun, keeping it cool and dry, also minimizing the dispersion of heat during the winter.

A second aspect not to be underestimated in the renovation of an attic is the subdivision of the internal layout. To make a mansard cozy and livable it is necessary to define a number of rooms whose size will be proportional to the spaces available. An attic of 30 mq can contain up to two rooms, including a bedroom, a small bathroom and a living room - kitchen.

live-in-attic-bedroom-to-bed-2Greater surface area allows you to get more rooms and make them fit your needs. From an attic of 80 sq.m. it is possible to obtain an entrance - kitchen with a sitting area, a bathroom and two bedrooms. An intermediate room can be adapted by taking advantage of the space of the living area to obtain a single kitchen and a small entrance, leaving out however two rooms to be used as the sleeping area. The latter, for different needs, could be reduced to one, even more so if you want to allocate the attic to singles or to a young couple.

Another factor is the light created through openings such as doors and windows. Some companies in the sector, as well as some architects, recommend solutions such as skylights and roof windows. The solution is both fascinating and beautiful, exploiting it above all to improve the interior light of the rooms. The skylight, in fact, is an opening placed near the roof, whose function is to heat the rooms and allow the air to circulate.

The roof window is an elegant and impressive alternative. Similar to the skylight in terms of functionality, it differs from the latter in terms of size and the possibility of obtaining benefits from its installation. By receiving the light directly, it is possible to keep the interiors warm during the winter seasons, using dimming systems to reduce the heat during the summer seasons. The window on the roof will offer a truly unique view of the sky, transforming an architectural element into a very elegant trendy furniture.

The renovations of the interiors of an attic do not only stop at the structural aspect to create a mansard tailor-made. It is necessary to include less important works among the expenses, but still necessary to improve the environment. Among all, kitchen, bathroom and flooring coverings prove to be a necessary purchase because the tiles can become a decorative element replacing the traditional furnishings.

The cost per square meter varies according to a number of factors, including the choice of materials and installation. No problem arises if the renovation works serve to make the attic livable, unlike the simple renovation of the interiors already prepared to be habitable. In the latter case it is possible to opt for laying the ceramics on the existing floor, or for removing the tiles, replacing them with new ones.

In this case, the expense will also include disposal costs, as well as the workforce of a professional. The ceramics can be chosen from a porcelain tile, a marble-effect tile, a parquet or a laminate and each idea can re-evaluate the attic in multiple ways, making each room unique and exclusive. Wall coverings can range from decorative ceramics to majolica, as they may prefer simple solutions for the sole purpose of preserving walls from humidity.

The works of renovation of an attic they must be performed with the aim of upgrading the interior from an energy point of view. There has been talk of insulation, but it is necessary to dwell on the choice of materials by focusing on double-glazed windows and stoves that heat the rooms in a short time. Light is also an important aspect: the reduced space of the attic can be improved with windows, coverings and solutions that make an optical effect of amplitude and

For example, it is not recommended to choose walls painted with dark colors, preferring warm and bright tones that attract sunlight. If you want to choose a modern painting, with a concrete, copper or wood effect, it is always preferable to opt for tones that can optimize the internal lighting.

The renovation of an attic allows obtaining tax benefits by following specific rules. Deductions for restructuring of an attic are accessible when the building unit, already existing and registered at the land registry, is modified in its intended use from wash house to residential house. It is a redevelopment of the environments that is appreciated by the law. Additions (such as increases in the height of the roof) will not be deductible, including only the expenses incurred on the existing property in the tax return.

In the event that the attic is already habitable, equipped with systems but restructured for a re-evaluation from the energy point of view, it is possible to obtain a tax deduction up to 65%, especially if it concerns parts in common with the condominium. The renovation of the roof, in fact, not only facilitates the owner of the attic, guaranteeing instead an advantage also towards the other condominiums that will be able to obtain benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

An attic can be comfortable and habitable, suitable for a family but also for young couples. An adequate restructuring will allow to improve the interiors making it efficient and, above all, beautiful.

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