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A characteristic of human beings is the need to relate; often the family, friends, colleagues and some hobbies are able to satisfy the need, but in many other cases it feels like having to open one's heart to a nice little face. Wanting to choose one undemanding pet you can adopt a couple of colorful birds, some turtles, different types of fish or a snake. Whatever our choice was, once we decide to enlarge the family, the newcomer (s) deserve to enter with great fanfare from the front door and receive adequate attention and care for a lifetime.

Living with pets at home: all the useful devices to manage a pet

If we opt for a pair of birds or for tropical fish we will have to find an area of ​​the house suitable for cages and aquariums in an almost stable plan, thus avoiding areas that are too dark or too sunny, of intense passage, with the possibility of drafts. We buy the optimal sized houses for our friends, letting ourselves be seduced, why not, also by taste and design. Today there are functional objects on the market that blend perfectly with the furnishings.

The positioning of the aquarium can give life to a new space by integrating into a divider and enriching it with vibrant colors. Particular attention to cleanliness, hygiene and the possibility of contamination. Avoid the proximity of kitchens, hobs, dining tables and, without distinction, areas where food and drinks are stored or consumed.

Living-with-animals-in-house-3Our pet from apartment he is not a despot, as in any other self-respecting democracy he enjoys rights and so many duties. We must not let ourselves be softened by his innate, captivating, innate ability to maneuver us and make us slaves, educating the puppies is a commitment that we must force ourselves to carry out through respect for ourselves, our guests and our home.

We adapt the size of our friend to the availability in square meters of interiors and exteriors at our disposal. Dogs are certainly more dedicated to obedience than cats, but if we do not have a large garden or large terrace, it is not a good idea to fall in love with large ones. The discomfort would be too much for both of us. Having ascertained that you have chosen or met the right dog or cat for us and for our castle, of any size, it is necessary to take some safety precautions especially if the newcomer is, as in most cases, a puppy.

We protect the power outlets with the special screens, we avoid flying cables, we install a gate to prevent us from reaching stairs or other dangerous places for children, such as terraces or gardens. We do not allow them access to any environment, even if we intend to sell our room and our bed, we make this a conquest not a duty. Expected and deserved things are much more appreciated than those always available.

We create a routine of the day and differentiate the environments used for the various activities. In this corner away from prying eyes we eat, we set a nice colored placemat preferably splash-proof, with the bowl of water always fresh and available and we add that of the baby food only when you have to eat, have continuous access to food not a good foundation. Then you need the space for cuddling and sleeping, which must be a secluded place, large enough to allow comfortable movements, easy to shield from light, at a constant temperature. Also in these cases there is no lack of kennels, large beds, soft, colorful, well-made poufs that can be easily integrated into the environment.

Only the indispensable area is lacking to end the minimum triptych of cohabitation. For the house cat the litter box is indispensable, if the dog is of medium size we were already aware of the inevitable walks to do in any season and with any weather. We reserve a small space suited to the need, let us go to a colorful, fun, and do not skimp on the quality of the products that we put in the litter.

The rules on how keep a cat at home they can be summarized in the search for the balance between the respect of the feline character, independent and dominant, and the pleasure of keeping the house available for all the cohabitants. It will be enough to have at least one scratching post and carefully distribute the catnip. At first we defend sofas and armchairs with tactile fabrics that are easily removable and we try to make the pillow dedicated to him irresistible. Let's not forget that a cardboard box can capture a cat like nothing else in the world.

The presence of animals in our apartments, in addition to filling us with happiness, requires greater attention as regards cleaning. Taking small steps makes life simple without having to give up the peace of mind of a job well done. Avoiding excessively cluttering the floors reduces the time and optimizes the results of daily tidying, using specific detergents at least once every two weeks, especially in highly contaminated environments, or resorting to the effectiveness of steam, is certainly a healthy habit that does not it requires you to sacrifice too much time.

The bowls must be washed every day with hot water, the soft covers, so appreciated by our friends, need to be vacuumed, brushed and refreshed frequently to keep their attractiveness intact, avoiding the accumulation of hair. Combining the moment of play with the ritual brushing is an excellent habit. It would still be necessary to identify and set up the play area and adopt some strategies to entertain our friend in moments of solitude, preventing him from unwanted actions without feeling punished.


Let us not be discouraged if taking a step back and summarizing we realize that there are many actions to be taken, that the house should be revolutionized, adapted, not only for the arrival of the new family member, but because we have already realized for a while that needs have changed, different availabilities, we would really need to refresh, renovate, improve the pleasantness of the whole. But, whether for past experiences or for the confidences of friends, we are definitely afraid to venture into the unknown presumably hostile world of complete home renovation, let us remember that the possibility of relying on expert hands is an option to be evaluated with interest.

Take the opportunity to perform a online quote it is the first step towards a new awareness, that of not finding ourselves alone against everyone in considering to subject our home to a more or less thorough restoration. Whether it is to refresh the bathrooms, the kitchen, the shutters or even just to revolutionize the furniture, or to proceed with the complete renovation, being able to count on a single point of contact for anything is more than encouraging. We forget the nightmares of missed appointments, missed deadlines, removals to organize, cleaning, set-ups and much more.

Case Restructuring provides the service turnkey renovation that relieves us of any task, other than deciding how best to implement our idea, with professional and punctual assistance architect that will support us until our project can be touched.

Let's have fun designing new environments as we have always wanted them without any fear, this is one of the advantages of having to deal with the only interlocutor who will take care of the whole project. Our architect will be able to understand, and make tangible, the style and modus vivendi that belongs to us. The identification will be complete and emotionally rewarding. The failure to fully realize a dream would be perceived as failure and that word is not included in our vocabulary.

We will be able to get the space for our cat's playroom, for the closet to save clothes, the study, the shower with hydromassage and much more. The technique available today allows us the visual experience of the project with the 3D virtual renovation project. It will be impossible not to get excited by wandering around the rooms immediately and find out, in the event, that we don't like that solution and can change it without additional costs.

Restructuring costs present in the budget count many interesting options such as: the courtesy apartment, free and ready to live for the period in which our house will not be available, furniture disassembly and their storage in storage pending reassembly, the ability to control work progress thanks to a dedicated application and lastly, compliance with delivery times.

Not having to face the search for a support house thanks tofree apartment guaranteed until the end of the work, it means saving money to be able to invest in restructuring and also stress reduction that allows us to better follow our daily tasks. Not having to deal with the accurate removal of the furniture and its conservation, as well as the re-commissioning at the end of the work, must be evaluated in a more than positive manner. The respect for delivery times, in addition to emphasizing the reliability of the company, it will allow us to organize, without hindrances, the return.

Return home with the whole family and realize that everyone finally has a dedicated space: the supports to climb and a place full of hiding places for the cat, the corner reserved for the dog with an armchair, gym and cover, the original terrarium on display, it makes us aware of living in the perfect nest.

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