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The shower cabin is the alternative solution to the bathtub, in two main cases. In the first case when there are small spaces, in the second case when there is a second bathroom. Because of its characteristic of occupying little space, the cabin can also be mounted in other rooms of the house, such as the laundry, the cellar or the garage. Practically in any environment where it may be useful to have a box available, even if only 70 x 70 cm.

If you have to renovate your apartment and look for an economical solution, the shower is the one for you. It represents, in fact, a less expensive solution compared to the tank, both as regards installation, which requires faster times, and for the management, which involves a lower consumption of water. The shower enclosure is also the "dry" solution, the shower compartment must in fact be perfectly watertight, which is not the case with a simple plastic curtain.

Choose a practical and modern solution for the bathroom: the shower cabin. Guide to models

If you decide to choose the shower enclosure for the renovation of your bathroom, know that you can pick any! There are various types and models of shower enclosures, in tempered glass 1 1or in plastic, with aluminum or steel profiles, and have various compositional possibilities. There are in fact showers supported by a single wall, but also at an angle, showers with sliding doors, or folding like a book.

There are also various types and models of dishes, which can be found on the market for all tastes. They can be in composite material, ceramic, methacrylate, with low thicknesses or flush with the floor, of different shapes and sizes. The most common forms are the square ones, which measure 75, 80 and 90 cm. But there are also curved corner versions, and in recent years, rectangular versions are also spreading. In choosing can also help you architect, thanks to his experience and a custom project according to your needs.

The tub

To regenerate at the end of a long day there is nothing better than a vital jet of water and air: the whirlpool! You may be wondering if it can also be at home ... Yes, even the smallest shower enclosure can be equipped with a hydromassage column, to have a functional shower, but above all to provide wellbeing for body and mind. 1The hydromassage shower boxes can also be completed, compared to the normal ones, with a canopy and seats that add some features like the Turkish bath, to recreate the pleasure of a domestic spa, even in small spaces.


Have you convinced yourself to take a shower? Then know that shower enclosures can also be scenographically illuminated: for example with spotlights distributed on the roof to enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy (in fact, colored light has a direct influence on the mood). All that remains is to choose how to live and how to restructure this environment.

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