Renovation of resin floor houses
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A versatile covering with great potential, the resin is a material proposed by architects and experts precisely because of its high capacity of to adapt to every kind of casa: from the most modern to the most classic and traditional. At one time the resin was a coating used for commercial structures and companies, precisely because it was easy to lay for spaces large, today instead it has been re-evaluated and appreciated also in the domestic environment.

Carefully choose a coating for each environment: the resin. A material, so many resources

The material has many qualities so that it is very popular in the market: wear resistance and at the time, ease in maintenance and possibility of personalize with unique motifs and decorations; these are just some of the advantages of the coating. The thickness is an element that surely lets itself be noticed, in fact we speak of 1 3-mm for a really ultra thin, innovative and no leaks: therefore an ally also in terms of cleaning and maintenance. No more dust!


The water resistance is a further feature in favor. With it you can make bathroom renovations, kitchen, swimming pools: the resin does not fear humidity or mold growth thanks also to targeted and specific treatments that can be carried out during construction.

A question of budget

On a practical level, if you want to renovate your home floor, resin is an excellent choice as it can be laid on existing floors, so you can save your wallet with zero Costi of demolition. Also at the budget level, the resin must not be replaced in its entirety when it is worn, but it is possible to intervene locally on the damaged part, with minimal and reduced costs.

When you need to renovate your property, be in the total or partial restructuring you must always evaluate all the solutions, it is very important that your architect knows how to identify your needs.

Resin: critical points

Like any material, even the resin has gray areas, let's see them together. Even such a durable coating is subject to scratch given the wear and tear, this is visually even more evident as it is a smooth and homogeneous surface.


As for the care of the material often a misuse of products and detergents can cause irreversible damage to the finishing layer resulting in removal and replacement.

Even an excessively damp substrate can cause problems in terms of flaking, unsightly stains, but also alterations from a chromatic point of view.

Let's talk about costs. Resin is an excellent material with excellent price quality if it comes to high surfaces, the situation changes for reduced environments (less than 50 sqm) where there is no great convenience.

In general, the price for 100 sqm of wall covering is around 40-130 euro per square meter The price, however, may undergo variations based on many factors such as the type of resin chosen.

A coating that prefers large surfaces, but that adapts to any type of context and decor. Resin is an excellent ally for homogeneous floors and walls, always clean and aesthetically original, without forgetting the endless decorations and finishes that can be chosen.

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