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With the term living comfort indicates the degree of well-being inside a house evaluated on the basis of the temperature, air quality, acoustics and brightness. To guarantee this state, the above parameters must be reached with optimum levels renovations studied ad hoc.

The selection of the best materials and the use of particular solutions in the design phase are fundamental in this perspective.

The article illustrates some precautions to be adopted to better live in an apartment located in thetop floor of an apartment building in the case of a building with its own attic.



Before starting work

Before starting the renovation works, we recommend that you carefully read the Condominium rules. There may be indications on the times to be respected, the rules on the use of common parts such as the lift and the prohibition on carrying out works that affect the appearance of the condominium.

In addition, there is an obligation to communicate to the administrator the intention of wanting to carry out the renovations by registered mail or Pec. Once the administrator has been informed about the date and type of interventions, a discussion will be held in the assembly which cannot completely prevent the work from being carried out. However, the administrator may take measures in the event that the works may cause damage to the structure or inconvenience to condominiums.



Work on the attic for living comfort

A first measure could be to intervene on the attic thermally insulating it by insufflation. This technique consists of applying a layer of insulating foam over the entire surface. It is a rapid intervention that does not require building works. The material used is capable of thermally insulate so the acoustic comfort is significantly increased.

Also, you can go to counteract the formation of mold dangerous to health. The air quality and temperature will thus reach optimal levels within the top floor of an apartment building.

Windows and glass 

To ensure living comfort, it is also necessary to intervene on the brightness of the environments. During the design phase, the window surfaces and the location of the darkening elements will therefore acquire considerable importance.
Having lighting at an optimal level involves advantages both in terms of liveability both in terms of energy saving.

If it is not possible to vary the size of the openings during the renovation you can opt for windows by the effect “only glass”, That is, from the reduced frame.

In addition, using insulating glass a barrier will be created which will retain the heat in winter and prevent the rooms from overheating in summer.


Install an air treatment system

Breathing air rich in humidity or excessively dry is not good for our health.
In fact, very humid environments facilitate the proliferation of spores and bacteria that can cause allergies or infections.
On the other hand, excessive dryness of the air can cause respiratory problems, promoting inflammation and allergies.
To ensure conditions of wellbeing it is essential that the various humidity percentage between 40 and 60% in relation to the temperature.
We therefore recommend installing a indoor air treatment plant to expel the air consumed and introduce air at a suitable temperature according to the season.
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