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The arrival of the new year brings with it many news and trends in terms of furnishings and renovations. The vintage, the material effect and the colonial style return to impose themselves, while among the most popular colors there is Greenery, the Pantone color of the moment. In this article we propose the new trends for the home for the 2017 and lots of useful tips to renovate your home with style.

Furnishings: the new 2017 trends

The new 2017 furnishing trends see themselves asserting themselves five styles different, with unusual combinations and in the name of customization. We are witnessing the rediscovery of geometric patterns and colors typical of 80s, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, with lacquered texture with glossy effect. The primary colors are back, mainly used in a glossy version, to illuminate tables, chairs and interior objects. The furnishings show unusual and provocative forms, with a typically experimental taste, inspired by the design of the great masters of the past who with their works continue to influence current furnishings, even after decades. Thematerial effect that focuses on the use of natural raw materials, such as wood, concrete, stone, marble, granite and metal, to give grandeur and timeless elegance to the furnishings. The material texture becomes a decorative tool also for walls and accessories, through scenographic wallpapers with marbled effect e evocative objects which appear similar to sculptures to be exhibited. The most famous designers offer combinations of noble materials and precious stones, such as amber, onyx and lapis lazuli, mainly used to cover floors and decorative frames.

It also states the Tapestry, or upholstery, the undisputed protagonist of flooring, surfaces, furnishings and accessories. This style plays with damask patterns and multicolor geometries, sometimes with fluorescent shades. Moreover, thanks to this new trend, the ancient fashion of tapestries is back in vogue, revisited in a modern key, with various subjects inspired by the world of art and culture as protagonists, to decorate bedrooms and living rooms. Again, we are witnessing the return of the colonial style, characterized by imposing living spaces, strictly separated from the sleeping area. The protagonist of the furnishings is the wood, in its warm colors of walnut and cherry, embellished with decorations such as weaves, inlays and styles. On textiles and walls, on the other hand, we find a mixture of colors ranging from pastel shades, such as ivory and beige, to bright shades of red, yellow, green and blue. The colonial-style floors range from parquet to marble, finely decorated with large carpets. In 2017 the colonial style is also contaminated by jungle trends that we find in the tropical patterns of carpets and sofas and in the abundance of plants, protagonists of the environments.

Finally, also this year we are witnessing the return of the vintage style timeless and always loved by designers all over the world. The retro trends and emotional design they are found above all in the accessories, such as lamps, tables and prints. The famous returns paper effect on wallpapers and coverings. Vintage objects, such as old radios and clocks, on the other hand, embellish cupboards and shelving. On the walls we find old prints of the time with calligraphic fonts, typical of the 50's. Even the colors recall those of paper and cardboard. We rediscover beige, brown and cream, with a matte and worn texture. There are also bright shades of primary colors and classic black and white.

The trendy colors for the 2017

If last year the trendy colors were the quartz pink and serenity blue candies, in the 2017 we are witnessing the rediscovery of suggestive and evocative chromatic effects. On the one hand, the metallic and pearlescent colors and the digitized textures, typical of the hi-tech industry, on the other hand are re-proposed the stimulating shades of green and blu, juxtaposed with trend-home-ripe-with-style-pantone-greenerytimeless black and white. These color trends are inspired by the film market and the colossal of the moment, one of all Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with shimmering and intense colors, able to arouse emotions. About that, Pantone, the world authority in terms of color, recommends painting the walls of your home with the colors of the palette "Forest Bathing”That oscillate from aqua green to electric blue and mix with the strong nuances of burgundy and acid yellow. Other trendy colors for 2017 are orange, fluo pink and deep red, which recall floral and exotic styles. These colors are ideal for decorating the living area as they inspire strength and energy. For the bedroom and the study, however, Pantone suggests using relaxing and deep colors, such as those of the palette "Reminiscence“, Based on shades of blue and sepia. Alternatively, the more sophisticated can focus on shades of gold, bronze, dove gray and pale orange. 2017 is also the year in which the green trends for the home, with an eye to the environment and eco-sustainability, for this reason Pantone proposes the palette "Raw materials”Which recalls the typical colors of recycled materials and nature, with an original pink touch.

The Pantone 2017 color is Greenery

According to Pantone, the color of the 2017 is Greenery, a particular variety of green with yellowish tones and a vibrant and energizing character. It is a fresh color inspired by nature and vegetation, to recall the current commitment of modern industry towardsenvironmental sustainability. The director of the company explained to the media that the choice of colors, from year to year, is made according to the trends that are affirmed in the various sectors of the economy and modern industry. In particular, Greenery was born from the careful analysis of the color trends that emerged in the field of fashion and on the catwalks of the great designers, such as Kors and Gucci, but also from those of the cinema and successful films, such as Doctor Strange.

According to the expert, this film had a big weight in the choice of color for 2017. In fact, the protagonist always carries with him a green lucky charm, which was also the color used by the director for special effects. Greenery also has symbolic significance, experts point out, as it incites to rebirth and hope. If last year the predominant need was to find harmony and serenity, within a confused and complex society, today we find ourselves living in a world afflicted by situations of crisis and hardship, where there is the need to reinvent ourselves in completely new way, adopting a Greenery spirit. This color is the symbol of the end of a cycle and the hymn to find a new way of seeing the world around us.

Trend for the home: how to restructure with style following the trends of the moment

The emergence of new trends in furniture and colors always offers an opportunity to renew one's home environment and adapt it to the changes that occur in our life and in today's constantly changing society. Renovate your home it allows to enhance the interiors and peculiarities, creating unique and personalized environments. This is an advantageous choice from multiple perspectives. From the economic point of view, a house that uses modern technologies takes on a superior market value, compared to a building built with materials that are now obsolete. In case you intend to sell it, a good restructuring allows you to offer it to a best price and get a more offers, in less time. From the point of view of housing, instead, a house that uses innovative systems, turns out comfortable and easy to live. A restructuring allows to eliminate the presence of architectural barriers and rationalizes the use of spaces, in order to make the house suitable for the needs of modern life.

trend-home-ripe-with-style-pantone-greenery-kitchenChanging furniture and repainting the walls is also a way to make your home a stimulating and pleasant place, to be proudly shown to your friends and relatives. A complete home renovation can improve the quality of life and offer many economic and well-being opportunities. To renovate a property in the right way it is essential to rely on a serious and professional company, able to respond to customer needs with clarity and honesty. One of them is Case Restructuring, with many years of experience in the field of total or partial building renovations. The customer creates his own customized project for the renovation of the apartment together with an architect specialized, with whom you can deal at any time during the renovation. Today it is possible to have a preview image of your renovated home, even before starting work. The virtual project 3D offers an overview of what the property will be like at the end of the renovation, allowing the customer to make changes if he is not satisfied with the final result. The price of the virtual rendering is included in the quote and there are no additional costs. Services are also available on request, such as assembly and disassembly of furniture, advice and a free estimate. Case Restructuring deals with renovating not only private homes, but also commercial premises. When making a energy restructuring, the company uses only certified and modern materials that support the environment and improve air quality and safety in the home. The proposed restructuring costs are among the most convenient on the market and can also be borne through convenient installment payments. To find out more, you can make an appointment or send an email, using the contacts on the site.

Renovating a home is worthwhile with the 2017 eco-bonus

Make one complete house renovation it is convenient, thanks to the ecobonus and at tax benefits granted by the Government, for the whole of 2017. The eco-bonus can be granted to all taxpayers who carry out an energy renovation of their property. The aim is to improve the energy performance of buildings and limit the waste of energy and raw materials essential for the environment. The tax benefits of the eco-bonus are equal to 65% of the costs incurred for the renovation and can be used until 2021. In addition, 75% of the reimbursement of the costs incurred can be obtained, if the renovation of the apartment is aimed at improving the energy performance of the building, both in winter both in summer. The restructuring costs are deductible from the income tax, in the form of ten installments. The facilities can be used up to a maximum of 30 thousand euros for energy modernization work and up to twice as much if an existing building is restructured. Furthermore, if you choose to install the solar panels and carry out a total energy restructuring you can even reach the threshold of 100 thousand euros.

To request the benefits, you must be in possession of the invoices relating to the work undertaken, in order to demonstrate the successful restructuring. All receipts must be sent to theInland Revenue, together with the documents of the property owner who is requesting the deductions. It is advisable to contact an accountant to facilitate the completion of bureaucratic procedures and not to risk making mistakes that could make you lose the right to access the benefits. The renovation works of the apartment for which tax deductions can be requested, concern:

  • Ordinary maintenance operations of a building;
  • Extraordinary maintenance interventions of an apartment or building;
  • Building renovation;
  • Energy restructuring;
  • Works aimed at rehabilitating unsafe or damaged buildings, for conservative purposes.

In addition to the eco-bonus, it is also possible to request the mobile bonuses and further amortize i restructuring costs, maximizing savings. Thanks to this concession, it is possible to deduct up to 50% of the personal income tax for the expenses incurred for the purchase of household appliances and furniture. All those who have renovated a complete house for less than a year and who own the property can access this facility. The appliances must have at least the energy class A+, unlike the oven which can be class A, in order to request tax benefits. Furthermore, the total expenditure must not exceed the 10 thousand euros totals. Also in this case, it will be necessary to provide all the documentation certifying the purchase of the goods and their energy class, and in particular the invoices and transfers, accompanied by the personal documents of the owner of the apartment. It is also necessary to provide a document that certifies the renovation and the times in which it was carried out. Specialized construction companies are able to provide this certification, at the request of the customer, if they need it to access the tax bonus.

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