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Before starting renovation work in the home it is necessary to have a well defined project, carried out by a professional. Only in this way will it be possible to be certain of a series of parameters, such as, in particular, the time needed for restructuring and costs. When it comes to houses to renovate we always talk about elements that are different from each other, not only for the size and distribution of the spaces, but above all for the needs of those who will then have to live in that house.

For home refurbishing with style it is necessary to know how to make the most of spaces, but also any structural difficulties such as, for example, the presence of one or more columns. Although these are not very common situations, in some cases it can happen that by knocking down a wall to widen, for example, the living area, the column or pillar of a bearing wall remains uncovered. This element, which for some could be considered a real aesthetic problem, for many others, instead, guarantees the possibility of creating modern and innovative structures, that is to give a touch of modern design inside an apartment.

Providing a column as an integral part of the furniture, that is as a functional element and not just an aesthetic one, guarantees the demolition of the restructuring costs home, since this element, strong and essential, can offer a series of interesting ideas to be used in different ways.

Transforming-one-column-at-a-element-decorative-2The choice on how to integrate the column or the pillar with the various furnishing accessories is linked not only to the size and shape, but also and above all to its positioning inside the room. When, for example, you find yourself with a central column, it can be useful to choose that particular environment to recreate a study area, a bookcase or a small sitting area by using the column as a central element around which small chairs are placed on which you can sit for to read or to chat.

If during the building renovation you are faced with the presence of a pillar in the middle of a room, just as in the case of the column you do not have to worry and you must aim to enhance that element both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. For this reason, it can be very interesting to use a pillar as a side element for the construction of a bookcase, both open and protected by display cases.

Of course, he will stay with the imagination and imagination ofarchitect or of the interior designer to be able to best define the type of use of the pillar, trying to exploit it as best as a functional element of the furnishing itself. And on the other hand, being unable to dismantle it or move it, the only solution is to renovate the house taking into account the presence of these supporting elements and structures and use them as an additional furnishing element.

When a column is in the center of a room, trying to hide it can have a disastrous effect: for this reason, on the contrary, it should be highlighted, choosing colors in contrast with the surrounding environment (in case of modern furniture) or tone on tone when the apartment is made in classic or country style.

Discover how to transform a column into a decorative design element

A simple column can become an integral part of the furnishings thanks to stuccos and colors that can create elements that are always particular, in style with the environment in which the column is located. Interesting ideas are those that see the central column transformed into a real architectural element to be put on display, perhaps by inserting it inside a display case so as to make it, at the same time, interesting for guests and decorative for the home.

Care must be taken when choosing a room with a column for bedroom use: in this case, if on one side the column can also become a fun element of play, it could represent a risk for the children who, trying to climb it , they could slip or fall hurting themselves. For this reason, if this type of choice were to be made for technical reasons, it becomes necessary to recreate a safe context, using the column as a game, but creating protection systems that guarantee maximum safety for children.

columnWhen, on the other hand, you find yourself in the presence of a pillar, this can best be exploited to create study stations that, turning around the pillar itself, ensure that two or more brothers can study together without being able to easily talk to each other their.

Probably the renovation of interiors that brings out a pillar allows us to offer a greater number of furnishing solutions than those of a simple column. A pillar, in fact, regardless of size, offers more interesting ideas to create furnishings that integrate the pillar itself within them. Exploiting a pillar as an aesthetic element can lead to different results depending on whether it is free, or just protruding from a wall.

In the first case, moreover, its position, whether central or lateral, can provide different possibilities and furnishing solutions. In a bedroom, for example, it can be used as an element for affixing mirrors, a choice that is not only aesthetically interesting, but also very functional, given that it allows for an enlargement effect of the room and, at the same time, ensures greater luminosity to the chamber itself.

When you find yourself in the middle of an apartment renovation, it is important not only to assess the position of the pillar at the end of the work but, above all, the possibility of creating custom-made furnishings precisely to exploit or enhance this particular architectural element. Just thinking about valorisation, the best architects and interior designers know that ideas must not only aim to make the most of what already exists, but they must also know how to create new elements to better highlight any pre-existing structures.

In the case of a pillar, a series of pillars can be envisaged in rows, able to guarantee a particular optical effect and, above all, able to ensure maximum functionality to these elements that cannot be only aesthetic but must be able to be also characterized by practical use.

In a modern living area, a column or pillar can be used to make one kitchen American style, that is to create a table top that goes around the structure to ensure maximum comfort for a quick meal, be it an afternoon snack or a quick breakfast.

When, on the other hand, you find yourself renovating old houses, the presence of a column or a pillar can be a major problem. If on the one hand, in fact, in a classical context these two types of structures do not allow a complete integration, from the functional point of view they represent interesting separating elements. It is therefore possible to imagine a column that divides a living room with an antique flavor into two parts, one to be dedicated to the ritual of tea and the exchange of a few chats sitting on the armchairs, the other to be used for table games or for a possible billiard table.

To create decorative elements with pillars in old houses you can think about creating stuccoes that can transform a column into a real architectural element with perfect aesthetics. When the pillars are only protruding, but do not come free from the wall, you can think of highlighting them by choosing mirrored furniture on either side of the pillar itself.

It is therefore possible to create a bookcase that continues on one side and on the other of the pillar, or arrange two equal seats, one on the right and one on the left of the pillar, so as to ensure the right balance and elegance to this structural element. Finally, it should be emphasized that when it comes to antique apartments, the use of drapes, curtains and fabrics helps to create additional decorations that can also take advantage of the same column or pillar as separator elements between different colors or different patterns.

Of course, before proceeding to any kind of work, the architect or interior designer will be able to offer preventive forms which will allow us to illustrate, for each type of work and for each intervention, the relative expense item and the methods of using the column or pillar as decorative elements within a specific room.

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