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The beauty of outdoor cooking

Owning an outdoor kitchen is an added value to your home that will greatly enhance the building. It allows you to cook various types of dishes such as grilled meat, vegetarian grill or fish and much more that usually cannot be done in the kitchen. Outdoor kitchens include different types of structures, from a simple barbecue to a real cooking area equipped with the best utensils, running water and appliances.

In this case you can take the opportunity to carry out this project when you decide to renovate your home, in order to optimize costs and, above all, the discomfort of a renovation. When the kitchen is finished, it can be used for parties, lunches and family dinners or to spend summer meals outdoors, perhaps in the shade of a pergola.

Many ideas for many projects

When we talk about outdoor cooking, we dive into a world full of ideas and projects suitable for any need dictated solely by imagination. Being a very simple architectural element that does not require special precautions except the connection to the utilities of the house, there is ample discretion for the client who can think and realize the perfect outdoor kitchen for himself and for the family.

For clarification on how to design this area you can request to our professionals among which there are expert architects and designers able to offer the right solutions for every request. Consultancy is the certainty of being able to exploit the corners of the house to the fullest by creating a functional and, in particular, aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

The advantages of having an outdoor kitchen

cook-all-open-2Outdoor cooking has many advantages that will surely be appreciated by the whole family. Primarily cooking food, in the garden or on a terrace, you can grill foods by burning wood or charcoal, an activity that certainly cannot be done in your own home. This method gives aroma and an intense taste to the food, an irresistible taste typical of the summer period when parties and lunches are organized in the name of vegetarian or meat grilled.

But the outdoor kitchen is not limited to this, in fact there are many other realizations that can be made according to the present equipment. For example, a structure with a wood-burning oven allows you to create numerous baked goods such as focaccia, bread or tasty pizza using natural ingredients and according to your tastes. These are just some of the advantages of outdoor cooking but they are certainly sufficient to justify the construction of an outdoor kitchen where you can make countless dishes.

The barbecues

The simplest solution to exploit the corners of the house is the barbecue, a cooking method that includes a grill on which the foods are arranged at a certain distance from the charcoal or from the gas. There are different types of this product on the market, some very essential others, however, equipped with any tool can be useful. Often they are made of steel and wood, materials that if associated create a modern and professional look.

Usually they are mobile, in fact they are equipped with wheels to be moved, however there are fixed models composed of refractory bricks, a different, versatile solution that requires careful planning. If one is expected apartment renovation, it is conceivable to construct this type of barbecue taking the opportunity to enhance the exterior of the house. THE our technicians they will be able to indicate the actual feasibility of such a project by evaluating the characteristics of the area in which the kitchen will be placed and the actual use that can be made of it.

Masonry kitchens

Masonry kitchens are often considered an architectural element for villas and luxury residences without considering, instead, the accessibility that our architects and technicians can offer at a competitive cost. This kind of kitchens represent the most comfortable and supplied solution you could want as they constitute a real room suitable for cooking, however, placed outdoors or in the garden.

It is often equipped with barbecue, stove, mini fridge, wood-burning oven, sink and numerous compartments for food and equipment. The potential of this model is really many, for this reason it is advisable to consult a designer to discuss the right location of the elements and the position suitable for the kitchen in the garden. Since an investment is needed for this realization, being able to have a clarification from expert construction personnel is a wise way to create a perfect built-in kitchen in every detail.

It's time to cook outdoors, the solutions for a relaxing time with the family

Obviously there is a discriminating factor in the choice of the kitchen model suitable for outdoor cooking, that is the space available. Whoever owns a large garden will have no problem in allocating an area to the construction of this project, while those who have a small outdoor area will have difficulty making a precise choice. For this reason the construction of an outdoor kitchen cannot be excluded a priori, since even in a small terrace it is possible to create a small but efficient cooking area without having to give up the pleasure of eating outdoors.

A small apartment balcony

Even a small balcony in your apartment may hold some surprises as there are solutions to take advantage of the corners of the house in the best possible way. Certainly you will not be able to build a fully equipped masonry kitchen, however it will be easy to renew the surfaces by improving the arrangement of the elements such as the table and chairs even in a small area.

It is not necessary to renounce one's desires, but one must re-evaluate the space available choosing the right project that manages to combine the limits imposed by the building to the functionality of the kitchen on the balcony. Even on a balcony you can enjoy your own cooking area like the large built-in kitchens in the gardens. Building this structure also represents an opportunity to refurbish the small outdoor space available, improving it and making it more livable than before.

The garden for imaginative solutions

cook-all-open-3Those who have a large garden have a huge potential that should be exploited to the fullest. The possible solutions in this area are numerous and very different from each other, so it will be necessary to carefully evaluate what you want. A large space lends itself to hosting a masonry kitchen equipped with every kind of element and appliance, having no limitations it is possible to build an airy and elegant cooking area, where every detail is taken care of to amaze the observer.

All the equipment included in the kitchen can have larger dimensions: the oven will have a larger diameter to allow you to cook many pizzas at the same time, equally the grill, large and spacious with an area dedicated to the production of embers, and instead of a small sink you can install a model with two spacious bowls ideal for rinsing or cleaning vegetables, meat and fish. The realization of such a structure requires professional interventions both for the construction of a cement base, and for the connection of the plumbing and gas systems with the kitchen in the garden.

Relax by the pool

What better way to enjoy a tasty grilled meat on a hot summer day ready for a dip in the pool? It is not an unattainable idea, in fact, building your own outdoor kitchen using the paved area surrounding the pool is a refined solution typical of luxurious settings like villas. Creating a cooking zone in this context will give the setting an enviable and sophisticated effect thanks to the utmost care for the design that our designers offer.

The materials and advice of the experts

Outdoor cooking is certainly an activity that relaxes and cheers all the guests, however, before construction, appropriate choices must be made to ensure the continuity of entertainment over the years without the kitchen needing restructuring for the damage of time . The climatic agents are, in fact, the greatest enemies of this structure, therefore the most suitable materials must be carefully chosen, resistant to rain and sun, so as to have the guarantee of a long life.

Thanks to the suggestions of the technicians of our company, the maintenance will be occasional and limited to a quick cleaning without resorting to heavy operations. Designers only recommend the best materials on the market of trusted partners, while architects offer the security of the structural calculations of the kitchen and building that houses it.

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