A perfectly renovated bathroom
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Bathroom renovation, how to optimize space

Home bathroom renovation is a job that requires commitment and resources. It is not a do-it-yourself activity, even more so if it is not just a question of furnishing, but rather of changing the bathroom fixtures, transforming the bathtub into a shower tray, choosing the toilets on the basis of functionality, as well as beauty. In fact, the solutions proposed by the experts in the sector are based on the logic of practicality, offering proposals with clean and elegant lines, which can be combined with any type ... ...
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Fireplaces and stoves: when taste meets functionality

With the first cold weather, or in the case of complete house renovations, many decide to build or expand the heating system of their home. Therefore a dilemma in the choice arises: fireplaces or stoves? A matter of taste and design, but also of practical and functional characteristics that make these two solutions different from each other and adaptable to different needs. The main factor to take into account is the size of the environment in which the stove or fireplace will be inserted, ... ...
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modern white interior shower
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The bathroom is transformed: functional and design solutions

Bathroom? When you need to design such an environment, it is easy to run into the big crossroads: bath or shower? The shower has always been more practical and adaptable to smaller sizes, while the ideal bathtub for those who love to indulge in small moments of true relaxation. Whether the choice concerns a bathtub or a shower, the bathroom will become an important room as much as the others in the house, in fact the solutions in this sense are increasingly innovative, both from an aesthetic point of view ... ...
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