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Home automation: a total and hi-tech renovation of your home

If in the past a house just a click away seemed like science fiction, now new technologies confirm that home automation is increasingly becoming part of the daily routine. Domotica is a term that derives from the fusion of the Latin word domus (trad. "House") and robotics. This is the science that studies and applies technologies in living environments. It developed at the end of the second half of the twentieth century, with the aim of improving life and connecting the systems together. ... ...
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How to prepare the house for the arrival of cold: heating systems

With the arrival of Halloween, the end of summer and high temperatures is announced throughout Italy. Let us not be caught unprepared, we use autumn to prepare our house for the arrival of the cold. Just as our body needs some time to get used to falling temperatures, our home also deserves a gradual change. We will have to apply some small tricks useful to better accommodate the cold and make it comfortable. Let's see how to avoid heat dispersion ... ...
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