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Interventions for the energy requalification of your home

Each building belongs to an energy class, from the most efficient A to the least efficient G, based on its performance. The assignment is carried out by a specialized technician, who will evaluate consumption in relation to the level of thermal insulation. Having a house belonging to a high class allows you to reduce expenses and it is possible to sell it at a higher cost. Interventions for energy requalification To improve the energy class, the interventions to be carried out concern the following areas: 1) Thermal insulation.… ...
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Home automation: a total and hi-tech renovation of your home

If in the past a house just a click away seemed like science fiction, now new technologies confirm that home automation is becoming more and more part of the daily routine. Domotica is a term that derives from the fusion of the Latin word domus (trad. "House") and robotics. It is the science that studies and applies technologies in living environments. It developed at the turn of the second half of the twentieth century, with the aim of improving life and connecting the systems together. ... ...
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