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If you have an environment in your home that you think you are not using at the best, and maybe at the same time you need to get the space you need, maybe it's time to evaluate the idea of to renovate that room and build a loft.

I mezzanines for homes they are an excellent solution to take advantage of every available centimeter in your house, especially in height, and therefore we want to give you some useful suggestions on how to proceed and on which rules to respect, so as to be able to construct it and use it safely.

Before starting: the permits for the mezzanine

First of all, before starting work, make sure you have the Permissions which serve for build the loft.

In fact, you should know that you may not even need to request documents and deal with lengthy red tape: to create a mezzanine to be used for storage room and small, which will not be inhabited by people but will only serve as a deposit of things, the Council of State decreed last year that no permits required, as explained in this article.

On the contrary, if the loft can become a living room, if it comes used as a bedroom or occupied by people, or becomes new floor area, then you will have to obtain the necessary authorizations and you'll need enough space in height to be able to build it. The mezzanines for houses, in fact, must have a minimum height of 2,10 meters to which it is necessary to add the base of the mezzanine, of minimum 10 centimeters: it means that your room must be at least 4,30 meters high.

Since this is certainly not an everyday matter, we remind you that you can contact one of our Case Restructuring experts, who can deal with all the bureaucratic and practical aspects of realization of your mezzanine, leaving you alone the task of enjoying your new space once finished.

Materials and more: what to choose

While the size of your mezzanine depend only on the space at your disposal, as far as materials and aesthetics you can surely rely much more on your imagination and your tastes.

You can choose from a loft in wood, masonry, glass and iron, bearing in mind that the construction of the mezzanines can also involve more than one of these materials, also to make it more pleasant and light aesthetically. Even the colors can be extremely useful to give the right personality to your loft.

How to use and furnish the mezzanine

- uses of a mezzanine they can be really many and different: it can become one "jolly" room, to be used according to need, instantly transforming it from guest bedroom, thanks to an inevitable sofa bedin I study at home for your work or games room for children, as well as obviously in storage room or bookcase making use of every inch available with shelves.

furnish the mezzanine, you can indulge yourself according to your tastes or by looking for some different ideas, like those selected by a lady named Paola in this Pinterest album.

Does the idea of ​​a mezzanine in your home inspire you? Contact us to talk about it with one of our experts.

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