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Electrify the blinds: is it possible?

Electrifying a roller shutter is not only possible but technically very simple, because few tools, few materials and a minimum knowledge of the principles of electronics and electricity are needed. Sooner or later, we all want to be able to simply control the shutter with a finger, instead of having to raise and lower the classic tape. Maybe we even dream of doing it remotely, without having to get up from the sofa, chair or bed. Going in order, they are all viable and feasible solutions with the inclusion of a baby roller shutter motor, a mechanical power supply device capable of raising and lowering the shutter in a few seconds.

This operation undoubtedly gives further comfort and value to the home. The improvement can also be evaluated with a view to a renovation of the house or a renovation of the apartment, addressing companies that operate in the sector and requesting a online quote in a simple and fast way.

How to motorize a roller shutter and what are the costs of the systems

The roller shutter motor is the heart of the system, the mechanism around which the internal electrified system moves and acts. The motor is small in size, very compact and has the shape of a tube, a cylinder, with features similar to that of the roller around which the shutter fabric is wound in the traditional non-electrified version. To install the roller shutter motor it is first necessary to untie the winding tape and then remove the roller with the original pulley, which will be replaced by the new roller.

What's-his-powers-a-shutterThe installation procedure inside the box is quite simple: the only precaution that is necessary for everything to work properly concerns the power supply. The motor, in fact, is generally located on one side of the bar, more precisely on the end of the same, which must therefore be inserted from the part where the connections for the power supply are located. The utmost attention must also be paid to the leveling of the roller, which must be perfectly level for the roller shutter to rewind correctly. Once all the elements have been properly fixed, the electric roller shutter is ready to be used.

Obviously it is necessary to carry out some tests before starting the mechanism at full capacity, but it takes just a few minutes to have an electrified shutter, which can be controlled simply with a phase inverter, which can be purchased for just a few euros at any DIY store and do it yourself. The most advanced models of motors for roller shutters are equipped with a smart electronic control unit equipped with radio control.

This device allows you to manage the shutter even remotely with a simple remote control: nothing simpler, therefore, like a normal home air conditioner, to give an example. Obviously, the phase switch and the radio control can easily coexist, indeed, for convenience and better functionality it would be desirable for both to be included in the installation phase if a motor with radio control unit was purchased.

In electrified shutters it is also possible to mount the limit switch device, that is the system that allows you to adjust the maximum height of the shutter automatically. The limit switch can be electronic or mechanical but the operation does not change, it is always the same.

How do electric shutters work?

We have seen how simple it is to install a roller shutter motor so as to electrify and automate the system, but how electric shutters work? Their operation is rather intuitive, both with the remote control and with the phase inverter. The two commands that govern the electric shutter are exclusively the "up" and "down" to lower and raise the fabric. By activating the commutator, it sends the electrical impulse corresponding to the motor which turns in the indicated direction, performing the desired action.

In the case of the radio control the same happens, with the difference that the command is not mechanical but takes place by sending radio waves, which usually have a range of a few meters. By operating the pulley, in its rotating action, the roller wraps the shutter or unwinds it. In classic switches, it is possible to block the ascent of the fabric at the desired height, simply by returning to the initial travel point of the switch. In push-button models, since it is necessary to keep pressed to activate the system, when the desired height is reached, simply lift your finger, as happens in radio controls.

Under a complete energy restructuring, with the replacement of the fixtures, it is also possible to carry out this improvement thanks to the tax deductions put into effect by the Government.

What are the advantages of rolling shutter motorization?

Starting from the assumption that the assembly of a roller shutter motor, besides being very simple, is also very economical, i advantages of electronics they are numerous and certainly appreciated. The first, the most obvious, is comfort: being able to raise and lower the shutter without physical effort, even if minimal, is undoubtedly priceless, but being able to do it even while sitting down, simply by pressing a button on the radio control, is even more .

What's-his-powers-a-shutterNor should the undoubted aesthetic advantage of the system be underestimated, because by eliminating the mechanical external tape, the wall immediately appears cleaner and tidier and a considerable space is also recovered, which previously was not usable. This system is perfect for the elderly with a view to practicality: at a certain age, even lifting a roller shutter can become a burden but in this way it helps to keep them a good domestic autonomy even in small things, which on a psychological level is very important.

Furthermore, it is also possible to centralize the opening and closing of the rolling shutters in a single electronic control unit, which allows you to operate all the curtains at the same time to significantly reduce the times when they must be opened or closed. The motorization of the shutters has a very low operating cost, almost irrelevant to the domestic economy and the duration of the system, if properly used and maintained, is very high.

What are the costs for rolling shutter motorization?

After evaluating the feasibility and advantages, everyone asks how much does a rolling shutter motorization system cost? and the answer is very simple: very little. With a cost of less than € 100, you can purchase all the elements to install and use the motorized shutters. Furthermore, there is a minimal difference between electric models with electronic control unit and traditional ones with wire, less than € 20.

Relying on experts in the sector, it is possible to carry out this operation even in the context of one complete renovation or partial. Obviously, it is necessary to assess which system is the most suitable for one's own home, but it is certainly not difficult to identify the one most suited to individual needs. The advantages are numerous: why deprive yourself of similar comfort?

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