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Starting in mid-February, even in Italy it will be possible to buy one of the last born in the home automation sector. Not just any device, but even one Nest, the Google thermostat. What is it about? It is an intelligent thermostat, that is able to adapt to the house in which it is used, learning to recognize the thermal needs of the apartment in which it is installed.

The Google device, in fact, has been designed in such a way as to be able to evaluate, according to the external and required temperatures, the time required to reach the set temperature by switching on and off automatically, without having to intervene in person. Naturally, Nest by Google also does a lot more: thanks to a presence sensor, it is able to assess whether there are people in the house and, in the event of long absences, turn off the heating in the house, thus ensuring maximum cost savings.

As with most modern devices that have enabled the development of home automation, this smart thermostat also has a very elegant design, being made of glass and aluminum. The display is circular and guarantees high visibility and easy reading thanks to the brightness that characterizes it. The basic use is very simple: you can set the temperatures by operating directly on the thermostat or by using the app that allows remote control and setting. The app is available for both Android and iOS systems, thus ensuring the maximum possibility of use for everyone. Furthermore, being able to be installed on all mobile devices at home, it ensures that all the members of a family can adjust the settings.

Nest does not only stand as a thermostat of great innovation, but as a perfect solution for those who already have an independent system and want to modernize their heating system. In fact, it is compatible with all heating systems, both the classic ones with wall-mounted radiators and those featuring radiant floors. Furthermore, the installation of Nest by Google can be very convenient, since it can be included in the works of energy restructuring that fall within the tax benefits provided by theEcobonus 2017.

DiscoverTo install this smart thermostat, Google's Nest company has defined a series of agreements with various installers throughout Italy, who can then perform a certified installation, able to ensure maximum use of the device and make the most of all the possibilities which it offers. Deciding to buy the smart thermostat can be a fundamental choice for those who aim to make one complete home automation renovation, that is, to those who know that a smart home is not just a collection of gadgets to show to friends and acquaintances, but it is above all a way to save on consumption, in particular those related to gas and electricity.

But how to insert Google's device into your apartment? The installation of Nest is not complex and it is enough to ask a qualified installer to activate the device in a few minutes. What can be complex, however, is to create a heating system capable of being controlled by this thermostat. For this reason it may be useful to take advantage of the 2017 restructuring incentives to carry out renovation work in the home, focusing above all on energy upgrading. Naturally, before undertaking any type of work, it is essential to make a calculation of the expenses, to understand what are the costs to which one is going according to the type of intervention that one wants to undertake.

Discover the new intelligent room thermostats for your home heating system

A quick and safe way to get information on the expenses to be faced is to request a free online quote, to be able to have immediately and totally free of costs, an overview of labor and material prices. In restructuring costs, in fact, a large number of items must be considered which may have different costs depending on a series of parameters ranging from the materials chosen to the type of work to be carried out, up to the geographical area in which one is going to intervene. In fact, carrying out energy redevelopment works in a large metropolitan city or in a historic center may present different costs compared to the same type of works in the province.

If you also want to enter an expense item related to the Nest intelligent thermostat, then you will have to consider that the launch price on the Italian market will be around 250 €. Those who are about to start work before the release date of Nest can make a pre-order on Amazon paying attention to buy the device made for the Italian market. As will be seen later, in fact, depending on the markets for which it is made, Nest may have different characteristics and incompatibility problems.

It should be emphasized that in order to have the incentives to modernize the apartment and to install the smart thermostat, it is essential that the work undertaken is recognized as building requalification works. However, unlike what you can imagine, it is not only the requalification works that are among the possible candidates for tax deductions, but also the purchase of the thermostat itself.

The Stability Law, in fact, provides that all tax deductions for the modernization of the domestic heating system also include the charges for home automation devices for remote control and management of the system itself, switching on, switching off and temperature regulation. These devices, in fact, represent a real step forward towards an efficient use of the systems, able to be controlled even when you are not at home, ensuring a perfect, correct and intelligent exploitation of energy resources.

But what distinguishes Nest from the various smart thermostats already present on the market and an integral part of highly successful home automation systems? First of all, one of the main features of this thermostat is the design. As already mentioned, it is made of glass and aluminum, presenting itself as a very elegant element, which can also be installed in sight, fitting perfectly with the most modern furnishing accessories. Furthermore, it will be available in four different colors, to guarantee maximum aesthetic integration with the surrounding environment.

The display, which is relatively large in size, is also very special to guarantee perfect reading. Furthermore, the accuracy of the reading is ensured by the high resolution of the display itself. Beyond appearance, however, Nest stands out for its numerous possibilities for action. The version of the thermostat that will be marketed in Italy is the third, and already has a series of more advanced features than the previous versions. First and foremost, in addition to ensuring control over the heating system, it is also able to control the hot water boiler. Furthermore, by adapting to the family's living standards and therefore to the need to change domestic heating, this thermostat is able to guarantee savings of around 30% of average consumption.

Of course, in order to be sure of a safe saving, it is necessary to set the thermostat's functions in the best way and make the right connections with your computer, smartphone or other mobile devices through which to better control and manage the thermostat itself . Finally, it should be noted that unlike other home automation devices, the Google thermostat can be considered a real instrument with artificial intelligence: its first name, in fact, is The Learning Thermostat, that is the learning thermostat. In fact, it will learn to better regulate temperatures and needs according to the different habits of the family.

DiscoverTherefore, it is not a matter of installing settings that allow the satisfaction of the thermal needs of each household and therefore of each apartment, but of an instrument that learns ac
know these needs and habits and put them into practice completely automatically depending on the temperatures and days. Precisely this is the strong point of the Nest thermostat, a feature that, according to company data, has enabled billions of kWh of energy to be saved from the first installation to date. And in addition to the data of the company itself, other information also suggests: according to some competitors, this thermostat is able to save up to a thousand euros a year.

To ensure maximum energy savings and a correct use of all domestic resources, whether related to the consumption of water, gas or electricity, the Google thermostat can be accompanied by a series of other home automation devices, capable of make the home even smarter and, above all, even more able to save on bills and costs of all kinds. In addition to the Learning Thermostat, therefore, it is possible to have a specific webcam to check for intrusions in the home, or to fear the perimeter areas. You can then choose between the Nest Cam Indoor and the Nest Cam Outdoor.

The Learnging Thermostat first appeared on the market in 2011, in America. Why did it take you several years to land even in Italy? One of the main reasons is the lack of compatibility between the Italian electricity grid and that of the system, calibrated to voltages and power outlets different from those of our own. Precisely for this reason, those who bought the smart thermostat abroad, ie before the launch of the Italian version, had a series of problems, including the need to change the power cable, as the English and the American ones they do not follow Italian standards.

Moreover, another difficulty encountered by those who tried to use a Google thermostat before the launch in Italy was that linked to the lack of recognition of the locations, to be set by post code, to ensure the full success and operation of the thermostat. This, in fact, requires a geo-location that allows him to acquire a series of information on the weather forecast, which allows him to evaluate, depending on the case, the possibility of turning on or off at unusual times due to specific, higher temperatures or lower than expected. The connection to a specific weather forecast site is already incorporated into the system, but you can choose to connect to other weather sites that are more reliable for a given geographic area for maximum accuracy.

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