how to turn the bathroom into a spa
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Find out how to turn your bathroom into a SPA through a complete apartment renovation

Il bathroom it must be a place dedicated to relaxation, where you can recover your energy after a stressful day or long hours spent at work. To improve the psychophysical effect and the level of well-being that comes from it is possible to opt for a bath effect SPA, that is, to make the restaurant look like a real wellness center. The interventions that can be carried out are many and different from each other as the choice depends on space that you have available in the environment and from the budget that you are willing to spend. We move from a simple renovation of the room, to a real renovation of the bathroom, until we reach one complete home renovation.

In fact there are incisive interventions that are configured as a real one bathroom renovation and much easier, faster and cheaper solutions to achieve. In this case, some precautions are enough to restore the body, have greater relaxation and transform body care into a complete experience that also involves smells, lights and tactile sensations. Indeed the chromotherapy and l 'aromatherapy they are very popular wellness services in beauty centers and hotel spas, but it is also possible to relive these wellness experiences at home.

On the one hand care is taken to perfume the environment, choosing essential oils and candles more in line with one's own tastes; care must be taken with regard to relaxing and energizing aromas based on the time of day and on one's commitments. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that light is essential to furnish any room but it is even more important in the bathroom. It must be diffused and provide more light points to create a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the wide range of devices on the market they can be realized original bathroom ideas and combine functionality and aesthetic beauty.

For transform the bathroom in a SPA it is essential to choose healthcare that can ensure a high level of psychophysical well-being, in particular one bathtub or a integrated shower cabin. There are many models on the market, many of which have additional functions and home automation predispositions. In this way it is possible to listen to the music to create a relaxing background to the care of one's body.

Among original bathroom ideas Chromotherapy is highly appreciated LED spotlights integrated in the shower cubicle or in the bathtub that emit a spectral colored light. These solutions are based on the principle that colors have various effects on a person's mood. For example, the shades of blue, green and purple are relaxing and increase psychophysical well-being. Instead the shades of red, orange and yellow are lively and energizing.

For this reason it is advisable to set the lights on these chromatic spectra during the morning shower to face the day with joy and charge. For furnish the bathroom like a SPA shower enclosure models can be adopted multifunctional as they can also be configured as a small one sauna or Turkish bath. At the same time, the latest generation of hot tubs can look like a real relaxing mini-pool.

how to turn the bathroom into a spaThere are many companies that offer design products for a bath effect SPA, therefore it is possible to carry out a constructive comparison between the various options, also evaluating the online quote of each manufacturing company. We must however bear in mind the dimensions of the bathroom and it furnishing style of your own home in order to create a balanced, harmonious and unobtrusive overall solution.

Secondly, in general, bathtubs tend to have soft and rounded lines, while shower stalls focus on very minimalist and modern forms. Please note that we often focus on the decision to install a shower enclosure with numerous features as it requires less space. In addition it allows the maximum comfort and relaxation thanks to visual, olfactory and auditory stimuli; instead the tanks are more suitable for medium to large rooms.

They are very appreciated for the hydromassage function, but some scenographic solutions can only be implemented with one complete bathroom renovation. A fundamental element for a bath effect SPA is l 'lighting, which must not be too tenuous or too direct. It is advisable to combine light bodies with lighted candles to ensure a restful atmosphere. Finally it must furnish the bathroom like a SPA, choosing the right furniture, accessories and accessories.

For furnish the bathroom like a SPA it is essential to choose carefully the furniture, preferring natural and warm materials, such as the Stone and wood. In the latter case it is good to adopt specially treated essences or tropical woods (ikè, teak and rosewood) with a high content of tannins, which make the surfaces more resistant to humidity. Also complements (towel racks, mats instead of rugs, salt containers) can be made of wood or other natural materials such as bamboo and wicker.

In this way, the environment is refined, original and personalized. It is also advisable to furnish the bathroom with neutral colors and light colors because they create a pleasant and relaxing environment. At the same time they succeed in giving the environment a minimalist touch. To have a bath effect SPA it is good to choose carefully also the accessories and furnishing accessories. For example, if you can't replace the tub with a whirlpool model, you can buy specials mats.

They perform this function effectively and lean directly on the base. In the case of the shower enclosure it is good to choose the shower head carefully depending on the result you want to obtain: you can therefore have a chromotherapy effect or cascade jets and water blades. Other solutions include the use of Candles to complete the lighting, so as to recreate the atmosphere of the spa and wellness centers.

There are some original bathroom ideas that can be implemented in a simple and fast way and that allow to radically transform the atmosphere of the environment, communicating feelings of welcome and relaxation. For example it is advisable to insert one shelf where to place jars and containers for the products to be used for daily care of your body. Natural masks and scrubs are based on bicarbonate, rice starch, coarse salt and grated coconut, while salt allows to give brightness to the skin and to eliminate toxins and dead epithelial cells.

Furthermore the containers must be in line with the atmosphere of the room, so it is good to opt for colored or transparent glass containers, wooden or ceramic bowls and ampoules of various shapes and sizes. Also the originality of the lines allows to give joy to the environment. For transform the bathroom the diffusers cannot be missing or, alternatively, the essence burners. It is about bathroom ideas that exploit aromatherapy for the fight against stress and body care. Even perfumes and essential oils are very useful. Lemon, mint and bergamot are energizing substances and allow you to better face the day, while blue chamomile and vanilla are ideal for promoting psychophysical relaxation.

transform the bathroom into a spaAlways keep in mind the original bathroom ideas provide a good dose of fantasy and creativity, so as to develop one's own tastes and personality to furnish the room. For example you can leave a handful of shells collected during a vacation or at the beach during the summer on a shelf or on the sink. A wallpaper it allows you to transform the environment and adopt nuances and graphic games without having to paint the walls.

In this case it is essential to opt for specific products for the bathroom as they are not affected by humidity and water splashes. Alternatively the walls are decorated with stencil of various colors. When evaluating how to create a SPA in the bathroom small, very useful interventions can also be implemented. THE bath products they must be carefully selected to be comfortable and beautiful to look at. Thus we obtain a complete environment with a particular atmosphere. At the same time, the sponges are perfect for removing make-up without irritating the skin.

Le green plants allow transform the bathroom and its atmosphere: these are elements that cannot be missed to give the environment an original spirit. In addition to ferns, aloe and caladium, they are highly appreciated orchid. They are among the most suitable species to be placed in the bathroom because the high humidity makes it the ideal habitat for these flowers. To ensure correct development and abundant and colorful flowering, it is necessary to guarantee the specimens sufficient light. This is essential not only to decorate the bathroom with touches of color, but also to improve people's psychophysical well-being.

For transform the bathroom in a real SPA it is good to contact professionals sector because many different aspects have to be evaluated, from building to interior design. While the furniture can also be developed on its own, the construction of the systems must be entrusted to a company with good experience in this area. The company must be chosen after requesting a online quote to various construction companies to then compare the guaranteed services and interventions.

To get a better idea of ​​what the final result will be, it is advisable to request a 3D virtual renovation project of the bathroom. This solution is very useful because it allows you to evaluate the intervention in detail and modify it before starting work. For example it is possible to change the layout of the bathroom fixtures, the coverings or the color of the walls. It is often decided to combine the transformation of the bathroom with the renovation of the systems or one complete apartment renovation. In this way it is possible to take advantage of favorable conditions and realize a solution of great value.

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