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One of the strongest motivations that can push you to one home renovation is to want to improve thegeneral energy efficiency, or to maximize the building's capacity to consume energy at its best.

If you think of home refurbishingtherefore, you cannot ignore the advantages of choosing the right conditioner, that consumes to the minimum and can assure you the numerous comforts that these devices give today.

What to evaluate in the choice of air conditioner

The first element to consider when you are going to change the conditioner or taking one for your home is so obvious that you might not even come to mind: that is evaluate how your home is made and which rooms should be equipped.

In fact, while heating in winter takes place in all the rooms, it often happens that the air conditioning is destined only for the living area and the bedrooms, leaving the bathrooms and other points of the house lacking. So how many rooms does your house have? How big are they? Are they all to be refrigerated and to be equipped with a split, or units that pour air into the rooms, or are they just some?

If you mean equip your home with an air conditioner, you can evaluate what you need already in the phase of restructuring: our Case Restructuring experts will be able to do this, so as to prepare them the best air conditioning system for your home.

Inverter or on-off, or what you expect from the air conditioner

The choice of the conditioner also depends on what you expect from your air conditioner, that is to say first of all from what type of air conditioning you want to obtain. In fact, they exist air conditioners with inverter technology and others with on-off technology: the former remain permanently on and keep the internal temperature constant, continuing to spread cold air at low power, while the latter are the more traditional ones, which switch off reaching the set temperature and switch back on when it drops too low.

In addition, the air conditioner can act as dehumidifier and be equipped with heat pump for heating in the cold months: at the time of purchase you will need to assess whether you need these two functions as well, or others.

Tax advantages: the 2018 bonus on the purchase of air conditioners

Some advantages in the purchase of the air conditioner concern the fiscal environment: for the year 2018, as also happened in the past, the so-called "ecobonus" is provided, or the possibility of obtaining a tax deduction of expenses incurred. To be able to use them, you must respect the conditions set out, as explained in this article.

If you intend to renovate home and install an air conditioner, can contact our experts to have a professional point of view.

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