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They are beautiful, of design and captivating geometry: the suspended sanitary ware represent the middle way between an innovative product (with cutting-edge technology) and a functional system. Thanks to the qualitative characteristics, suspended sanitary ware seems to be the fashion of the moment, especially for those who have to deal with it the renovation of your bathroom. Accomplices some tax benefits and the need to replace old bulky systems, they wonder what is better to choose between sanitary suspended or sanitary on the ground.

The current market really offers a wide range of products. Prices aside, what induces the customer to prefer one or the other solution is almost always a question of furnishing. The suspended sanitary ware have, in all respects, the same functions as those installed on the floor with the difference that the former are aesthetically better than the latter, as well as being much more hygienic. The evolution of bathroom fixtures does not only involve the aesthetic aspect but embraces numerous factors specially designed to offer greater comfort in the home.

Suspended or ground sanitary ware, we discover the merits and the defects of these two types

suspended sanitary ware perfectly respond to the need for space that is found in modern structures where the bathroom is created in small rooms such as the courtesy bathroom or blind bathroom. These are mainly small spaces within which, barely, it is possible to install a toilet, a bidet, a sink and a shower tray. To obtain the optical illusion of a large bathroom, some tricks are very often adopted, such as the purchase of suspended sanitary ware.

healthsuspended sanitary ware they differ from those on the ground because of the installation which, in the first case, does not take place on the floor but close to the wall. The walkable surface remains free from drains and clutter making the environment seem more spacious and cleaner. The light spreads more easily on the shiny floors, further illuminating the room, while overall the furnishings will fluctuate giving a sense of lightness and harmony.

In other words, the design of a suspended sanitary fixture gives a clean and tidy atmosphere as well as making the bathroom surface visually large. Therefore, excellent for both blind and service bathrooms, suspended sanitary ware can transform a small room into something sophisticated and harmonious. As with any piece of furniture, it is possible to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of suspended sanitary ware.

Starting from advantages, these are related to functionality: glues and silicones will not be necessary to fix them on the floor, being able to carry out normal daily cleaning more easily. Silicone is known to blacken in the long run and should be replaced to prevent it from detaching. The suspended sanitary ware are fixed on the wall and do not require glues or particular maintenance: the lack of a compartment that rests on the floor is replaced by some brackets that unload the weight of the sanitary ware (and of those who use them) directly on the wall. Obviously, resistant materials will be used that can withstand robust builds but what matters is the reduction of the space used for installing the drain.

In fact, as many point out, the suspended bathroom fixtures provide for the creation of a wall drain that, unlike the floor drain, is made inside the wall. The result? The bowl placed on a toilet bowl will be embedded in the wall which, thanks to its thickness, will absorb the flushing noises. On the occasion of a house renovation, this intervention can be easily carried out; otherwise, specific interventions must be carried out. Further advantages are related to the models on the market. Specialized companies in the sector offer a wide choice of products from minimal or classic design, with futuristic lines or clean and harmonious geometry.

Each style can be adapted depending on whether you want a modern, traditional or chic bathroom, or if you need to optimize the space available. The suspended sanitary measures they are similar to the floor alternatives: around 43 x 36 cm for the bidet, maximum 52 cm in size and capable of supporting more than 300 kg of weight. The dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model that can be chosen among those similar to an egg, geometric ones or sanitary ware suspended from traditional lines.

disadvantages instead they are associated with the maintenance of the sanitary ware, with the cost and with their installation. Being a niche product, some models can reach higher costs than traditional sanitary ware, since it is often the designer's signature that affects. The name of the brand prevails rather than the materials used but the money spent is worth it: the bathroom will turn into a small work of art offering an exclusive and refined environment.

More costs of suspended sanitary ware are dictated by the type of installation: it is necessary to work on the wall to obtain the drainage compartment and the slots inside which the brackets will be placed. In addition, the wall must have a certain thickness to be able to unload the weight of the sanitary ware and, in the absence of depth, the wall must be reinforced with alternative solutions. Finally, a built-in drain requires a different maintenance than the external one because it is necessary to use adequate instruments even just to control the float. On the other hand, these are easily overcome, all the more so if you are about to renovate the bathroom, improving it both functionally and qualitatively.

Starting frominstallation, the installation of toilet and bidet on the ground is very simple and does not require work to be performed inside the wall. In other words, there is no need for minimum thicknesses and reinforcements that could further increase spending if the suspended solution is preferred. The toilet resting on the floor seems to offer greater stability especially as resistance: the body weight of those who use the sanitary ware is unloaded on the ground and not on the wall.

The drain, being visible, can be easily checked in case of malfunction even if, in many cases, it is possible to opt for the built-in cistern. The floor models are the most popular and the brands in the sector offer a wide range of products for all budgets. Design sanitary ware can cost high figures if you choose those made with precious materials such as porcelain.

sanitary suspended or on the grounddisadvantages of ground sanitary ware they mainly correspond to the advantages of the suspended ones. Hygiene is the first factor that emerges with the solution on the floor since bacteria and dirt can lurk in the cavities between the wall and the toilet compartment. If you use adhesives, they can blacken due to the mold and condensation typical of a room such as the bathroom, having to use new silicone to replace the worn one.

If the drain were visible, the noises of the flush would spread in every room, becoming unbearable especially at night. Finally, i ground sanitary ware they are much more cumbersome if small rooms are available, giving rise to a sense of confusion and disorder.

The choice of one or the other solution can be dictated by numerous factors. When you are about to renovate a bathroom, you tend to choose innovative products that can improve the quality of the environment. If design is an element not to be underestimated, let i sanitary suspensionsi than those to the ground they offer a varied choice of models suitable for every style. To be evaluated is the cost which will be supported both for the purchase of the accessories and for their installation, all the more so if you intend to proceed with the renovation of the entire bathroom.

The question of hygiene is important if you have little time to dedicate to cleaning the rooms, being able to quickly clean the floor if you have chosen the suspended sanitary ware. Finally, space is the element that influences the choice of one or the other alternative: small rooms can be optimized by design products detached from the ground, unlike large rooms that can host floor-standing sanitary fixtures with captivating lines and avant garde.

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