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Whether by the sea or in the mountains, in the countryside or near a lake, the holiday home is often relegated to a concept of functionality, of practicality. Not having to live there for the whole year it is assumed that it does not need maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary, if only because it is inhabited for just a few months. Even those who choose to rent the holiday house to draw an income from it, it does not pay particular attention to many aspects, all linked to its restructuring.

Being a property, as such, continuous maintenance is required to ensure the right comfort and functionality typical of a holiday home. If you decide to rent the house to get a profit, it is good to know that the monthly value can even rise in the presence of particular finishes, cutting-edge systems and environmentally friendly systems capable of minimizing energy waste. In fact, it would be enough to read the legislation on the flat rate tax and on the parameters for the remodeling of the fee to see that it is influenced by numerous factors, including the finishing of a certain level and energy efficiency.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the house for strictly personal use, the functionality may not always satisfy your needs better. It is true that the house by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside will be inhabited for more or less long periods throughout the year, but this does not justify the lack of consideration for a property that must satisfy every type of need.

Restructuring of holiday homes: discover the best solutions with our advice

La holiday House it is more a resource than an expense. The opportunity to stay comfortably in a tailor-made environment allows you to better enjoy your holidays. Following this philosophy, the renovations will be planned respecting some important criteria: functionality, energy saving, comfort. Many ideas for the renovation area of  casa they can be a good starting point for renovating interiors, making them especially personalized.

If you want to rent the house the problem that could arise is the number of guests it can reach: in this case you can proceed with the redefinition of the plan by creating one or more bedrooms and the presence of at least two bathrooms, of which one is courtesy. The same is true if you plan to host friends and relatives during the holidays: think of the chaos that could occur if you had only one bathroom.

It is therefore important to study the space available, dividing or expanding the rooms. The courtesy bathroom can be created between an area intended for the hallway and a slightly larger room, perhaps following the criteria of the blind bathroom and exploiting the potential of lighting. Better a shower with double compartment (one of which is reserved for washing machine and dryer) and, if installed in a corner, it can make better use of every single centimeter.renovate holiday homes

For the beds it is possible to exploit the spaces by playing with the furnishings: by purchasing a sofa bed and bunk beds (with a third pull-out bed) you can obtain additional beds. If the house were to be small, why not create an open space between the living room, kitchen and entrance? The open spaces seem to be tidy and the kitchenette could turn into a comfortable eat-in kitchen with dining room. The latter is, in reality, a non-essential environment for one holiday House but it could contain a comfortable design sofa to be placed on a wall. The end result will be a welcoming and elegant, functional and habitable environment with a sophisticated and contemporary twist.

If the property has outdoor spaces why not customize them with gazebos and outdoor furniture: some design deck chairs on the garden or a series of banana or bamboo sofas can improve the aesthetics of the property. A properly modified terrace or balcony can be embellished with a wooden canopy that protects the area from the sun and rain. The same can recall the flooring which, in addition to isolating the houses below (in the case of a terrace that serves as a roof for the apartments on the lower floor), takes up the style of the canopy. Scented and colorful garden plants could be chosen to adorn, easy to care for and capable of recreating an intimate atmosphere by isolating the house from prying eyes.

Second factor to evaluate is energy saving. A holiday home must be a resource from which to make the most profit: electricity and gas costs must be reduced to obtain a benefit in terms of utility bills. Among the various expense to be considered during the restructuringenergy area of  holiday house it is possible to opt for frames with thermal break or, alternatively, for the insulation of internal walls.

Energy-saving windows represent the evolution of traditional windows: the different solutions currently on the market are designed according to the exposure of the rooms (whether to the north or east) and the location of the property. The technology is placed in the glass processing while the choice is very wide: for the greater the so-called double glazing, that is two glass sheets joined to the perimeter by an aluminum frame and spaced by a cavity inside which the air is dehydrated to prevent condensation.

Selective glasses follow, but also glasses treated with specific chemical solutions that act as a sun screen as well as insulate from the cold. The combination of double glazing and selective films with UV filters can be used on windows and French doors facing east or west, i.e. in those points where the sunlight arrives direct and very hot for most of the day. Double glazing, on the other hand, can be excellent for north-facing windows, reducing humidity and the onset of mold.

Although insulation is a technique used primarily to isolate rooms from the cold, the system can be used for one holiday house both by the sea and in the countryside. The insulation, in fact, prevents overheating of the spaces due, for example, to excessive heat. Insulating panels keep interiors cool both day and night and, conversely, the use of heating or air conditioning systems is significantly reduced. The result? The costs incurred for the insulation will be amortized over the years with a reduced price bill.

holiday homesStill in terms of energy savings, among the restructuring costs of the holiday houses this could include the installation of heating systems that use alternative energy. A house by the sea or in the countryside can exploit the potential of the sun and opt for solar thermal or photovoltaic panels: the former guarantee hot water and internal heating, unlike the latter which produce electricity. Anyone who owns a house in the mountains can install a wood-burning stove which, in addition to performing the normal functions of a hob, powers the radiators and acts as a boiler. A great solution for cold winters!

Restoring a vacation home it also means giving it an innovative look, a new allure that reflects as much as possible a concept: that of relaxation. Simplicity is an important aspect, because each space must be as functional and livable as possible. No mess and no more furniture that can be replaced by practical and eco-sustainable accessories.

The painting of the walls can be done using some tricks: light colors are suitable for small rooms, while ton sur ton can be used if you buy furniture with modern shades (such as gray, ecru, dove gray). White is suitable for poorly lit environments, such as a blind bathroom or a hallway area, unlike the different shades of gray that give a sophisticated touch to the rooms. The bright colors are typical of the children's rooms while the delicate shades match the master bedroom and open spaces.

Style has an important role: i furnishings for beach houses they can be studied following a navy trend that prefers striped accessories, sugar-colored walls and white furniture in the glossy or matt version. A property in the countryside often follows the Country style, perhaps in the Chic declination accentuated by precious solid wood flooring treated with techniques that emphasize the natural grain. Wooden furniture with clean lines makes the style very modern, which can be improved by linen and cotton curtains. The house in the mountains may seem welcoming with a laminate floor in warm tones, but you can opt for a Shabby Chic decor that recalls the typical hushed atmosphere of snowy landscapes.

Last but not least is the lighting factor: one full holiday home of light is synonymous with happiness giving the mood a sense of general well-being. The lighting can be recreated both with light colors for the walls, and with light textured curtains that will filter the light without obscuring the rooms. Even the shades of the furnishing accessories can accentuate the brightness of the interiors thanks to the opportunity to choose lacquered or glossy furniture that captures the reflections of light.

Adequate lighting in the evening can make rooms welcoming and refined. The choice between warm, neutral and cold light can greatly influence the interior and furnishings. Neutral shades accentuate the bright colors of the furniture, while a cool light can suit a navy decor. Yes to wall lights for small rooms or reading corners, but it is preferable to focus on a system of spotlights in case you want to illuminate an open space.

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