Apartment renovation: the importance of the utmost attention to detail

It is evident that the renovation of an apartment must be carried out with the utmost care: in the home, the design, which must meet aesthetic criteria that are not only objective, but also related to the personal tastes of those who live there.
In parallel to the atmosphere and the aesthetics of the rooms, various technical aspects are also crucial in a home, such as functionality, comfort, space optimization: in the renovation of an apartment nothing can be left to chance, and interventions of this type they can only be successfully treated by highly experienced professionals such as those who make up our team.

The customer interfaces with a single architect

Our apartment renovation services, just like the renovation of other types of buildings, are based on a very rigorous approach where the customer is absolutely the center of attention and where nothing is left to chance.
Based on our experience we have structured a formula that requires the customer to interface with a single architect: this makes the execution of the project and of the works much more streamlined and efficient, avoids any communication difficulties and above all offers the client the absolute certainty of obtaining a final result perfectly consistent with their needs.

Free inspection, project and quote

The architect first makes a site inspection at the client's apartment, in order to have a clear picture of the type of work to be performed and to be able to start structuring the subsequent work.
The professional presents to the customer a detailed project, complete with every technical aspect, a prerogative of our company is also to provide modern digital projects through which the customer can have a "virtual" vision of what will be achieved.
We provide each customer with a free quote and without obligation, and in case of acceptance we immediately take action to start the works: the departure date of the construction site, of course, is agreed in detail on the basis of the needs of those who request the work.

Precious complementary services guaranteed to every customer

During the renovation work, the customer does not have to worry about anything.
To make our services impeccable, we take care not only of the furniture disassembly, but also of their transport and theirs stationary storage, so that they can be assembled and placed again in the rooms once the renovation is completed.
If there are furniture or other building elements that the customer does not intend to recover, obviously, we deal with their disposal with the same autonomy and professionalism, in full compliance with current regulations.

Control of the progress of the works

The renovation of the apartment can be monitored by the customer in the name of maximum efficiency and precision.
First of all, it is interesting to underline that our company has perfected an absolutely innovative construction site "monitoring" service, which is based on the use of a special App: thanks to this tool the customer can verify the continuation of the works comfortably remotely using a mobile phone, a PC or any other device connected to the Internet.
The customer can obviously go personally to the construction site whenever he wishes, rather it is the architect himself who invites him to carry out periodic inspections so that he can see with his own eyes the progress of the work.
Making our operating methods absolutely clear and making sure that the client is meticulously informed about each activity carried out has always been our priority.

Turnkey renovations, complete also at administrative level

We operate as a genuine General Contractor, so we assure our customer one All Inclusive renovation; when the construction site is completed, therefore, the client can immediately make use of his own home, without having to wait for other technical improvements.
Also on the administrative level we take care of the renovation of the house in a complete way, thus relieving the customer from any type of bureaucratic task.

The quality of the materials and the various elements used, the attention to detail, the dedication to the customer and the maximum customization of each individual project are the cornerstones that have always allowed us to better satisfy the requests of customers who commission apartment renovations .


We plan together with you the start and delivery dates of the construction site, to allow you to better organize your waiting times, managing and optimizing workers and supplies so that the yard can always proceed with maximum efficiency.

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