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Restructuring your home means carrying out multiple interventions aimed at renewing the beauty and functionality of the internal and external spaces. The most carried out interventions are those relating to the replacement of the electrical and plumbing system and those concerning the modernization of the fixtures. Whether it's a small apartment or a large detached house, the purpose of one renovation is always to increase the economic value of the property and improve its habitability, making it more comfortable.

I window frames they are important functional components that serve to protect the home from temperature changes and disturbing external noises. In order for them to do their job properly, they need to be kept in top condition. Furthermore, the windows have a strong aesthetic impact on the style of the house and contribute to giving it a refined and elegant appearance. However, over the years, the windows can be damaged due to wear and are no longer functional, worsening the quality of domestic life. In this guide we will analyze when it is better to change the frames.

window frames

The importance of windows

In the past fixtures they were made almost exclusively of wood and their simple structure offered basic performance against bad weather and external noise. In recent years, technological innovation in the window and door sector has made great strides, producing safer and more functional frames than in the past, especially in terms of energy and acoustic efficiency. The windows present in a building can influence its quality of habitability and consequently contribute to determining the value of the building itself. For this reason when making the renovation of an apartment it is essential to have modern fixtures installed that can enhance it.

In addition to the classic wooden frames, today there are many doors and windows made of robust and wear-resistant materials such as aluminum, steel and PVC, each suitable to meet different functional needs. Modern windows offer multiple advantages in the home: they provide a high sound insulation and regulate the temperature, preventing heat and cold from penetrating. This produces many benefits, reducing it energy waste and increasing the saving on domestic users.

Discover the secrets of restructuring: when is it better to change doors and windows?

The windows and doors have a variable duration depending on the type of technology and the materials used during their creation. To keep them in good condition as long as possible, they can be periodically implemented maintenance interventions both by using specialized personnel and by using do-it-yourself. The main damages caused by the wear of the windows mainly concern scratches, stains and irregularities on the surface.

These problems can be overcome by performing simple techniques of smoothing and restoring the damaged material and applying special paints. However, there are cases in which the damage to the windows and doors concern structural aspects that compromise the functionality of the windows. In this case, it is necessary to contact a company specialized in the sale of quality doors and windows to replace them. A specialized operator will carry out an inspection to establish the extent of the work to be performed and will draw up a quote on Costi, suitable for customer needs. In general it's better to change the windows when:

  • You run the renovation of an apartment.
  • The windows let in drafts of air and annoying noises.
  • Structural damage is present to the fixtures that compromise the functionality.
  • The windows are now outdated and exceeded.
  • The fixtures no longer match the style of the house.

Doors and windows have different costs depending on the model you intend to buy and the materials used. You can save money by using tax deductions on the replacement of fixtures offered by the State for the modernization of buildings that carry out renovations with a low energy impact on the environment. With a 3D virtual simulation, it is also possible to find out how the new fixtures will look before the work begins.

The advantages of renovating the fixtures of an apartment

There are several reasons to renovate the fixtures of a house, here are the main ones:

  • Energy saving: modern fixtures are designed to ensure less heat loss in the house, in this way the heat is kept inside in winter while in summer it is kept outside. This results in less use of equipment such as heaters and air conditioners that cause a great waste of energy, harmful to the environment and cause the increase in the cost of domestic users. Changing fixtures can be a one-of-a-kind operation complete energy restructuring of your own home.
  • Aesthetic improvement: new generation windows have a high aesthetic impact and are fully customizable according to customer needs. You can choose windows in different materials, finishes and colors. In this way it is possible to improve the appearance of windows and openings in the house, making the rooms more refined and harmonious;
  • Greater security: some types of windows and doors are made with anti-burglar technology, able to protect the house from the presence of thieves and criminals. These armored windows ensure very high performance and use extremely robust and durable materials that resist break-in attempts and are equipped with customized combinations to be unlocked.
  • Home revaluation: windows improve the quality of life at home and for this reason they can increase the economic value of the property at the time of sale. In fact, the replacement of old windows is essential when you intend to sell your home at a good price; buyers are more attracted to a property that has modern windows and therefore are willing to pay for it at a higher price.
  • Government incentives: the State offers numerous economic incentives to those who decide to change old fixtures with modern windows with low energy waste. In this way it is possible to buy high quality products at a very affordable cost.
  • Soundproofing: doors and windows prevent external noises from entering the house, in order to improve domestic acoustics. This type of door or window is suitable for city homes, which are particularly exposed to the noise of cars and motors circulating on the street. In addition, noises from the other apartments in the building are also reduced, ensuring better rest at night.

Doors and energy savings

Modern windows can significantly improve energy savings in the home. By choosing fixtures with a high power of thermal insulation, you can reduce the costs on heating in the cold months of the year. Just keep them on for a few hours, to keep the house warm all day, thanks to the lower heat loss offered by these innovative windows. The advantages are evident even in summer since the heat cannot penetrate inside through the windows and the environment remains cool for longer, making it unnecessary to use air conditioners. Choosing the right fixtures for windows and skylights guarantees a high influx of light into the home. In this way, natural lighting is used e you save on your bill electricity.

Restructuring and tax deductions

Changing frames can be a profitable investment, thanks to government incentives. The State in fact grants many facilitations on the interventions for thermal improvement of the buildings and on window framesrestructuring that improves the level of energy efficiency. Private users and businesses can take advantage of tax deductions and save 65% on expenses incurred.

access tax deductions for energy saving it is necessary to provide specific documentation toAENEAS, the national body for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development. It includes all invoices and receipts for payments made for the purchase and installation of ecological fixtures. Furthermore, it is necessary to have the installer deliver a certification relating to the new windows which must be transmitted electronically to the agency within the established time frame. Finally, it will be necessary to provide a document with all the data relating to the type of intervention performed, the cost incurred, the characteristics of the building in which the property resides and the data of who will benefit from the deduction. The communication also requests the transmittance values ​​of the old and new windows.

Since these are complex measurements, it is advisable to send the communication to ENEA via a qualified technician which will act as an intermediary between the citizen and the institution. Fortunately, bills related to the technician's work can also be deducted, maximizing savings. Incorrect communication of the data requested by ENEA can lead to a loss of tax benefits for this reason it is essential to pay attention when requesting them and during the implementation of the telematic procedure. Once the communication to ENEA has been made, the receipt certifying the electronic transmission, the invoices and the bank transfer receipts must be delivered to the accountant. In this way the professional will be able to deduct the expenses for the replacement of the fixtures at the time of filling out the tax return.

It is good to remember that the maximum limit for tax deductions on energy savings in case of replacement of doors and windows it is 60.000 euro, once this amount is exceeded it is no longer possible to use them to cover the costs. If you do not meet the requirements for obtaining tax savings for energy savings, you can assess whether you can take advantage of the discounts on building renovations. They allow to obtain a maximum deduction of 50% on the replacement of the frames, provided that certain conditions are respected:

  • The intervention must be performed on an existing building;
  • The deduction can only take place on works carried out on houses or common parts of residential buildings.

In this case, the requirements are less restrictive than those for obtaining 65% of deductions. They also vary according to the type of windows to be replaced both on the individual housing units and on the condominium parts. If you intend to replace the windows of a single housing unit, some characteristics such as color, shape and materials must be different. However, for the replacement of windows on condominium parts, the conditions indicated above are not required. The legislation provides that windows with the same characteristics as those already existing can also be installed. To take advantage of the 50% tax deduction it is not necessary to carry out the electronic communication procedure with ENEA. Just hand over to the accountant the cadastral data of the property, the invoices and bank receipts that will be used at the time of the tax return.

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