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Have you decided to spice up your business? Whether it's a coffee, a diner, a gift shop, restyling is an investment that rewards by attracting new customers. The types of investments can be varied, but at the center of the intervention there must be an excellent change of look that makes the shop more attractive and comfortable without distorting it.

How to tell if it's time to restructure your store?

  • Business is good but in your heart you know it could be better.
  • Next to your place a super shiny shop has opened that is making you lose luster.
  • The interiors of your restaurant need more functionality for the staff.
  • You want to increase productivity but you don't have the right equipment and adequate space for new customers.

Well, if you answered yes to all the items in the list, you need one renovation of your commercial premises.

Often what slows down traders in carrying out a restyling of their premises is the excessively long construction time. Stopping for a long time means stopping productivity and therefore losing revenue.

We at home renovation take care of the renovation of shops and we know these needs well, which is why we offer even tighter deadlines, fast delivery of building materials and a great coordination of the workforce. Thanks to a single contact, the architect, you will suspend your activity only in part or for a very short period.

Home renovation services for commercial activities:

To help you achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible we will help you:

  1. Make the most of the available space and readjust it for your shop and customer needs.
  2. Our architect will study for you a strategy that contemplates the new trends in current design and marketing.
  3. You will be able to pay your premises renovation costs according to the time agreed with our financial advisor. If you want in installments.

Furthermore, at the end of the work, we will release the Declaration of Conformity of our building works, as required by current legislation: you can sleep peacefully.

Shop renovation

Shop renovation: how to proceed

When you decide to renovate or build a new shop, the variables are endless. We will help you put order in creating and reconfiguring your venue. When will you request the free inspection we will start from the concept of store that you have illustrated to us.

Because the renovation of a shop stems from the stylistic mood desired by the customer and represented by the brand. You have no ideas? Then together we will identify your style and we will create the project of your new business.

And then, only after the acceptance of the estimate by you, we will proceed with the restructuring in the fastest and most punctual way. At the end of the works if you want, you can also take advantage of advice on furniture best suited to your business.

A designer will ensure that the chosen furnishings are able to attract and persuade new customers. Let yourself be inspired by small decorative elements that will make the difference: from the trendy coverings, to strategically placed lighting and much more.

How a shop is furnished

In front of you you have two choices: you can take advantage of custom-made furniture and accessories for your Brand or a wide selection of standard furnishings.

If you are thinking of giving more style to your business or you have a new business idea in start-up and you don't know the costs to achieve it ask us for a free quote.

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