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Have you decided to proceed with the internal renovation of your home and want to know what permits you need to present? We have all the information that's right for you.
First we need to understand what is the difference between ordinary maintenance e maintenance.

With the first term all those are indicated work aimed at ensuring the status quo the home. This category includes repairs, renovations and replacements of finishes and those to ensure the functioning and efficiency of technological systems. These interventions do not need to permits.

Instead, for maintenance means all works aimed at renovating and replacing parts, including structural parts, and realizing and integrating the services provided that the volumes are not affected and the condition of use of the building is not changed. In the case of extraordinary maintenance, the permits to be presented to your Municipality are: CILA or the SHAH based on the type of interventions.


Extraordinary maintenance work

In particular for works that do not need structural works, the CILA (Communication of the beginning of works ensured). These include: the rearrangement of the internal environments, the movement of doors and fixtures and the creation of false ceilings in plasterboard. Being a simple communication approval is not required of the Municipality. So once the CILA is presented, you can proceed with the internal renovation works.

Heavy extraordinary maintenance work

For heavy extraordinary maintenance works, that is involving the structural elements, you must request the SHAH (Certified Start of Activity Report). These interventions include the consolidation of the construction of a floor and the opening of a room, door or window of a door or a window on a load-bearing wall. The SCIA replaces the old Business Start Declaration. This communication included waiting at least 30 days before starting work. With SCIA, on the other hand, you can start work immediately. However, the Municipality has 30 days to carry out any checks.

Incentives for internal restructuring

For renovations it is possible to deduct from Irpef until 36% expenses incurred for a maximum limit of 48.000 euros of the sums that will be paid from January 1 2020.

The internal renovation works for which you can request the concessions are those of maintenance for singles housing units. For condominium partsinstead, deductions are expected also for the interventions of ordinary maintenance.

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