advantages of renovating a loft
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For those in search of a modern structure, to be used as an office or as a residence, one cannot fail to know one of the trends that is taking place especially in the big cities: that of to renovate a loft. We hear about it often, both in trade magazines and on many television programs, yet we do not have a clear idea of ​​what a loft actually is. What emerges from the photographs taken on the internet is an open space environment in the plan and in the internal volume, previously used for industrial or commercial use but which becomes available to transform into a comfortable home or office. avant-garde.

It is no coincidence that there are many professional studios, especially in architecture and design, recreated in large spaces where the possibility of working in groups is favored by the presence of a single environment. The loft, thanks to the large walkable surface and the immensity of the structure, it has numerous potentials: it can be renovated in different ways, recreating very original personalized spaces. It is necessary to underline that the renovations are complex, not so much for the square footage but rather for the presence of strict rules for transforming a warehouse into a residential dwelling.

In fact, it will be important to inquire about municipal regulations and the costs to be incurred to change the cadastral category of the structure considering that, based on the class of origin, high taxes could be paid at the time of purchase. It is also a good idea to study the condominium regulations (if any) to ensure that there is no impediment to the intended use of the warehouse.

The advantages of renovating a loft to obtain a modern and functional home

In other words: should I buy a loft? It depends on some factors such as the intended use and the investments to be made, considering that, at the end of the work, a unique and exclusive environment can be obtained. Many will be asking the same question: in technical jargon, what is a loft? Well, according to the common definition, the etymology of the word loft derives from the German aerial or from the Norwegian lopt and, in both cases, the literary translation of the terms is air.

advantages of renovating a loftAir, in fact, is the first element that characterizes the structure which has no dividing walls and a large floor. Second element is the brightness created by the presence of wide views made in the form of windows or French doors. If it is a disused warehouse it is easy to understand how an industrial space needs above all natural light and a single environment that allows the use of work machinery or furnishings for commercial use.

Once disused, the structure can be recovered to obtain a room to be used as an office or residential home. Based on the result you will want to get the project di renovation da shop/ lofted shed it can foresee specific interventions: it will be essential to consider the architectural setting of the warehouse, the redefinition of the plan, the opportunity or not to create one or more mezzanines to be used as a study or sleeping area.

Un renovated loft it is much more than a simple apartment equipped with unparalleled comfort compared to traditional homes: the large surface allows you to play with the furnishings following the latest trends and customizing every corner of the structure. There will be no space problems even if, in hindsight, the question of privacy could arise. An apartment is equipped with doors that isolate the rooms from each other, allowing you to cut out a corner right inside the house.

With some tricks, even the loft will have spaces within which it will be possible to isolate oneself by listening to good music or reading a good book. The difficulty to restructure a loft they are only initial, that is in the design phase. For an abandoned warehouse, both internal and external renovations may be necessary, with particular attention to the viability of the structure. It could be useful to modernize the building by carrying out renovation works on the external facade, as well as the water and electricity systems will have to adapt to the intended use.

A feature to be studied will be to make the environment welcoming by using thermal insulation solutions capable of heating the space without wasting energy. One of the problems that a loft could present, for example, is precisely that of energy dispersion caused both by the internal volume and by the building materials used in the construction phase. An industrial warehouse uses heating systems that are very different from those of a normal home: the power is greater (it is no coincidence that the electrical system for industrial purposes has a different voltage) having to heat / cool a large surface, especially in height.

It will be necessary to find the best alternative to thermally insulate the loft through one complete energy restructuring. The insulation, for example, it is a system that allows you to install thermal insulation panels inside the rooms as well as the preference for coat which, in this case, covers the warehouse externally. The coat can be useful if the loft will be obtained from an independent structure with respect to condominiums and buildings, unlike the insulation that can be created in any type of environment.

To further improve thermal insulation, double-glazed windows can be installed which, without losing brightness, will reduce heat dispersion in winter, preventing heat from penetrating during summer. Furthermore, some fixtures can be equipped with selective films that will let the sun's rays penetrate (thus illuminating the space), filtering UVB and UVA ones: in other words, natural light will flood the loft without overheating the environment during the summer season.

A pellet stove or a fireplace can be used during the winter preferring the innovative wood-fired thermo-kitchen. The latter, in addition to cooking food, is suitable for heating rooms by providing hot water all day and at the same time allowing you to save on gas and electricity. Finally, if you want to have a cool loft during the summer, a good air conditioning system (equipped with anti-smog and anti-pollen filters) can spread coolness quickly. The only available space favors the rapid diffusion of fresh air, being able to install a system to be mounted only on a wall.

If the loft has no subdivisions in the plan, space optimization will be evaluated according to your needs. the structure can develop both in extension and in height, being able to intelligently exploit this latter feature. An apartment generally does not exceed three meters while a warehouse can reach double the internal volume; consequently it is almost mandatory to create a mezzanine in which an additional environment can be obtained. In most cases, the mezzanine  to the sleeping, the study or to the creation of arelax area (with stereo system, bookcase and sofa) since the area is visibly detached from the entire surface.

advantages of renovating a loft

Entering a loft, the absence of divisions and the possibility of embracing everything in front of you with a glance immediately stands out; the mezzanine is located above the visual field, guaranteeing the privacy that is sought in a property. The bathroom will also be obtained separately, preferably in a corner corresponding to the mezzanine that will act as a roof for the room. The solution does not subtract anything from the typical loft space concept and, at the same time, will guarantee all the comforts present in a traditional dwelling.

Since the open space There will be no living room, kitchen and entrance but space optimization can be studied through the use of specific furnishing accessories: there are monobloc kitchens that disappear behind some panels that will isolate the hob and sink area. The idea is to recreate a continuum with the furnishing accessories used for the living room without creating discontinuity between the various areas.

Someone will be wondering: how to furnish a loft? Since there are no subdivisions it is difficult to understand where to lay the table, where the sofa and where to recreate the study. The use of furnishing accessories must be done following some simple rules which, overall, will keep the basic characteristic of the structure intact. Essentiality is the key principle to be respected because a few pieces of furniture will be enough to customize the space.

Obviously you will have to avoid that sense of dispersion typical of an open space environment by positioning each piece in the right places. A wall can be reserved for the kitchen by choosing a design table for both the dining room and family dinners. The sofa placed at a distance from the wall will visibly reduce the large space but can be embellished with a coffee table and a carpet for the living room.

Another wall will be used for a large bookcase being able to choose a middle ground with a glass cabinet inside which the porcelain dishes will be displayed. If the mezzanine is intended for the sleeping area, a bed without a chest of drawers or headboard will be suitable for the reduced surface area created by the structure which, remaining essential, can be optimized with small bedside tables and a suspended wardrobe.

The solution of the suspended furnishings it is designed precisely to accentuate open spaces, even more so when the loft has a floor area of ​​less than 60 square meters. The feeling will be that of floating accessories that will divide the space in an intuitive and functional way, creating a truly remarkable optical illusion. The trends of the moment leave no room for doubt: theIndustrial Design it is the relevant style for an abandoned industrial structure.

The use of furniture made of iron and wood recreates the urban atmosphere typical of large metropolises: copper lamps or spotlight systems will illuminate the loft in the evening which will be able to keep the rustic look of the exposed brick walls intact. If you don't like Industrial, why not focus on furniture Minimal? Light and clean lines can make rooms welcoming with harmony and style. To be banned are the classic accessories, too heavy for an avant-garde space, better a Boho Style for a sparkling and youthful touch.

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