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When you decide to renovate a kitchen, the choices you will need to make are many because they involve installations, furnishings and many appliances. Also, not least, you'll have to choose the style.

As we have been dealing with interior design for years and

kitchen renovation

, we want to give you some suggestions on the different aspects to be evaluated.

We asked our experienced architects directly to Case Restructuring.

How to choose the appropriate shape of your kitchen to be restored?

Within the catalogs and in the furniture shops, the proposals are truly endless. This abundance risks confusing those who are not of the branch. You ask yourself: is one better American kitchen with island, a compact space or a corner kitchen? The "form" to give to your kitchen must consider the size of the available environment and not the other way around. Often we make the mistake of wanting to insert our idea of ​​a kitchen from a "catalog" into narrow and irrelevant spaces. You will spend a lot of money on furnishing changes and the final effect will not be the best. For example, in a narrow and long space it will be necessary to opt for one linear and compact kitchen and not for an island or too high wall units. They would end up shrinking the spaces. An architect can take you to the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. 

Location of appliances

When designing a new kitchen, it's very important to think about appliances: how will you use them in your daily routine? This is the first key to good design. Are you a skilled cook? Do you use the kitchen to make coffee? They are important milestones. Then there are rules that apply to everyone. For example:

  • Sink and fires they won't have to be attacked. 60 cm are the ideal choice to ensure that food preparation is comfortable, linear and up to standard.
  • The refrigerator should not be placed near the oven and windows. This is because it would affect the cold chain without maintaining the actual internal temperature.
  • No curtains fluttering near the stove.
  • Install the dishwasher near the sink to avoid dropping water and dirt when we move plates and glasses. The ideal would be to place it in the center between the sink and the burners, in the 60 cm table top.

Renovation of kitchen floors

If the environment in which you have decided to build a new kitchen has a worn floor, you have two choices:

  1. Replace it with a new floor
  2. Overlap a new floor over the ruined one.

This last choice is certainly the fastest and most economical, as it avoids the excessive waste disposal costs. Keep in mind that it is feasible only if you leave the kitchen in the place where it was the previous one and you don't have to remake tracks and installations in the floor. If you decide to stack the flooring and want to create a rustic environment, the best choice is the terracotta floor. You could also opt for porcelain stoneware which imitates marble in the grain or wood. You can have the parquet effect by choosing it from various shades with the comfort and strength of porcelain.

Renovation of the kitchen walls

: splashes, paint or tiles?

In recent years, the choice to replace tiles has been widely used the paint. These are washable paints that with a damp cloth return shining in an instant. The problem of encrustations and food splashes in the tile joints is avoided. Obviously when this paint is applied, the surface must be cleaned of crumbling plaster, finished with stucco and finally painted. We recommend up to three hands with the chosen color in one direction only. Perfect insulating effect.

If you decide to use the tiles we at Case Restructuring offer you the delicious ones cement tiles. They are resistant and very popular. You can choose those that use cement in the alloy as in the ancient nineteenth-century technique, or porcelain that imitates the designs. The graphic design of the cement tiles will give your kitchen a unique and unforgettable vintage effect.

The sketches it is a panel of the same material as the worktop (wood, granite, or aluminum) which is sometimes preferred over the use of the tile in the total length. It is only next to the stove and the sink. We recommend it in homes where little is cooked, or in kitchens placed in living rooms, where a row of tiles would not be harmonious to see because they do not fit in with sofas and the rest of the furniture. For those who own an island, there are hi-tech sketches made with aluminum and glass that avoid the problem.

If you need our advice to restructure and design your new kitchen, call us for an inspection and a quick and free quote.

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