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When you decide to make one total renovation of its bathroom it is important to have clear ideas. The jobs are intense, if you decide to stay at home during the renovation, the sacrifice will also take away your project. We will suggest style tips to create a true comfort island without spending exorbitant budgets but only having good taste and overall harmony. The important thing is that in the design of a bathroom, each element will have to communicate with the other. Each part of it is a small piece of coherence aimed at giving you comfort for many years. Today we will talk about the five most common mistakes made during the renovation of a poorly organized bathroom.

1 Hindering the usability of spaces

Even if the square meters allow you to insert many pieces of furniture, it is necessary to consider whether then at the end of the work you can move easily every morning. One of the most frequent mistakes is to place it mirror on the sink without considering the real height of those who use it and put little distance between the sanitary facilities. The optimal distance between toilet and bidet must be at least 20 cm!

2 Stubbornly chasing trends

When you decide to renovate a bathroom, even before asking for quotes and relying on a designer, you leaf through magazines or surf the web in search of ideas. There is nothing wrong with being inspired. However, relying on the "fashion effect" alone leads to neglect the real needs of the family. Often, even in the phase of choosing materials in large ceramics centers, it is possible to choose what is not functional even following the insistence of the duty employee. Our advice is to rely on your personal taste (and not that of the manufacturer!) That unlike the shift trend, will remain more constant and similar to your everyday life.

3 Failing to position the thermo-furniture and the bathtub

You have decided to eliminate that old radiator and make the space more comfortable with a thermo-furniture. Leaving the tub and catching the heated towel will give your bathroom the "hotel effect". Instead one of the mistakes that is often made is the wrong size (we must consider the square meters) and the position of the towel warmer.

In recent years the request for install tanks instead of the shower floor it has come back into vogue. But choosing the tank at all costs is a mistake. The tank makes sense only if it is used for relaxing ritual baths or if you have children. If we want to relax, in fact, and the pool is not the right size to relax we will be a useless obstacle. Evaluate with the architect the most suitable model in relation to your physicality and available space.

4 Forget the need for drawers and containers

Following the trend minimal in the last few years, the bathroom furnishings have been reduced in number and size. This has left little room for the real needs of the family. Some prefer to have products and accessories in view. In addition to determining a perennial effect of disorder, it is impossible to achieve if there are more members at home. We advise you not to fall into the error of postponing the problem at the end of the work, because insert a cabinet or chest of drawers after, can restrict and make the spaces unharmonious. Careful in the design phase and when you order the furniture in the shop, a few centimeters in a small space will make the difference.

5 Choose lights that are too intense

We recommend for the bathroom environment, to choose warm and not very intense lights. Very often a strong light is placed in front of the mirror on the washbasin: why be dazzled by it? Instead you could decide to place the lighting on the sides of the mirror with applique from the taste Retro. The important thing is that they are set up high to avoid blindness and make shadows. You could allocate the lights on mirrored doors, the backlit effect is interesting on any type of bathroom cabinet. Another suggestion is to use LED light points in the false ceiling of a beautiful bathroom (in blue or with mosaic coverings) to give the "SPA effect" with a starry sky.

Tell us if you regret something in your new bathroom, if you made a mistake in the DIY design. Share your experiences below or write us to request a quote and an 3d project of your new bathroom.

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