Estimate for the renovation of the bathroom
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You have finally decided to renovate your bathroom. Start looking around and asking for quotes. You feel a little confused. Too many voices and terms never heard and prices that you don't understand. The first piece of advice is to trust only clear quotes.

If you need to redo the complete bathroom in your apartment, it is essential to know the meaning of the items from which the estimate is made. How to manage to extricate yourself? We will help you with this article.

So you can compare and evaluate the estimates of the different companies and plumbers and understand why to choose us.

Estimate for the renovation of the bathroom

Un good quote for the reconstruction of the bathroom must include some basic items to be able to properly evaluate. It will be mandatory that during the inspection you are asked about your needs and note all the details of the previous structure. They will be defined like this:

  • The number of water points for the new hydraulic system
  • The number of light points for the new standard electrical system.
  • La demolition of the existing bathroom (in this case and for the subsequent items the square meters count!)
  • Laying the tiles of the bathroom (how many, where to place them)
  • The painting of the ceiling and walls.

In order to fully understand your bathroom renovation quote, we underline that the necessary light points will mean the electrical system terminations. By water points we mean the various water and drain connections to make the new hydraulic system functional.

Other items on the budget to redo the bathroom

Before rebuilding your bathroom ad hoc you need one demolition massive. Hardly anyone thinks about it. The previous bathroom demolition will have a cost per square meter: floor removal, tiles, bathroom fixtures and previous systems.

The first phase of removal is that of existing sanitary ware: the old tub, toilet, bidet, sinks. Then the workers will have to occupy themselves of the demolition of the floor and the screed. Finally, it is necessary to consider the complexity in the demolition of the bathroom tiles and the dismantling of the previous electric and hydraulic system. Do you have any windows or doors to replace? Add about 60-80 euro for the disassembly of the frames and any frames.

In the entry of the bathroom renovation quote, the cost item must always be included and well specified disposal in authorized landfill and all the charges including where to avoid surprises!

Bathroom plumbing: water points cost

When you decide to redo the bathroom plumbing, you need to calculate how many water points you need and want to use in our bathroom. Let's assume that this is a bathroom of around 6 sqm. Generally there are 4 water points (toilet, sink, tub and bidet). The average cost per water point is 200-230 euro. Cost where the necessary ducting and fittings are included.

Bathroom electrical system: cost of light points

For the electrical system of the bathroom we have to consider the light points of our bathroom with an average cost of 45 € to point light. Including plate and new switch and channels. The variations depend on the brand used in the materials.

Tile the bathroom: the laying

The first factor of cost modification in a bathroom is connected to the square meters of surface to be covered. If it is a small area you can play around without paying too much attention to the cost of the coverings. The situation is different for large bathrooms.

In the budget you will have to calculate not only the costs of the materials but also the laying. If, for example, we consider standard tiles with the cost 20 € / sqm add an average cost for the installation of 30 € / sqm. So the total cost is 50 € / sqm to tile a bathroom up to a height of 160cm. The height can vary (even reducing costs) up to 120cm for walls where there are no sanitary fittings.

Ceiling painting and non-tiling walls: example of an estimate per sqm

Once the tiles have been laid on the walls, all that remains is to paint the ceiling and the part of the other non-tiled walls if you have opted only for one side. If an average height of a modern room is 270 cm and we have tiled up to 160 cm in the bathroom, 110 will remain cm to be painted.

Which the average cost of painting with shaving? Generally it is around 15 € per sqm. Obvious that the costs also vary for the choice of the painting. Our advice is to apply two coats of clear washable water paint.

Estimate for the renovation of the bathroom

Changes in the costs of bathroom renovation:

On average the cost to renovate a full-size bathroom can be circumvented around 1.000-2000 € per sqm. This is because the cost to renovate a bathroom in Milan is different in Naples or Turin.

For example, in Naples the cost of a mason / worker's labor or the hourly cost of a qualified plumber are lower than in Milan. Similarly, between cities such as Milan and Rome, landfill disposal costs vary considerably.

To understand the costs of the renovation, it is always advisable to ask a free quote for bathroom renovation and explanations to the architect. If you do not understand some items of the calculation it is your right to understand!

Also remember that there is the possibility of save up to 50% for the costs of restructuring the bathroom thanks to the various building tax incentives. Don't miss the chance to have a bath with qualified and fast professionals.

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