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La bathroom renovation at home is a job that requires commitment and resources. It is not a do-it-yourself activity, even more so if it is not just a matter of furnishing, but instead of changing the sanitary ware, turning the tub into a shower tray, choosing the restrooms on the basis of functionality, as well as beauty. In fact the solutions proposed by the experts in the sector are based on the logic of practicality, offering proposals with clean and elegant lines that can be combined with any type of furniture you want to choose. There are no longer huge and bulky washbasins, with underlying cabinets for storing detergents and wipes. The sink, today, is a trendy accessory, made for example from a single block, resting on a shelf that slims the geometry of the bathroom making the room spacious and tidy.

The bathtub is also replaced by the shower tray. Think of the latest generation apartments, very small and designed specifically for those who live everyday life, breaking down between home, work and hobbies. The shower tray lends itself well to its practicality, and for its ability to take up little space (the smallest dimensions are of 70 × 70 cm), all the more so when installed in a corner rather than in the center of the bathroom.

bath-shower-cabin-glass-largeShower trays can be transformed into multifunctional cabins, which are much more spacious and equipped, allowing you to experience moments of pure relaxation by performing one of the simplest daily gestures. Even the furnishings maintain their beauty, becoming functional and modern. In order to occupy as little space as possible without taking away their practicality, many of them develop in height, rather than in depth, while others extend in length, to occupy only a small portion of the entire wall.

The slender and clean lines are the result of new technologies that allow the flushing of the toilet and the pipes of toilets, sink and bidet into the wall. The final optical effect will be a large bathroom despite having a reduced floor plan, and the feeling of order will reign in every corner.

The coating plays a fundamental role. The tiles furnish with elegance and style, even more so if you invest in architectures comparable to works of art. Mosaics, laminates, tiles similar to parquet are the latest trends in the field of coatings. But someone recommends using the potential of painting to save something without sacrificing the beauty of a decorated wall. One could, for example, cover only the corner of the shower, preserving the wall from humidity and water, using cement-effect paint for the walls to recreate the urban atmosphere, or rust-effect paint to give a touch of light and modernity.

Even the taps become special accessories, especially if combined with the type of furniture chosen: a rustic style requires the use of bronze or copper-plated faucets, while futuristic lines are combined with linear and modular furnishing accessories. Each element will have to harmonize with the rest of the furniture creating a concert of furnishings with a strong impact. And that is why we will have to rely on an expert in the field, to choose the right products and the ideal colors. A good architect will propose excellent solutions even for smaller bathrooms, difficult to set up due to poor geometry. He will study every proportion, recommend the dimensions of the shower tray, evaluate the style to choose to transform the bathroom into a masterpiece of fashion and art.

You could browse through the magazines of the sector, or visit the numerous sites that offer variations of any kind, but the presence of a professional on the spot will allow you to solve any problem related, for example, to the choice of accessories. The architect will also play a key role in the use of materials. You could prefer marble for the top and the sink, while the ceramic will fit perfectly for the toilet and the bidet. Stone is also a very popular material in modern homes: it is easy to handle, does not suffer damage, can be cleaned without ruining the aesthetics and, even more importantly, gives a retro effect reminiscent of the bathrooms of the ancient baronial houses. If you choose to completely renovate the house or completely renovate the apartment, all the more need to determine a style that matches the rooms with taste.

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The renovation of a bathroom requires the support of several professional figures, each of whom will carry out a specific activity. A real work staff will perform perfectly the change of the tiles, the whitening of the walls, the replacement of the toilets, the installation of the shower and the replacement of the pipes. It is possible, before starting work, to request a virtual project 3D of the restructuring, to determine what the new bathroom will look like and make any changes in the design phase.

The mason, for example, will have the task of dismantling the floor and walls, removing the sanitary fixtures without damaging the pipes or irreparably ruining the walls. He will level every surface using fillers and plasters, and will help the plumber work if it is necessary to pierce the walls for the passage of the new pipes. It will replace the tub with a modern shower tray, setting up the appropriate space if you choose a different angle in the room. He will build the famous step to separate the shower area from the area reserved for the toilet and the bidet and, last but not the least, will modify the bathroom according to the customer's needs.

bathroom-renovated in a small spaceThe tiler will impeccably cover every surface, using sophisticated tools for cutting each tile. It is a type of work that, in most cases, is also carried out by the mason. But being geometry, proportion and perfection it will be necessary to use the workmanship of an expert. Even more so if you have chosen a mosaic or tile covering with a precious and delicate material.

If you need to renovate an old bathroom it will be essential to replace the pipes, which could be consumed by rust. A perforated pipe can cause considerable damage to neighbors, since the filtered water between the walls generates moisture and mold, ruining the furniture of the owners of the apartment below. The new solutions include the use of PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene pipes. They are materials similar to plastic, very light and easy to install, whose main feature lies in the ability to withstand moisture, remaining intact for several years. The assembly of the drains and any filters is an activity that should not be underestimated.

There has been talk of drains and houses built into the walls, which hide the pipes inside the walls. A job done badly risks causing stagnation of humidity, compromising the tiles and walls. Moisture turns into mold, smelly and dangerous if not properly treated. Think of the toilet box embedded in the walls: if the float should cause problems, it will be necessary to remove a special hole to extract the various components of the drain.

Even the electrician plays a fundamental role in the renovation of the bathroom. In addition to changing the electrical system if it is out of the norm, it will have to install the shower, all the more so if the multifunctional cabin has been chosen. The latter is nothing but the vertical version of a common hot tub, but the electronic functions (such as the regulation of the water temperature or the possibility of having an emotional shower) require the experience of a professional who knows how to perform a clean and legal work. You can choose to replace the chandeliers with recessed or track-mounted spotlights, which guarantee uniform lighting in every corner of the bathroom, saving energy if you choose to use LED solutions.

Finally the work staff will consist of a painter, whose main purpose will be to paint the walls according to the customer's taste. It is not just a matter of brushing the surface not occupied by the covering. It will be necessary to pay attention to the tiles, which will be covered so as not to be soiled by the paint, even more so if they are made with sophisticated and delicate materials. It will also be necessary to sand the old paint to remove dirt and mold. It will be necessary to treat the walls with special products that repel humidity and condensation created during the day.

Only at the end can the painter paint the walls, paying attention to any frames and rosettes. The painting of a bathroom does not require the use of sophisticated techniques, unless one opts for paints with particular effects. It is the above-mentioned case of cement-effect or rust-effect paint. It should also be remembered that the ceiling requires a different color than the vertical walls, to create a separation between the two elements.

Once the best solution to renovate your bathroom is evaluated, you can proceed with the determination of a quote, to consult online (by contacting suppliers and specialized companies) or by roughly calculating the cost of materials and labor. Every product used has its price, which can vary depending on the quality and the chosen brand. For example, the cost of painting is assessed per square meter, and the number of buckets needed is linked to the actual surface to be painted, including the ceiling.

A simple painting, white in color, costs very little, but the price rises if it has particular characteristics, such as being anti-mold, anti-humidity, anti-condensation and thermal insulation. Even the odorless paints, made with biological products with zero environmental impact, have a higher cost than all the others, with the difference that they will breathe harmless vapors instead of harmful odors. A cement-effect paint has a greater value than a traditional one, but the end result will be worth the expense, because you will have a bathroom that is beautiful to look at and embellished with refined colors.

bath-solutions-optimalIl cost the coating will be more important to support. The price of the tiles is defined by the square meter, but the material and imagination adopted can increase the value. A mosaic tile is produced according to sophisticated techniques, which combine numerous single squares in a single rectangle.

The special workmanship affects the price, as could also be the presence of designs, sequins, luxury finishes and distinctive colors. New trends offer laminated or ceramic tiles in geometric textures for a modern touch. It would be enough to search online for the different models to get the idea of ​​how much a covering can cost per sqm. You could save with the solution described above, that is to cover the shower corner and the sink area, but it will be necessary to combine a painting that acts as a reminder to the chosen tiles.

In the estimate it will be fundamental to calculate the cost of the sanitary ware, which could vary according to the type chosen. Traditional ceramics maintain standard prices, as market competition is quite high. The price difference will be felt if you opt for marble or stone sinks.

These are unique pieces worked individually, whose value is linked to the designer who proposed it and the brand that made it. In other words, in addition to the functionality and the particularity of a different sink, you will acquire a piece of contemporary art, practical to use and beautiful to admire. The same goes for taps and fittings. If the material, the lines, the design are sophisticated and sophisticated, the expense will be substantial and will affect the budget. There are, for example, cascade taps, made of copper, plated and with a glass drain. They furnish the bathroom embellishing it in detail, and do not lose the functionality with which they are designed. Remember that the model and color of a faucet will have to be the same in the sink, in the shower and in the bidet to maintain the right harmony in the chosen furniture.

The budget will include the cost of flooring and pipes. The latter, if purchased in PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene, do not have much effect on the final expense, while labor and laying can make the difference. It is possible to dismantle a floor, or choose to lay the new tiles on the existing one, using specific adhesives that will guarantee their anchoring.

The cement, another important material, will be used to fix the pipes and the toilets, as well as to level the space left by the disassembly of the tank. Among the materials one could incorporate the electric wires for the installation of a new system, or the preparation of the outlets in the case where the use of recessed spotlights has been chosen. Even the adhesives for frames and rosettes will be calculated if included in the project, and their price may vary depending on whether you buy a polystyrene or plaster frame. Finally the manpower. The companies offer estimates, also online, based on the type of work to be carried out, assuming a time within which to complete the whole. Do not forget the compensation for the architect, which is a small investment to obtain satisfactory results, worthy of any magazine in the furniture sector.

One last note. The renovation of the house can, in compliance with some requirements, be deducted from the tax return, obtaining a tax benefit proportional to the expense incurred. Ask for advice on how to proceed to enjoy a double advantage: to have a nice functional bathroom while benefiting from a tax reduction. Furthermore, it is always possible to request tax deductions for restructuring.

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