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We spend a lot of time in the office, every day, often much more than we spend at home: it is therefore quite natural to want to devote some attention to this environment that we live so much.

At some point, therefore, it may even be useful and necessary to do one office renovation to improve it and structure it in the right way: in this article you will find some tips on how to behave for review the organization of the spaces or for change style and colors, to refresh them or to ensure that they better reflect the identity of the activity that takes place within them.

Office renovation, before starting

As in any restructuring, even for that of the office is first of all essential to make a project, with which you will have to determine the indispensable works, those you still want to do and expenses related to furnishings and accessories, besides of course budget that you can support: only in this way will it be possible to understand how the existing premises will be modified and, consequently, the authorizations to be requested.

At this stage, a technician like our Case Restructuring experts can not only follow you in the project but also indicate the permits and documents to be produced, accompanying you step by step, and put you on the right path also to get tax deductions that you can take advantage of by restructuring the office.

From open space to separate offices, and vice versa

Reorganizing office space can mean passing from an open space to separate offices one from the other, or vice versa, realizing a single large space with single stations, which facilitate direct communications between colleagues and often allow the use of the entire surface of the building.

As it happens at home, it may therefore be necessary to modify the walls, open gaps between the different rooms and maybe use partition walls which, like the residential ones, can give way to separate different environments.

Office wellness: facilities and use of color

Your renovation project cannot disregard the office wellness. And this means first of all taking into account the needs of the human being, with the presence of standard installations, verification and restoration of electrical and hydraulic systems,soundproofing to avoid loud and too loud noises, the elimination of any infiltration on the walls, the structuring of a comfortable environment with the heating for cold months and cooling for summer months, the correct aeration it's a'lighting where it is used as far as possible natural light.

In addition to the location of the workstations and furniture, a final solution can be linked touse of color: from the painting of the walls to the shades of the furniture, in fact, many studies document that the choice of color in the office is essential to create a peaceful environment, in addition to the fact that color, like other design elements, contributes to communicating the style and vision of the company.

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