Renovating an apartment building - Restructuring of houses

If you think of renovating a condominium apartment

, remember that there are gods fulfillments that you could be forced to follow, and not just to maintain good neighborly relationships!

If you have finally decided to proceed with the renovation of your home or do some maintenance that you have been postponing for too long, or you need to make sudden repairs, we want to give you some pointers on what to do and how to behave towards your neighbors, the administrator and the entire condominium to proceed with your private works in the most correct way.

Municipal permits

The 22 April 2018, as we have explained to you in this article, the "free building glossary”, Or a set of works that can be realized without prior authorization from the Municipality.

Whatever kind of jobs you need to do, always make sure of respect the law: addressing a professional, such as those you can find on Restructuring Homes, is the best choice you can make for your and your home's safety.

Prior communication to the administrator 

Regarding communications to the condominium, the Civil Code in art. 1122 provides the obligation of prior notification of the beginning of the works to send to the administrator. This means that the administrator will always have to receive news (preferably via registered mail or e-mail) of the date and extent of the work, to then report to the assembly. Neither the administrator nor the assembly can prevent us from proceeding with the restructuring or maintenance, or have the right to give consent or to view the relative documents, but they can deliberate measures if the work causes damage or disturbance.

Furthermore, in the same article, it is established that the condominium cannot perform works that cause damage to the common parts, or that they end up causing damage to the safety, stability and decorum of the building.

Limitations in the Condominium Regulations

Before doing any work, remember to check what establishes the Condominium Regulations, mandatory if there are more than ten condominiums. It could indicate limitations in the times in which to carry out the work, In 'use of the lift (for example, it cannot be used as a freight elevator) or the prohibition of certain interventions that could affect the aesthetics of the building.

Access to other properties

If for a maintenance or renovation there is an absolute need to access the property of a neighbor, the owner is forced to grant access but he has the right to receive an indemnity if this entails damage or less enjoyment. If you deny access, you can be forced by a judge.

In all cases, however, it is good practice to advise the neighbors of the work in good time.


to renovate a condominium apartment

and you want to be sure to respect all fulfillments?

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