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You have thought of renovating the old, scratched and unfashionable home flooring but you lack courage.


home floor renovation

it is always seen as an invasive, long and expensive operation.

In reality, the situation varies according to spatial constraints and the choice of materials. Let's see together which materials to privilege and what problems may appear in the creation of a new floor.

Renovation of the home floor

: spatial constraints

Changing a floor in an already inhabited house is not like putting it down for the first time. It is precisely the quantity of these constraints that make us postpone the restructuring.

  • Do you know that the doors are deliberately raised off the floor to allow them to be opened? So if we go to insert a new floor, we will make thickness and they will not open anymore. What solutions? The tiler will have to choose a size that does not exceed that thickness, or the doors can be cut by the carpenter on site.
  • Armored doors. In this case the worker will have to be even more careful in taking the measurements of the thickness of the new floor. Because the replacement of an armored door is generally very expensive and certainly cannot be cut.
  • Floor heating. If your home has an underfloor heating system, you will have to be very careful (and advise yourself) in the choice of materials. Using the wrong floor gets very bad energy performance plant. The choice in this case must be guided by an architect or a professional designer.
  • To do a job well done, you need to move the furniture from one room to another and respect the drying times. Some prefer not to move furniture when repaving the room. Remember that then you will end up with holes and you will no longer be able to change the arrangement of the furniture!

Now that we have overcome the spatial problems related to the laying of the floors we can choose the most suitable material for the

floor renovation.

The PVC floor

Today the PVC floor is in full swing because it is made with impressive shapes and decorations. The advantage is that this type of flooring is very thin: from 3 up to 6 mm. Then with a very light layer of glue it can be laid on the existing flooring. You don't even need to grout the joints. PVC floors are suitable if you have a limited budget and little time. PVC will renew your home in an instant and is comfortable, practical and fast.

The wooden floor

I The absolute advantage of a parquet is that in an instant the house will become warm and welcoming. However, the installation of the laminate is very long and more complex. The skilled worker will fit the individual strips together, all without adding glue. Delicate in maintenance, however, it has a very long yield.

The resin floor

The resin floor in the last 10 years has become very fashionable. It has the advantage of having a minimum thickness, of presenting thousands of colored shades and of being more hygienic because it is free from leaks. It is not easy to spread. If the substrate is not carefully studied and laid well, there is a risk of catching a glimpse of the underlying floor or of unsightly grooves. It cleans up in an instant.

The ceramic floor

The most classic of flooring choices for an apartment are ceramic tiles. The choice is vast. On the market there are beautiful very thin ceramic tiles from 3 to 5 mm and the most disparate shapes and colors. Of great fashion, in recent times the narrow and long shapes that imitate the parquet in the grains, or the large rectangular slabs, all in earth tones or in the gray range.

The ceramic floor solution is one of the most used for both the speed of laying that for ease of maintenance. You can choose to remove the old floor or even lay the tile on the previous floor.

The choice of flooring is vast and must adapt to the furniture already purchased, the needs of the family and the ability to perform good maintenance.

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