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You have purchased a home and are undecided about the choice of floor renewal. Often it is an essential intervention because the previous coverings clash with the style of the new furniture. Sometimes, instead, you decide to redo the floor to give uniformity to the spaces, eliminating those ruined and different from room to room.

Before performing the

home floor renovation

however, it is necessary to evaluate a number of factors upstream.

How much time do you have available until the final transfer? What is the expected budget? Will you build the works yourself or will you rely on a specialized company? Have you evaluated any thickness restrictions given by the existing frames? In this article we will try to give answers and hints to all your questions.

Renovating a home: demolishing or covering floors?

In this phase it is necessary that the evaluation be made by a specialized technician. Of course, the owner of the property will always have the last word, but you need to know the status of the underlying systems before choosing. In the event that the technician, in conjunction with the architect, suggests the possibility of eliminating the floor, you will also have to redo the screed to allow the insertion of the new pipes.

If you decide to cover the old floor checks the so-called "quota constraints" given by the fixtures and the existing doors. Otherwise we need to file the underlying part of the doors and try to change the entrance security door.

This choice of

partial floor renovation

has many advantages:

  • The intervention is less invasive in terms of noise, dirt and dust.
  • Lower costs because without demolition you will not have to face massive disposal and the cost of rebuilding the screed.
  • The laying times they are noticeably faster

Floor renovation

with tiles.

Have you decided to cover your grandmother's old tile floor perhaps with a covering that uses the glued installation? It means that he has chosen parquet or a vinyl. The installer must ensure that the new elements adhere completely to the underlying screed. If there are any damaged and unglued tiles, they will be removed and leveled for the next installation. A difference in height of up to 2 mm every 2 m in principle will be considered tolerable. If, on the other hand, the installer finds higher values, he must use a self-leveling product.

When using glues you need to prepare the floor in advance. Typically the old smooth tile floor will be adequate for the glue to set with the scratch. If, on the other hand, you have a rough and opaque floor, just clean it and proceed with a coat of glue. 

Renovate the old parquet

If you want to cover the old parquet with a new one then you must first check that there are no rises in the underlying parquet. Everything should be made rough and leveled to accommodate the new glue. Before proceeding with bonding the new floor, the surface of the old wooden floor must be treated to facilitate the grip of the glue. Generally on the old wooden surface, a sound-absorbing layer (like a mat) is placed in order to reduce the noise to footsteps and the stagnation of humidity.

The choice of the floor during the renovation

The choice of the type of floor when renovating is always the most difficult, because we know that a wall can be repainted quickly, an ugly piece replaced, but the floor will have a long life. We must choose it carefully. First of all you have to take into account your needs and lifestyle. If you are single and do not have children you can play around and opt for any type of floor. You can also choose the most delicate of all: parquet. On the contrary, if you have children or animals such as dogs and cats, it will be better to choose one Scratch-proof flooring. What are the most durable and performing floors in this case?

Certainly porcelain stoneware it is the best choice for your family needs. In fact, stoneware is a durable and durable type of flooring and the great thing is that it lends itself to imitations of all types of materials such as wood and marble. We recommend “full body” stoneware coverings that thanks to cooking at very high temperatures (around 1.250 C °) become proof of any impact. Don't let the prices scare you! We advise you to always keep an eye on stocks in large stores. You will find floors in stock, surplus stock or orders canceled at very favorable prices.

Do you need to make a choice on the flooring to be redone at home? Do you prefer to overlay the old floors below or remove them altogether?

Ask for a quote and a free inspection for our architects. We will be happy to clarify your ideas.

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