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When one thinks of the renovation of one's apartment, one thinks above all of the inconveniences and costs and not, instead, of the fact that the building renovation it can represent a real investment. Renovating a house can be convenient in two cases: in the first, when you intend to sell, in the second, when you intend to live in that apartment for a long time. The reason is very simple.

Is restructuring an investment?
Whether for a house to be resold or for a home to live in, the answer is yes!

La restructuring as an investment it can happen in the apartment where you live or even in one that is purchased specifically to be refurbished and resold at a higher price, guaranteeing a secure income. Let's see how the two possibilities can be able to guarantee a profit, starting from the second case, that is, the one in which you buy a property that needs to be completely renovated to make it an apartment that is not only livable, but a source of income.

When you are looking for houses for renovation for investment use, is critical choose carefully, evaluating not only the apartment, but also the area and the real estate market trends in the selected area. You cannot think of buying a ruin in the countryside, where there are no services or facilities, and think of being able to easily resell it simply for having renovated it. Choosing the right apartment is therefore essential. The best investments, from this point of view, are those that see the purchase of apartments in the areas of the city centers of large metropolises, in particular in the historic centers, but also in certain holiday areas, whether by sea or in the mountains.

In addition to the location, it is important to know how to choose the right size of the apartment. When it comes to restructuring of interiors for investment purposes the square footage is a parameter that should not be underestimated: while in a historic center even a studio apartment can be an interesting solution, in many cases the best choice is the one that provides at least two-three rooms, that is, 60-70 square meters. This square footage allows you to have a double convenience. On the one hand, the renovation works are carried out with low costs and fairly rapid times; on the other hand it is possible to have a greater ease of sale and therefore a quick return of expenses.

investmentThe most important aspect to take into consideration, then, is it state of the property. Not only the condition of the walls and flooring should be considered, but also and above all the structure of the house, ie the subdivision of the rooms. Some old apartments are built with a central corridor and rooms on the sides, a solution that in recent times is not very popular, preferring instead the division into living and sleeping areas. In this case, therefore, the cost of rebuilding the internal structure of the house must be assessed.

To be able to fully evaluate the final structure, it is of fundamental importance to have a virtual project 3D, which allows not only to re-propose the structure of the house once the renovation has been completed, but also to recreate an example of furniture, allowing you to view the finished apartment in all its elements. This is a very important opportunity when you intend to make an investment for rent, for example for a holiday home, for which the apartment must also be furnished.

The 2017 incentives

When it comes to renovating your apartment, that is the one in which you live, the reasons and advantages are different. Usually, a room or a system is renovated, rarely the whole apartment. However, the advantages that can be had in aiming at the improvement of your apartment are many, especially thanks to 2017 restructuring incentives, which make it possible to obtain relief and reimbursements for the works carried out. However, it should be emphasized that incentives can be an additional stimulus to restructuring, but the real investment is made when aiming at energy improvement of the apartment, which allows, over time, to save on energy consumption, whether related to electricity or gas.

When you decide to renovate your apartment you need to follow a series of steps, both technical and bureaucratic. First, therefore, it is necessary to request a free online quote, to get a first idea of ​​the costs and expenses that will be faced. In order to have a complete estimate, it is necessary to evaluate the cost of the company to which you are addressing and that for the purchase of materials and supplies. In addition, the cost of the project, which is done by an architect or an interior designer, must be included in the expenses.

Unfortunately, a fixed cost cannot be defined for the renovation of an apartment: the costs, in fact, may vary not only depending on the materials used but also depending on the location in which the apartment is located, the simplicity with which it can be reached both by technicians and by vehicles for transporting materials and, finally, by the type of intervention that must be carried out.

It must always be remembered that the costs of the renovation should not be confused with the costs of materials. In fact, if the company has to install a floor, it requires the same price whether the floor to be installed costs 20 euros per square meter or 200 euros per square meter. The cost of tiles, parquet or any other material that characterizes the floor, must in fact be included in the item materials purchase and not cost of the business. The materials are chosen by the owner of the apartment, after defining the spending budget, i.e. the economies available for the renovation of the house itself.

Define the budget

The definition of an expense budget is therefore essential to have the guarantee of professional and well-done work. Better to decide to carry out small renovations in several times but done well, rather than renovating an entire wing of the apartment in an economical way and with poor quality materials.

Of course, it is important to define, together with the budget, what are the types of intervention that can take advantage of tax deductions and Ecobonus. In this way it will be possible to make more convenient investments, knowing that the initial expenses will be reinstated over time. It should however be emphasized that all aspects relating to tax deductions are complex, so it is important, before starting any restructuring project, to find out about the possible benefits that can be had depending on the type of work being carried out.

But back to the reasons why the renovation of a house can be defined as a real investment. In most cases, the real investment in the redevelopment of an apartment is that which involves energy savings, on all fronts. Indeed, they fall into the energy redevelopment of an apartment all interventions aimed at improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of a house. Installing double glazing and choosing fixtures that ensure high thermal insulation allows you to lower the costs for heating the house during the winter and those relating to air conditioners during the summer.

A very interesting saving can be given by the choice of large windows, which allow a high entry of light. Of course, in order to enlarge the windows and light points it is necessary to carry out specific projects and this solution is not always allowed. However, it is a natural and simple way to ensure savings on the use of electricity and the resulting costs. When it is not possible to redesign the windows, because you live in a condominium or for other structural reasons, it becomes important to evaluate the reorganization of the electrical system, in order to realize low consumption light points that avoid unnecessary waste. In fact, modern apartments often need localized lighting that is functional to the type of activity being carried out.

Still, choose to renew the heating system and the boiler, focusing on low environmental impact solutions and energy saving represents another step towards convenience and savings over time. Modern heating systems are designed to ensure heat and savings in every room. For this reason, it makes no sense to renew the heating system but to keep old fixtures from which drafts and cold air currents can easily enter, canceling the effects of the heating system. It therefore becomes necessary to operate in parallel, that is to say, when necessary, to provide for the renovation of both the windows and the heating system.restructure-and-a-investment

An interesting solution that allows you to improve the heating of old apartments, characterized by very high ceilings, is to create mezzanines, i.e. to lower the ceiling level. Even thinking about making a false ceiling can be an interesting option, to be evaluated according to the characteristics of the apartment, the needs of the owner and, of course, the budget available.

In many cases, a greater expense, such as that foreseen for the modification of the distribution of spaces and rooms, is amply justified by the possibility of greater livability and, therefore, by the construction of an apartment that better meets one's needs. It should be emphasized that a house that adapts to the needs of those who live there is necessarily a house in which consumption is lower than apartments to which it is necessary to adapt. Those who live and work at home, for example, may have different needs than those who go home only in the evening, to sleep. For this reason it is necessary, when planning the renovation of your apartment, to evaluate not only the aesthetic aspect, but above all the functional one that varies according to the lifestyle of those who live in the house.

The costs of restructuring

We can say that then, to the question qHow much does it cost to renovate a house? an univocal answer cannot be given. In fact, the parameters to be evaluated are many, and range from the initial conditions of the apartment to the budget available to the needs of those who live there.

Surely, if you want to carry out a restructuring that guarantees a safe investment, it is good to focus on a modern home. The main feature of modern apartments, in fact, is the complete functionality of spaces and accessories. Each architectural element is made to be lived and, above all, to be experienced in the best way. As already mentioned, modern apartments aim at eliminating superfluous areas, such as central corridors, to give more space to the rooms, both the living and sleeping ones.
In a modern home, even the bathroom becomes intelligent and guarantees maximum savings, using water friendly mixers, which guarantee water savings, or by focusing on thermo-furnishing elements that allow you to emphasize the aesthetic side of this room, also and above all improving it functionality.

Finally, when the apartment is located in a villa owned, the interventions for improvement can also affect the external walls, the ceiling and the roof. L'thermal insulation on walls and ceiling and the roof insulation represent two types of jobs that ensure an important energy saving, since they guarantee the maximum insulation of the house not only from cold, humidity and wind, but also from the heat and heat of summer.

Once again, going to intervene on aspects that by improving the thermal system of the house guarantees a high saving over time, highlighting how the renovation works represent a real investment that ensures a lowering of costs on a number of aspects, ranging from energy bills (both electricity and gas) up to those relating to the well-being of the person. And for greater savings, today there are a series of apps that allow you to monitor the consumption of gas, electricity and water, so as to always have the quantity of consumption under regular control.

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