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Have you thought of renovating your home to give it a new touch without distorting it and spending too much? Then the wallpaper is for you. Even if we continue to call it "wallpaper", today the materials used to cover the walls are very advanced and have little to do with the cards of the past. In a few days, thanks to modern production techniques, you can reproduce the most exotic and abstract patterns, or give your home a vintage look.

The effects obtained with wallpaper are very far from those reproducible with the most modern painting techniques. The environment in an instant will become very hot thanks to the more articulated designs and colors, and moreover today the papers are waterproof. Another advantage of wallpaper, which is almost never calculated, is that if the work is done in a workmanlike manner, on non-damp walls, it resists much longer than painting. It is no coincidence that some have chosen to paint 70 years wallpaper without removing it. If you want to deepen the discourse of the wallpaper removal click here.

Now let's discover some basic technical features before restyling with wallpaper. First of all, how many rolls do you need? You will need to measure the room to be covered. The rolls of this paper are generally 10 meters long and have a width of 50 cm. Then you will get three strips of paper from the floor to the ceiling.

It is important to know that the larger and more complex the design, the greater will be the difficulty in recovering the advanced part from each roll. We recommend using the "surplus" of each package to give personality to niches or semi-hidden corners such as the walk-in closet. Just because every house has its height, and you can't get all the paper from each roll, your calculation will be done without taking into account the doors or windows.

Renovate your home with wallpaper: application

In practice the first thing we need is prepare the walls. They will need to be cleaned of glue residues and straight. To then glue the paper strips, use powdered products to be diluted with water. These glues vary in characteristics according to the types of paper (a bit like the mortar for tiles). Once you have identified the type that is right for you in the specialized shop, you will gradually add the powder to the water. You have to stir constantly to prevent lumps from forming. Then let the mixture rest for at least half an hour.

Prima to start the renovation work we repeat it is important to check that the corners and shoulder pads of the walls are "lead", that is perfectly vertical and regular. In fact, the minimal inclination in height or width of the wall can take on evident proportions if you apply a geometric design to it. They will also be able to present themselves the unsightly bubbles on the wall. It is also important to decide where to start the application of the design and avoid the ugly overlaps of the design by using hidden joints like doors or windows. 

Wallpaper: 2018 trends

As for the new application trends, designers in the last few years have unequivocally discarded the very popular "room-box" idea a few years ago. No more then rooms made with a single motif. Now it is customary to cover a wall of your choice (or two adjacent) with a larger and more obvious design and the rest with matching or more discreet patterns or nuances.

Another interesting game that can be played with cards is apply a type of paper throughout the room but only up to 1 meter and 20 in height and for the rest choose more neutral but complementary shades. Between the two joints it can be applied a dividing edge in contrast very funny in the final result. The latest trends reward the stylized floral patterns for the bathroom or night area and vintage 70 geometric molds for the living rooms. Further insights on the most disparate styles of wallpaper on our blog.

You will also find many sites of retailers that make custom-made wallpapers.

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