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Have you been at a friend's house and hit their new floor a lot? Then it's time for home refurbishing! If you've decided to replace the flooring of one or more rooms in your home, such as bathroom, kitchen or living room, you will always have to be very careful and ponder your choices. A bathroom renovation it is substantially different from one kitchen renovation, In fact oeach room is characterized by a different intended use. It is therefore essential to choose the type of floor to be installed very carefully, especially to obtain an excellent result from both a practical and an aesthetic point of view. In all this it may be useful to contact a architect able to propose a virtual project 3D of the restructuring.

Home renovation: guide to choosing the right floor for your home

The parquet

Among all the countless flooring solutions available on the market, the parquet it is without any shadow of doubt, one of the most chosen and widespread due to its intrinsic characteristics, that is to give a true touch of style to any type of home, combining perfectly with any type of furniture. There are several specific products and treatments that help us to protect the parquet, but we must never forget that it is a wooden floor, and for this its very characteristic moisture sensitive. For this reason it is essential to choose another type of floor in areas of the house characterized by the presence of water such as in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The parquet is particularly suitable in the living room and in parquet2bedroom for its properties of thermal and acoustic insulation.


Ceramic is a widespread material in the flooring industry, due to its versatility. In fact, ceramics are presented as shock resistant and easy to keep clean. Its hygienic properties make it ceramics usable in all domestic environments, especially in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in the living room. On the market there are numerous types of ceramic tiles, which differ in shape, color and size, and allow you to create styles and furnishing solutions of all kinds. In the perspective of a complete renovation of an apartment small in size, ceramics could be a good solution to give rooms the right warmth.

The cooked

The terracotta floor has returned in vogue in recent years and characterizes the ideal solution for those who want to put floors-in-marble-stone-square-inside-of-prestige-pavement-8260-productemphasis on the aesthetic aspect of your home, highlighting the sense of warmth and welcome it gives to the environment. Terracotta is a type of flooring that requires careful and periodic maintenance, to be done with specific products and treatments, it is also difficult to remove stains since it tends to absorb the liquids it comes into contact with.

The marble

The marble floor is now used very little in today's homes, because it is considered too classic and old-fashioned. Marble is used only if you want to give your home a certain sense of luxury and prestige, thanks to the brightness that distinguishes it. For those who decide to lay a marble floor. Those who choose a marble floor for their home will have to polish and polish it often to prevent them from becoming excessively dull, thus losing their original beauty.

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