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I pastel colors are the rapidly growing interior design trend for 2018. They will be the undisputed protagonists for interior design, in particular for the bathroom. Here is a quick guide to help you get to know them and make the most of them in your home.

Land pastel shades they express the desire to furnish the house and the bathroom in a slightly retro and chic style that will make the rooms irresistible. The new renovations bathroom features sanitary ware and furniture elements in tints muted e delicate dai colors sorbet or with more dusty and opaque pastel shades. The main feature is that these tones render the bathroom environment immediately relaxing, soft and sinuous. The pastel shades are suitable for any size, there is plenty of choice for your renovation.

How to renovate the bathroom with pastel colors

Among our favorite proposals there is certainly the use of pink, mauve and blue for the bathroom fixtures and for the tiles with references in shabby chic style. Another proposal for the building renovation of the bathroom is playing with the colors of the dove gray light, of taupe in combination with pale pink. It is also interesting to use dusty gray tiles with accessories from Detective stories faded. It is interesting to note how interior designers let themselves be inspired by the years70 for the use of tints sallow mixed with gray or black.

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If you have little space available the best solution is certainly the one of the suspended sanitary ware which differ from those on the ground because of the installation that does not take place on the floor but close to the walls. The surface is thus free from drains making the environment seem more airy and cleaner. Don't believe they have such higher gods! And then today you can enjoy the many tax benefits.

Bath linen in pastel colors

The renovation of our bathroom took place, but a room will never really be complete without the right accessories: the bathroom is no exception. In this case linen is essential because it is visible in the bathroom.

You have to play with contrasting colors (always on pastel eye tones!) For example by placing in a room green sage bath towel in aquamarine color or salmon, next to a gray mirror of the pale yellow wipes and so on. Towels and carpets in soft colors will reinforce the purely romantic features and the sobriety typical of the pastel renovation you have chosen to make.

Bathroom renovation: where to start?

Regardless of the style and colors you choose, one bathroom renovation considered to be in a workmanlike manner, it always begins with the verification of the water system and the drains.

You always need to verify that there are no structural problems and that everything is perfectly up to standard. The bathroom renovation costs will also depend on this. We at Case Restructuring always adhere to the client's budget indications, we carry out the project proposal and always carry out the work in the indicated time, because we know that the bathroom is the fulcrum of the daily routine of every family.

Ask for a quote and make your bathroom beautiful and functional.

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