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The arrival of spring brings long and sunny days and the mild temperatures require replacing the warm winter wardrobe, to make room for lighter and more colorful items. Like the wardrobe, the house also needs to be refreshed in the spring. In fact, this is an ideal time to devote to large seasonal cleaning and to the modification of details. Living in a well-kept apartment in harmony with one's mood promotes well-being and creativity. In this article, we give you some tips on how to renovate your home by spending little in the spring, with simple and low-cost ideas.

Spring: decorate home with plants and flowers

To give your home a spring look, there's nothing better than using it colorful flowers and plants, essential to renovate your home during the summer. You can buy seedlings with spring flowers and use them to embellish shelves and wall units, both in the kitchen and in the living room. They will give a green, colorful and lively touch to the rooms. Those who have little time to devote themselves to plants at home, on the other hand, can opt for succulent or evergreen plants.

This type of plant needs little care and has a high aesthetic power. If used in the living room, they give elegance to the environment, without weighing it down and blending perfectly with every style of furniture. Another way to renovate your home with plants and flowers is to place them inside original and creative vases that attract attention. On the market you can find vases of all shapes and materials, such as glass, ceramics, stone, plastic and much more. If, on the other hand, you love DIY or you have small children at home, you can play around to create personalized vases, at low cost and with great emotional value, using old recycled materials, such as jars, bottles, fabrics and beads.

How to renovate your home with shelves and spring frames

The walls are an often overlooked aspect of home furnishings. In fact, if decorated in the right way, they can make the rooms sophisticated and cared for. To renovate your home for little, shelves can be used to place various objects, collectors' items and fat plants above. Today, in addition to the classic straight models, you can find many modern shelves, with various geometric shapes, such as cubes, circles and rhombuses. They adapt easily to various areas of the house, from the living room to the entrance, up to the bedroom. Even the frames are a must of contemporary furniture.

If once the paintings were in fashion with canvases and paintings, now you just need to hang simple frames in colored wood with minimal subjects, to give freshness and liveliness to the house. You can personally make the subjects of your paintings, cutting and printing spring figures, such as flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables, trees, vegetation and so on. Recently, collages of old photographs or recycled materials have come back into vogue. This technique can be used to make even the simplest walls of real masterpieces of contemporary art at low cost.

Low cost ideas for changing upholstery and linen in the spring

Renew-home-for-the-spring-2In spring, you can make one partial renovation simply by changing the upholstery. If you have carpet or wallpaper in your home, the summer is the ideal time to replace it. In fact, over the years, upholstery fabrics tend to turn yellow and fade, making the rooms dull and outdated. Renovating the house with a new upholstery will make the rooms look like new, without changing the furniture. Even the sofas and armchairs can be modernized, replacing the old worn out fabrics with new ones, with modern and current colors.

Other ways to renovate your home in the spring are to replace the cushion covers and curtains. Opt for pastel colors, such as coral, peach pink, yellow, dove gray, light blue and green. Choose floral or geometric textures, fashionable and in line with the general style of your home. The fabrics should be light and fresh and should not be too opaque.

The best ones for spring are cotton, linen and silk. Spring air can also be brought into the bedroom, replacing the heavy winter duvets with soft, thin bedspreads with sparkling colors. In the kitchen, you can use themed tablecloths to enhance seasonality even on the table. Finally, don't forget to change the carpets in the home that can help keep it warm and weigh it down.

The wide carpets with thick and warm hair must be set aside, to leave room for thinner rugs, possibly with short pile or with woven wefts, to give a general feeling of lightness and harmony.

Renovate your home for the spring and spend little: repainting the walls

The whitening of the walls is one of the most appreciated renovations, due to its low cost and the important aesthetic value it provides to the home. In spring, mild temperatures favor rapid drying of the paint and allow you to keep balconies and windows open, to let out the odors released by the paint. This season, therefore, is ideal for renovating your home by spending creative ideas to decorate walls.

There are several painting techniques that can be used for whitening walls. Those who love strong colors but are afraid of making rooms dark and small, can choose to paint only one or two walls, so as to create splashes of color, without renouncing having bright environments. Today, in addition to the classic single-color paints, you can find on the market paintings with glitter and dust inside, of great effect and elegance, designed to embellish the walls of the house. Furthermore, you can find different molds and brushes with particular shapes that will allow you to spread the paint creating interesting textures on the walls, such as the sanded effect, the jeans effect, the cotton effect and much more.

Finally, you can make pretty drawings in some parts of the house, using stencils. For spring, the best ones are those that allow you to create a small lawn on the lower end of the walls. They can be used in entrances, on balconies and in children's bedrooms.

Decorate your home with new furnishing items

For renovate home, from time to time, you can buy new pieces of furniture and place them next to those already present, to give it a touch of modernity. The furniture objects that are easier to find and low cost are the tables. It is very versatile furnishings that can be placed in every corner of the house, without creating clutter. In the living room, the table can be placed in front of a sofa and used as a food tray, during evenings with friends. Next to an armchair, the table can become essential for storing everyday objects, such as books, mugs, remote controls and cell phones.
In the bedroom, the table can be used as a clothes rest or a bag. The tables can also be used as a substitute for bedside tables, to give a youthful touch to the room. The chairs are other furnishing accessories that can easily be replaced at home. If placed around a large table, they can become the protagonists of the house. For spring, the most suitable chairs are those with subtle but creative geometric shapes and colorful and sparkling seats. Mirrors are also low-cost, easy-to-find pieces of furniture. They can improve the appearance of entrances, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Spring: how to renew the lighting in the home

In spring, the days are longer and brighter. For this reason, it is also necessary to make changes to the lighting in the home. Some interventions consist in replacing the old chandeliers with LED light strips, bright and with energy saving. They offer a type of customizable lighting: they can be installed around the perimeter of the walls to intensely illuminate the rooms in winter or they can be used in some strategic points, such as pillars, under the cabinets and furnishings, to create soft play of light , ideal for use during the summer.

In spring, you can also use many scented candles to light up the rooms that make the home atmosphere magical and romantic. Choose floral fragrances, typical of the period, such as lavender, iris, lemon and vanilla. They can be used inside characteristic glass candle holders that, in addition to providing a good amount of light, make the furnishings nice and sophisticated. If you do not want to give up the classic chandeliers you can still renew your home by spending little, simply replacing the bowls and lampshades. Prefer those with slightly transparent fabrics and materials, so as to allow light to partially filter through, creating suggestive atmospheres.

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