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In your home you have a bedroom that you use little or, on the contrary, that you use every day to study or work, but not to sleep: have you ever thought of a

bedroom renovation

to make a study corner or even transform the room into an office?

If it seems like a good idea, we want to give you some suggestions on how to make the most of your home and make a new identity for one of your rooms. 

Restructuring in order

Make changes for make or change a room is an opportunity to be seized to restructure that part of the house (if not on these occasions, when?), for move walls or to refresh them and to review their organization, perhaps with the realization of a mezzanine.

If you have to intervene on the walls, however, you have to assess what is required of you by the Municipality: to break down a non-bearing wall could be enough the CILA or CIL (Communication Start Jobs, of which you can find facsimile modules here ), while if the wall is load-bearing it will be necessary to have a Permission to build.

Since the fulfilments in these cases require the report of a qualified technician, we recommend that you rely on one of our Case Restructuring experts, who will be able to give you all the necessary indications and advice, as well as let you be led work safely and in compliance with the law.

Renovate, redecorate or both?


bedroom renovation

to make a study corner or to transform it into an office can be designed with changes to the walls or redecorating the space, or by making changes on both sides.

The use of plasterboard, of cabinets as dividing elements, of glass walls: the possibilities today are really many, all to be evaluated according to the amount of space, your tastes and your actual needs.

If your children need a space to study at home, or you need an office to work, you can also take advantage of a niche, develop spaces in height through shelves and shelves, or obtain a loft, or even creating a retractable study corner.

What you must surely always take into consideration is the light, or the presence of windows or the possibility of inserting lamps that illuminate sufficiently, as well as the possibility of creating an ordered and organized corner, carefully evaluating also the colors to be used for the furnishings.

Remember that if you want to evaluate the changes you can make at home you can contact us to compare yourself with our experts!

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