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When choosing the boiler for your home, it is essential to choose from the latest generation models. This not only for an aesthetic fact or for having a highly technological boiler, but above all because modern boilers guarantee greater energy savings and greater respect for the environment. Not only that: focusing on a boiler that guarantees greater energy efficiency, allows you to enter the costs related to the purchase and installation of the same, within the relative items for the request of incentives for restructuring.

The purchase of a boiler, in fact, is usually carried out either due to a failure of the old model or due to the need to modernize the heating systems during the renovation of the apartment in which one already lives or in which one is about to transfer. These jobs are part of the incentives that every year the Italian State corresponds to citizens who aim to improve their apartments' energy. We will see later and in greater detail what are the possibilities of using what is defined Ecobonus.

To understand the reasons that can lead to the purchase of a boiler and, above all, to understand the choices that suggest focusing on one model rather than another, it is first necessary to understand some important points about the world of boilers, the models available on the market, on the importance of the energy efficiency of the boilers themselves and, above all, on the possibility of receiving those incentives for the restructuring works of the heating systems and, therefore, of the installation of the boilers.

The different types of boilers

When we talk about the boiler we can take into consideration different models, which vary according to the operating modes. Older type boilers, today less and less used, are open chamber boilers. They are not fully compatible with the current safety and energy efficiency standards for which they are less and less used and it can be said that, presumably, within a few years they will disappear from the market. Their operation is based on the combustion of the oxygen present in the room where the boiler is located and for this reason they cannot be used in closed rooms, but only outdoors. The combustion of oxygen, in fact, leads to the formation of carbon monoxide, a lethal gas in closed environments and without air circulation.

In most cases today, sealed-chamber boilers are used. These can be with a standard sealed chamber or with a condensation sealed chamber. The former are certainly the most used in the apartments, both for their versatility and for their size and, again, for their good energy efficiency. The combustion takes place inside a sealed chamber and this makes these boilers safer than those in the open chamber even if their installation in ventilated rooms is always suggested.

The condensation-sealed chamber boilers represent the most modern and, above all, the most economical solution, especially for those who use the boiler both to heat water and for the domestic heating system. These particular boilers allow the reuse of the condensation of the exhaust fumes ensuring a minimum dispersion of the same, guaranteeing respect for the environment and, at the same time, greater energy efficiency.

Choosing this type of boiler is essential when you intend to carry out work that points to complete energy restructuring, that is to say that their purpose is not only to change the boiler, but to renew the entire heating system. In fact, condensing boilers guarantee greater efficiency when combined with particular types of radiators.

Boiler overhaul and efficiency

When we talk about the boiler and energy efficiency we cannot disregard talking about the revision. The boiler overhaul is mandatory not only for safety reasons, but also to always guarantee the maximum energy efficiency of the boiler itself.

The revision, regardless of the boiler model, can only be performed by qualified personnel, that is to say it has the necessary certifications to carry out all the different procedures that guarantee the verification of the fumes and the correct functioning of the circuits, the filters and the various mechanisms. Depending on the type of boiler, ie depending on the model, age and power, the revision must be carried out every year or every two years.revision-verification-fumes-boiler

When talking about maintenance, revision and verification of fumes, care must be taken not to confuse the various procedures. In fact, maintenance consists of a series of procedures that allow the burner to be cleaned, the correct operation and cleaning of the heat exchanger to be checked and to ensure the efficiency of the flue gas discharge.

The verification of the fumes instead, is a real chemical control of the composition of the gases that are emitted by the boiler, focused in particular on the concentration of carbon monoxide. Furthermore, through the verification of the fumes it is also possible to have information on the efficiency of the boiler and on the smoke index, a parameter that indicates the volumes and types of fumes emitted. In order to have maximum performance from your boiler it is necessary to keep the carbon gas emissions, ie carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, below a certain value, which varies according to the type and power of the boiler. These values ​​can be requested from maintenance technicians and are also shown on the boiler manual.

The booklet is mandatory and must be filled out for each type of intervention that is carried out on the boiler, from the date of first installation to routine maintenance, from the replacement of faulty parts to the verification of the fumes and so on. The compilation must necessarily be carried out by authorized technicians. Furthermore, the data of the appliance, in particular the serial number, and the owner's data must be reported on the booklet. As already mentioned, moreover, all the interventions that are carried out on the boiler must be reported, whether they are those related to routine maintenance, the verification of fumes or changes of faulty parts.

Fume review and verification: how to choose an efficient boiler for safe savings

As already mentioned, the choice of the right boiler is fundamental to guarantee respect for the environment and energy savings. For this reason, every year state incentives are guaranteed for those who carry out work in the home to improve the energy efficiency of the apartment, ie the purchase of a boiler and the rebuilding of the heating system.

For the 2017, tax deductions for those who carry out modernization work on the home heating system can cover up to 65% of the costs incurred. In particular, these benefits, known as Ecobonus, are aimed precisely at improving energy efficiency, to be carried out through apartment renovation, for an increasingly green and conscious use of energy in all its forms. The incentives for the renovation they can be used as long as you choose a modern boiler, even more so if it is a condensation model: in the case of replacing an old open chamber boiler with another of the same type, instead, you will not be able to enjoy the Ecobonus.

It should also be emphasized that in the case of expenses for heating systems and for the installation of a new boiler, the maximum deductible expense is 30 thousand euros. Furthermore, it is essential that the work is carried out by qualified companies and that all data relating to the boiler (or new plant) is transmitted to ENEA for the control and verification of energy requirements.

But what are the boiler models that guarantee safe savings and therefore allow for improved energy efficiency? As already mentioned, the boilers that best meet these characteristics are the modern condensing boilers. Furthermore, these models also have temperature ranges that ensure further savings on gas consumption: in particular, for temperatures below 45-50 ° C, savings can be made on the bill that reach 20% compared to old systems.

To be sure of using the most convenient temperatures, modern boilers have an indicator that allows you to find out what the set temperatures are, so you can always select the intervals that fall within the eco settings. In this way it becomes easy to choose the most suitable values ​​to have the right temperature of the water and the heaters and, at the same time, to ensure savings on the bill and a lower emission of gas from the boiler with consequent improvement of the external environment.

A further saving is then guaranteed by the use of modern radiators and heating panels, more compatible with condensing boilers, because they are able to guarantee a high level of heating of the apartment even when using fluids with lower temperatures.

Finally, to ensure constant savings over time, it is very important that the boilers always operate to perfection, ie regular maintenance is required. A properly maintained boiler can maintain its energy efficiency unaltered even up to 15-20 years.revision-verification-fumes-boiler-maintenance

Of course, maintenance costs are around 150 and 250 euros, depending on the boilers and companies. This figure includes both routine maintenance (between the 60 and the 80 euros) and the control of the emission of fumes. These operations, as already explained, must be carried out every year or every two years depending on the type of boiler. Since it is a compulsory expense, it may be convenient to sign assistance contracts with the company to which it is addressed, which guarantee a series of interventions at discounted prices. These contracts allow annual savings of the 10-15% depending on the companies and the contract itself.

Finally, it is essential to dwell on one point. Today, many purchases are made online because online shops and e-commerce can save money on a range of products. Among these products, there are also many latest-generation boilers, that is condensing boilers, which are sold at highly competitive and affordable prices. These are models of excellent workmanship, of well-known and less known brands.

However, even when you choose to buy a boiler online, even if you know you are an expert and therefore choose a really affordable and last generation model, you can't think of installing it yourself. To carry out the first ignition, in fact, just like for maintenance, a qualified technician is necessary, not only for greater safety in the installation, but also and above all to activate the guarantees, for the release of the blue sticker (ie the sticker of the combustion efficiency), to authenticate the boiler manual and to record the first verification of the fumes.

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