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You have the current home renovation or are you going to rearrange your apartment soon?

Perhaps there is a desire that you have always had and that now, perhaps, you can finally realize: have you ever dreamed of having yourself

to create a walk-in closet?

Any woman would answer "yes" to this question, with her thoughts turned to Carrie Bradshaw and world-famous scene of Sex and the City in which her boyfriend Mr Big shows her for the first time the immense walk-in closet he did for her!

In order for you to have one of your own, we can give you some ideas and some advice to create it at your best in your home.

Make space for the walk-in closet

You can do it from the bedrooms, or by making better use of the bathroom and eliminating that anteroom you don't use: even just two square meters are enough, but to cut them space in the walk-in closet it is necessary make a project that takes into account both your space needs and the structure of your home, as well as of load-bearing walls and aeroilluminante relationship that must be maintained in every room, or rather that between the square footage of the room and that of the windows, provided by law.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, when doing work at home, we advise you to contact one of our Home Renovation experts, who will take care of the realization of your custom wardrobe.

The right shape for the walk-in closet

It could be rectangular or square, or it could be made in a corner and even have a vaguely shaped shape triangular: the walk-in closet can take many different forms, also depending on the ceiling under which it must find a place, if it is in an attic, or compared to the need to coexist with existing doors and windows.

How to best equip your walk-in closet

Even if essential in the surface, a walk-in closet must be perfectly equipped and functional, so it must be equipped with doors, shelving, drawers, shoe racks, shelves, shelves and any other compartment or accessory that may be useful to you!

And if you need other ideas, there are those the best images on the walk-in closets collected them on Pinterest in this album.

You need professional advice or support for design e

make your walk-in closet

? Contact our experts for a consultation!

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