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Home refurbishing it requires the implementation of specialized interventions aimed at restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the building. Relying on expert firms is essential for the success of the project. The cost of the intervention and restructuring times may vary depending on the type of work to be carried out and the products used. In this article, we will analyze how much does it cost to renovate a house and how to save.

Restructuring a home: why it is convenient to do so

Il cost of renovation of an apartment it can be burdensome and difficult to sustain, especially when it comes to very large dwellings with considerable damage caused by the wear and tear of time. However, home renovation is very important to keep it always functional and safe. In fact, over the years, some plants and structural materials can corrode and give way, endangering the tenants. For this reason, it is advisable to carry out periodic maintenance interventions, making use of the advice of experts in the building sector.

Here five good reasons for

home refurbishing


  • Restructuring saves money: carrying out restructuring interventions, using modern and avant-garde materials, allows to obtain considerable savings on bills and increase the comfort of the home;
  • Improvement of acoustic and thermal insulation: renovations can improve the acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings, limiting both the entry and the escape of noises outside, making the home quiet and comfortable. In addition, thermal improvement works can be carried out to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing the use of heating and air conditioners;
  • Improving energy performance: the latest technologies on the market make it possible to renovate a home, obtaining a general improvement in energy performance. In this way, it is possible to save on domestic users and preserve the health of the environment, avoiding unnecessary energy waste;
  • Increase home security: periodic control of the systems and structural materials of the home helps to keep it safer for owners and tenants;
  • Increase the value of the home: a renovated house has a higher real estate value than an old-fashioned house. This allows you to easily resell it at an affordable price.

How to carry out the restructuring
To carry out a renovation of the house, first of all it is necessary to carry out a thorough evaluation of the interventions to be made. Addressing one building firm expert in restructuring, a specialized operator will carry out an inspection of the property and advise the owner on the work to be done at home. Generally the cost of renovating an apartment depends on the type and number of interventions to be carried out.

There are several types of restructuring: That Assessment, which provides for the replacement of floors, fixtures, installations, demolition of walls and painting of walls, and that partial, consisting of interventions aimed only at restoring certain areas of the house.

In the case of minor maintenance and modernization interventions, it is not necessary to request special municipal permits. On the contrary, in the case of complex works, aimed at modifying the original structure of the building, where demolitions and reconstructions from scratch are planned, it may be necessary to contact specialized figures, such as surveyors and architects.

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home refurbishing

: effectively

  • Define the budget maximum available for carrying out the work. The expense must include both the cost of materials and that relating to labor and any technical consultancy;
  • Set the timing in which the work must take place;
  • Contact a construction company that specializes in home renovations and carry out a personalized inspection, to establish the extent of the interventions to be carried out;
  • Order the interventions according to their priority and the impact they have on the habitability of the property;
  • Before starting the work, submit the necessary documents to obtain the authorization to carry out the renovation;
  • Acquire any certificates attesting to the improvements made to the apartment, such as energy efficiency certificates;
  • At the end of the work, if necessary, proceed with any cadastral updating of the house.

How much does the renovation of an apartment cost?

Il cost of a home renovation per square meter it is not easy to establish, since the expense can vary based on different factors. First of all it will be necessary to establish the type of intervention to be carried out. In general, building works are divided into ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Extraordinary maintenance works require a profound modification of the original structure of the house and therefore require specialized interventions and permits granted by the Municipality of residence, which can increase the final cost of the renovation.

As-coast-renovate-house-3Generally the most expensive interventions concern the plant renovation. On average, in an 100 square meter apartment, the cost of a new electrical installation starts from 3500 € to rise, while the plumbing can also go up to 6000 €, depending on its complexity. To these figures, the costs related to masonry which, in almost all cases, are necessary to carry out this kind of building work. As for the floor replacement, on average the costs range from 15 at 30 euro / sqm. Instead, the expense for the demolition and raising of walls it's about 18 euro / sqm, but can increase up to 30 euros per square meter, in the event that final painting is also required. Additional costs are inherent in the discharge of waste materials and finishing work. Finally, regarding the replacement of fixtures, usually the prices go from 600 euros to climb, for doors and windows in pine wood.

Il cost of home renovations in sq.m. it also changes from region to region. In the regions of North part of Italy, the price for a complete renovation is around 1300 euros per square meter. The reconstruction of the electrical and plumbing systems, on the other hand, amounts to approximately 250 euros / sqm. To the South, the prices are slightly lower: a complete renovation reaches around 1200 euro / sqm, while the only modernization of the plants can be performed with around 230 euro / sqm. It must be remembered that the above prices almost always refer only to labor and to which must be added the costs for the materials to be used and any compulsory licenses and certifications. Fortunately, thanks to the tax incentives on restructuring, it is possible to obtain a considerable saving and amortize the costs incurred.

How much does it cost to renovate a house? A small guide to tax deductions and incentives

Who decides to renovate the house, carrying out energy modernization interventions, can take advantage of favorable tax incentives on restructuring and save. Here is a list of main forms of deduction for restructuring:

  • Irpef deduction for anti-seismic works: in order to favor the anti-seismic adaptation of houses, in the national areas at greatest earthquake risk, the State offers an Irpef or Ires deduction of 65% for interventions aimed at improving the safety of buildings in these regions. Cities falling within zones 1 and 2, established by PCM ordinance no. 3274/2003. Tax concessions can be requested on a maximum cost of 96 thousand euros. Repayment is made in 10 installments distributed throughout the year;
  • Irpef deduction for energy improvement operations: if the renovation includes interventions to improve the energy performance of the building, you can benefit from a 65% subsidy on personal income tax or IRES. There is a maximum reimbursement cost, based on the type of intervention carried out. This category includes works related to: replacement of doors and windows, acoustic and thermal insulation interventions, energy improvement of electrical and plumbing systems, roof renovation, interventions made with low environmental impact materials and use of eco-sustainable technologies;
  • Mobile bonuses: if the purchase of furniture is also included in the home renovation, it is possible to request the furniture bonus. This is a facility that allows you to obtain an income tax deduction of up to 50% on a maximum amount of 10 thousand euros;
  • VAT concessions: those who work on energy modernization interventions at home can take advantage of the reduced VAT at 10% on all costs relating to the services of the building As-coast-renovate-house-2carried out the restructuring and on the expenses incurred for the purchase of materials.

Also, in the future, with the new one 2017 Stability Law it appears that the 65% deduction threshold for restructuring will rise to 80%. To apply for tax benefits it is essential to have all the receipts and documents certifying the payment of expenses and the related works carried out. In order not to risk making mistakes and losing the tax deductions on the restructuring, it is advisable to contact a business consultant expert who will be able to guide you in handling the paperwork. To obtain the financial benefits it is necessary to pay the company that carried out the work with the so-called talking transfer, characterized by the following items:

  • Specific cause for the standard of which you intend to benefit;
  • Tax code of the applicant for the benefit;
  • VAT number or company tax number who performed the building works.

Finally, another important aspect to succeed in obtaining tax incentives on restructuring concerns the regularity of the company who carries out the work. In fact, the law grants tax advantages only to those who have obtained building services from certified and regularly registered companies. For this reason, it is essential to refer only to serious and professional companies, able to issue a regular invoice, which is essential to request tax benefits.

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