renovation of houses cost per square meter
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The need to renovate a home can be dictated by multiple factors. The purchase of a property that is not newly built, the urgent need to adapt the structure to anti-seismic regulations, the need to create thermal insulation for an energy issue and, not least, the fact that elements such as cladding, sanitary ware and pipes are worn out over time and need to be changed with more resistant materials. The government also encourages building renovations by means of tax reliefs, adequately updated from year to year in order to catalog the types of intervention and support the percentages of deduction for each type of work performed. The cost for the renovation per square meter is logically variable based on the processing.

- incentives they serve to enhance old buildings, adapting them to the rules regarding energy saving and environmental impact.

The renovation of a house, whether it is an apartment or an independent structure, is an intervention that requires the help of numerous experts whose functions vary according to the work to be carried out.

First and foremost, the support of an architect will be needed to plan the renovation and learn about the municipal regulations regarding any permits issued by public administrations. A team of masons will carry out works such as the removal of tiles and flooring, the structural modification of the plan, the insulation of the walls or the strengthening of the pillars.

The plumber will not fail, whose task will be to design and install the pipes with the relative drains, while the painter will take care of plastering the walls of the house by adopting solutions in line with current trends. The electrician will adapt the systems according to safety regulations using innovative materials, and the tiler will cover the walls and the floor of his home in a suitable manner. In many cases, the aforementioned team will be supported by a technician whose function will be to test the works or build systems that require specialization. An example of this could be the installation of a heating system that uses solar panels instead of electricity or gas.

There are some types of jobs that are often exchanged for renovation. An example among all is the painting of the internal walls of the building or the simple change of a sink inside the bathroom. Restructuring, according to the literal meaning of the term, consists of a substantial transformation that can involve the entire house or parts of it. Ordinary maintenance, on the other hand, could be a repair, the finishing of a room, the only replacement of the shower tray instead of a tub. It is easy to confuse the two concepts, which are relevant both to the budget and to the type of work that will be carried out. There are some interventions, called extraordinary maintenance, which require permits from public administrations, and others that must be certified by a technician before being put into operation.

Among the common jobs the most frequent is connected to the bathroom renovation home. The replacement of the sanitary ware, the installation of a shower tray instead of the tub, the need to change the coatings worn due to humidity are the basic reasons for proceeding with a substantial modification. The solutions for a functional bathroom are many: many are based on functionality as well as beauty and there is no shortage of economic alternatives but of great effect.

The furnishing elements are transformed into trendy accessories, made with resistant and high quality materials. The major interventions will be connected to the replacement of the pipes. Elements such as iron, easily affected by humidity and condensation, are supplanted by PVC and multilayer plastics that are resistant even to the high temperatures of hot water. A plumber will not only assemble the pipes by connecting the faucets and mixers, but will prepare the flooring so that some materials (positioned between the lime and the pipes) act as insulation to protect the water system.

The coating has its own importance in bathroom renovation work. The cost of the tiles is per square meter and the price varies according to the material with which the tiles are made. There is also the design that you want to reproduce, for example, on the wall near the pool. A mosaic effect has a high cost compared to a simple ceramic tile, while the glass or sequin finishes can have a different price than the one provided for the entire coating. Experts advise to exploit the potential of painting: an economic alternative to tiles. There are anti-humidity paints, specifically designed for environments such as the bathroom. The effects are multiple and range from concrete to laminate, to reach chic stucco or rust effect, to recreate an environment of a certain style.

renovation of houses cost per square meter

The bathroom will also be replaced with a more practical and less cumbersome solution, such as the shower tray. For the installation of a multifunctional shower it will be necessary to use the help of a plumber, but also of an electrician, because some features are strictly connected to the construction of an electrical system. Optional items such as the hydromassage shower or the emotional one work through an electronic system that will have to be mounted in such a way as to be preserved from humidity and water. The installation and installation of the shower tray takes time: depending on the complexity of the structure and the model, it will be possible to have floor-level or raised showers on one level, and both will have to be installed in such a way as to allow the water to drain and the connection of the pipes with the drain.

The restructuring does not only include interventions aimed at improving the interiors of a building in order to modernize it. There are types of work carried out to redevelop a house, especially in terms of energy. At a time when energy savings are essential not only to halve the costs of bills, but rather to reduce the environmental impact of traditional systems, some alternatives are designed to improve the thermal and acoustic conditions of the house.

These are coatings, or building solutions whose purpose is to preserve the internal temperature from external changes. Many buildings are poorly built. The type of brick and the materials used facilitate the dispersion of heat favoring the stagnation of humidity in some rooms. The inadequate air circulation, as well as the exposure of the building to cardinal points that do not receive direct sunlight during the day (such as the north and the south) makes the rooms unsuitable for everyday life. The result will be a damp house, warm in summer and cold in winter.

The most common alternatives are the installation of air conditioners and a heating system that involves the use of stoves, fireplaces or gas boilers. However efficient they may be (a thermo-fireplace keeps the rooms dry and offers the possibility of using hot water at all times), the maintenance cost can be high. Just think of the electrical consumption of the air conditioners or the gas bill if the radiators connected to the boiler are used.

These are figures that have a significant impact on the budget of a single-income family. For this purpose there are solutions such as the external coating (also known as insulation) which acts as a thermal insulation for the house. The coating will be done externally with respect to the internal walls of the house using insulating materials and finishes that will disguise the intervention leaving the aesthetics of the external facade intact. The thermal insulation can be realized in multiple ways: there are types of works that allow to create an insulating layer between the walls, specifically at the center between the inner and the outer wall; or covers to be mounted inside the house.

even the roof it can be insulated to prevent the infiltration of rainwater and preserve the house from the heat of the summer seasons. The covering can be realized by specialized and technical workers, or by companies that offer as a service that of insulating their own house. It is necessary to ask for information from the municipality for possible authorizations, while if it is a condominium it will be necessary to contact your administrator.

Examples of renovation of a building can be varied. Think of replacing a floor. Work can be done in two ways: by laying new tiles on the previous floor, using special glues that guarantee perfect anchoring, or by dismantling the old tiles. Also the modification of the internal planimetry falls within the cases of building renovation. Making two rooms from one room, or joining two rooms in a single room is a work that transforms the interior, redeveloping the building.

renovation of houses cost per square meter kitchen

Among the extraordinary maintenance interventions it is possible to include the safety of a building: think of the eaves of a building or the balcony of an apartment. Even the consolidation of the foundations could be a restructuring intervention aimed at preventing the collapse of the building. Finally it will be possible to opt for the adaptation of the structure to earthquake standards. The cost does not exceed 300 euros per square meter, but would save the life of an entire family.
The majority of the interventions could be carried out by a single company or by a cooperative made up of a group of people made up of technicians, workers, tilers and architects.

For example, some companies are specialized in offering a range of services without necessarily turning to more professionals. Among the various activities could also include those related to the demolition and disposal of raw materials, essential for eliminating construction waste without causing damage to nature. Thanks to the agreements stipulated between the company and local authorities, the company will take care of differentiating waste in compliance with the regulations in force.

On the contrary you can resort to the help of some friends if the same has the right skills to intervene without causing damage. However, the circumstances in which the trust placed in a person of his own knowledge has proved to be a fatal mistake are not rare: workers who pretend heterogeneous capacities but who deliver a job done badly and at a high price. Before proceeding with the renovation of your home it will be essential to consult several companies, evaluating the budget of each and establishing the costs per square meter to be incurred for the various types of intervention. A careful analysis of the various costs, to be calculated per square meter, will make it possible to set an initial budget, determining the various interventions and the possibility of saving.

How much does it cost to renovate a house by the square meter? Find out the prices depending on the type of processing

To get a clear picture of the costs to be incurred during a renovation, it will be necessary to take into account the type of work, the material used, the labor and the need to obtain particular certifications that requalify the property. In the case of the bathroom renovation, for example, the pipes whose price per square meter will vary according to the type of material will have to be calculated. PVC has a negligible cost compared to copper, and the price of insulating materials such as cork or polystyrene will have to be added.

Even the floor and wall tiles have a cost per square meter. The price varies according to the type of tile desired, because a laminate or porcelain is different from the one made of ceramic. In this case, the laying and the adhesives used for the covering must be incorporated, as well as the possible disassembly of the old floor. Insulation has a cost linked to the square footage of the walls and roof.

The coating is made using panels of a particular insulating material. Many manufacturing companies, however, sell prefabricated panels and the price is not relative to the square meter, but rather to the number of panels contained in a pack. In the case of interventions for the safety of the building, working on the foundations or adopting anti-seismic measures it is necessary to remember that, before the works, it will be necessary to consult a specialized technician to verify the type of work to be adopted.

The cost to be paid for the disposal of construction waste from the renovation deserves a separate discussion. The legislation in this regard distinguishes between construction waste and waste produced by the construction site and in both cases it will be necessary to carry out a specific procedure that allows the recovery, transformation and recycling of the material. Each type will be carefully selected to separate the polluting waste from the reusable ones. The former will have to be treated in advance in order to avoid environmental contamination, the latter can be transformed into new building material. To deal with the disposal is, in most cases, the company that carries out the work and the cost will be included within the quote.

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