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How much does it cost to expand your home? Prices, ideas and useful tips to get more space in your home

Expand your home it is a solution that allows you to meet a wide range of needs and to have more space available. For example it is possible to make a extra room how much you have a child, so you have to avoid moving. Alternatively you can create an environment to devote to relaxation or to transform into a home studio so you can also work from home.

In other cases, the extension serves to meet the needs of grown-up children or to create a guest room and have an extra bed. Finally, it is possible to recover the attic to make it an attic or a real independent studio apartment. Finally, it must be borne in mind that the extension of one's home can concern both small-sized properties and villas and period homes. In any case yes increases the volume of the housing unit and gives it airiness and brightness, characteristic factors in contemporary homes.

Solutions to expand your home

there many projects that can be achieved when you decide to expand your home: in some cases you are aiming for one complete home renovation, so as to be able to also replace the systems and take advantage of the IRPEF deduction at 50% of expenses incurred. In other situations interventions are reduced, not very incisive and they have fairly contained expenses. Thanks to some tricks, therefore, it is possible to obtain good results by avoiding the classic drawbacks linked to building work in the home.

expand home


A very simple and quick solution is to create openings based on an aluminum frame and sliding windows. These elements can also replace an entire wall, so as to make the environment brighter. The expansion also takes place from the visual point of view as it creates a sensation of spatial expansion that makes spaces seem larger than they actually are.

At the same time, one gets the impression of being outdoors and during the winter a functional greenhouse effect is created which contributes to the heating of the indoor environments. To expand the living area and create an additional room to be used as an office, winter garden, study room or relaxation corner, you can opt for a prefabricated module. The latter is connected to an existing wall of the house, resting on concrete joists and then secured with metal elements.

This avoids the problems associated with traditional demolition and reconstruction work. Generally this solution is configured as a wooden house extension treated with a sheet metal roof e insulated thermally to improve energy efficiency.

If instead you own a concrete patio, you can extend your living room by opting for prefabricated structures in the same material: in this way, ordinary maintenance of the environment is avoided. Furthermore, concrete is very economical, versatile and easy to lay as it can be used for covering the perimeter walls and the floor. Alternatively, a structure can be created in other materials, of greater beauty but which require regular maintenance over time and a more demanding installation.

For example, you can opt for solutions that combine masonry or terracotta with glass. In indoor environments, instead, it is possible to exploit the double height of one or more rooms to create an additional room.

This intervention involves the implementation of a mezzanine in various materials (wood, stainless steel, glass, wrought iron and masonry according to your needs and the style of the house) to be used as a living space or a laundry room, a closet or a walk-in closet. This solution is very often used to have an extra study or bedroom available, even if it can meet an almost infinite range of needs due to its great versatility.

It must be borne in mind that this solution is allowed only if the following are respected air-lighting requirements and sanitation required by national and local legislation for the habitability of the premises. For this reason it is essential to check the building regulations of the municipality responsible for the area. Generally the minimum height for habitable rooms is 2,70 meters, while for closets and bathrooms it is 2,40 meters.

Consequently, a room can only be lofted if it has a height of 5-6 meters and the new environment can cover a maximum of 1/3 of the extension of the room. Finally, a comfortable one must also be created ladder for access to the new space and make it usable: generally the same material as the mezzanine is used to have a harmonious solution, even if it is possible to combine glass and steel or wood and metal.

Expanding home in the garden

Very often we decide to expand house in the garden because these are simple and quick interventions to carry out, in most cases based on inexpensive materials. For example you can create a small gazebo paved with wooden staves walls and a zinc covering to be used as a relaxation or study area. The widespread are the wooden houses, which can also be prefabricated to make installation even faster.

expand home garden




It can become an outdoor laundry, a tool shed or a garage. When making a wooden house extension, it is essential to use only properly treated elements to ensure good living comfort, insulation of the room and considerable resistance to atmospheric agents. Alternatively, you can opt for a highly resistant plastic material, colored or transparent (so as to increase the level of internal brightness) with galvanized iron finishes.

Expand home on the terrace

Other practical solutions, fast and much appreciated to enlarge one's home consist of a home extension on terrace. Very often you decide to turn it into a veranda, however before proceeding you need to make one feasibility study, taking into account the provisions of the sector regulations and the municipal building regulation. The veranda is a lot versatile and customizable: in fact it is a covered space and closed by windows that can be opened or fixed. Furthermore it is possible to alternate transparent surfaces with colored or made of wood or masonry.

When carrying out this intervention, it must be borne in mind that the veranda increases the living area of ​​the property and can lead to changes in the cadastral income and thousandths of ownership in a condominium. In the latter case it is necessary to have theauthorization of the condominium assembly, to maintain the architectural decorum, not to remove the air and light from the underlying apartments and to respect the distances between autonomous and adjoining properties.

How much are the permits to expand the house

La law for home enlargement is the Consolidated Law on Construction, supplemented by the municipal regulation. You have to contact a professional registered in the competent and authorized professional register, as a surveyor or to a architect. The project, correlated with the feasibility study and the required documentation, must be submitted to the Technical Office of the Municipality competent for the area together with the application for Permission to build.

The municipal manager of the procedure within 60 days of the presentation instructs the file, assesses that compliance with the law is in compliance with the law and issues the authorization, requests some changes to the project or rejects it. The charges relating to the issuing of authorizations are fixed by each single municipality, therefore the amounts may vary to a greater or lesser extent. Furthermore, their extent is also related to the impact of the works.

For example, in Padua secretarial fees amount to € 210, while in Rome they rise to € 250. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that some licenses may also be required if the extension involves a historic building or an old house. In any case, the most consistent item of expenses is represented by the actual intervention, especially if of a building nature. For this reason it is good to contact professionals in the sector by asking each one for a online quote to compare projects. It is also possible to request a 3D virtual renovation project to get a clear idea of ​​what the final result will be.

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