Renovation of Bed and Breakfast
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You have decided to handle un bed and breakfast in your apartment, open a guest house and start investing in tourist reception? Excellent solution to increase your earnings and family properties.

But where to start? Generally, it is necessary to build jobs renovation of the bed and breakfast for optimize spaces and get in line with the regional legislation. Let's clarify the ideas.

Guest house or holiday home? Here's how to make the right choices

The first question you have to ask is: "Is it better to open a B&B, a guest house or a vacation home?" The choice depends on the characteristics of the building and the place where it is located. You will also need to assess your entrepreneurial inclinations. In fact the characteristics that differentiate the various activities are:

  • classification as entrepreneurial or non-entrepreneurial activities
  • maximum number of rooms and beds available
  • obligation or not for the manager to have residence in the building
  • presence and characteristics of spaces for common use

Remember that regional regulations vary depending on the case but in general almost all of them also include other forms of lease including: Hiking Refuges, Mountain Refuges and Hostels. You have so many choices to make at this stage.

Restyling or renovation of the bed and breakfast?

If you decide to open a bed & breakfast you will immediately understand that the characteristics of a common dwelling can hardly be combined with the current regulations: password

You will have to make new bathrooms and new bedrooms and give the furniture details that give comfort to the rooms.

People who choose this type of accommodation instead of the hotel do not do it to save money (now the prices per night are similar to hotels) but to feel pampered and warm like at home. Never forget it when you think about the furnishings and all the accessories. Many of our customers have had the luck with small restyling, to quickly open the business without too much cost.

For example, performing only the kitchen makeover common or the transformation of a living room into a bedroom.


  • The systems (the electric, hydraulic, gas, various heating systems) must comply with the relevant conformity certificate. Don't miss security checks!
  • The number of rooms in which to receive guests is defined by the individual regional regulations. It swings between the 3 and the 6 rooms, with a maximum of beds included between 6 and 18.
  • The minimum size of the rooms is governed by regional regulations but in general we are on the 8-9 sqm for a single room and 12-15 sqm for double rooms.
  • The bathrooms they must be at least one for every three rooms.

The costs to open a B & b

At the beginning of each project the main thing is to plan. To determine the costs of your renovation and the furniture that you will need, you need to deal with the architect. Together you will have to identify the peculiarities of the project in detail: arrangement of rooms, list of furniture to be purchased (number of beds, sofas, desks, televisions).

The recapitulating project will consist of:

  • drawings
  • metric calculation to entrust the work to the company
  • list of furniture to buy

With this material, you will know within a few days, how much your future investment is. Only from that moment can you make your way between: loans, loans and study of incentives able to amortize expenses. Usually the investment is repaid in a few years and in some cases even months depending on the commitment of promotion, management and the place where you will find yourself carrying out the activity.

Authorizations to open a Bed & Breakfast

First of all you need to know that the legislation is a regional competence, but the bodies that deal with the issue of authorizations and final controls are the municipalities. Armed with patience your dream is approaching.

What are the authorizations and documents to request?

  • CILA (building practices to authorize renovation work if necessary)
  • Cadastral update of the plan (at the end of the works)
  • SCIA for the beginning of the receptive activity.

Documents to be delivered to the SUAR One-Stop Shop for Accommodation Activities.

And if the condominium does not want you to open a B&B?

This is not the first time we hear this kind of question. An important sentence, dated 2008, of the Constitutional Court established that the activity of B & Bs cannot be subordinated to the permission of the condominium. However, the regions have partially protected the condominiums with additional regulations. For example, the new law of the Lazio Region provides for the obligation to attach to the Certified Start of Activity Report (or SCIA) also a copy of the communication to the Condominium of the start of the activity to be activated. However, do not be discouraged you have the green light for your new business!

At the tax level, the B&B activity occasionally exercised does not involve the opening of a VAT number, the only tax to be paid is for personal income tax purposes. The owner must always issue a receipt, even if not a tax receipt.

Renovation of Bed and Breakfast

Why renovate if you have to rent?

In the age of the web, where it is assumed that you yourself will showcase your B&B know that you will be confronted with hundreds of activities like yours. The right photos, the light of the rooms studied, a furnishing and a subdivision of the ad hoc spaces will make the difference in your income.

Entrust yourself to professionals of house renovation, because this is the best way to save time and money. We will take care of everything whether it is design and construction supervision for a room, a small apartment, a villa or a rustic farmhouse.

Do you have an old house available and are you thinking of transforming it so that it becomes profitable?

Request a quote and we'll get back to you by 24 h clearing up your ideas.

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