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With the arrival of the warm season, we come out of the greyness of winter and want everything around us to be brighter and more airy. A third of Italians, according to the statistics, want restructure his own casa, to put it in a position to face the summer without suffering the typical inconveniences that can accompany the summer season. The types of work that can help improve the home are many, of varying complexity and economic commitment, as well as feasible at different times.

It ranges from the various forms of renovation which may concern for example the impianti and improvement of energy performance, up to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance which foresees the repair of the structural parts (and not) of the buildings that may have been damaged during the winter season due to the intense atmospheric agents.

In particular, the energy restructuring it is an intervention of great importance in view of the summer season because it allows to get huge save on your bill. A good intervention, in this sense, will make your home efficient from a thermal point of view and therefore naturally cooler in summer (but also, in perspective, warmer in winter), without the need to resort to expensive air conditioning systems.

Find out how to prepare the house for the summer through small and large renovations

Le Internal renovations toFlat they are the most frequent and the most apparently simple ones. They can be done on their own, giving vent to their skills and creativity, or entrusting them to the hands of expert craftsmen in the field of renovations. One of the most popular interventions for the warm season is the application or replacement of the mosquito nets on the windows: it is an essential detail if you want to be able to sleep in peace with the windows open.

The options are many: they exist mosquito nets that require a professional installation, to be entrusted to a specialist, but there are also much simpler ones, which can be purchased at every hardware store or - better for the greater choice - in a DIY center. Of course, in this case the quality and duration of the changes will vary mosquito nets. A surgery perfectly done, carried out with quality materials and good technological characteristics, will guarantee a considerably higher durability and functionality and, consequently, a better impact on our domestic well-being.

Preparing the house for summer, from awnings to painting

Other improvements that can be done alone or with the help of professionals in the sector are l 'application of awnings and painting. As for the mosquito nets, also the application of awnings for outdoor it can be done without too much difficulty.

Preparing-the-home-for-the-beautiful-season-3There are many types, even available for assembly kits that do not require any specific capacity. Even in this case, however, the rule is that if you don't feel safe or don't want to compete with the DIY, it is preferable to rely on expert artisans, which can offer the guarantee of a safe and well-done job.

Le awnings they are very useful for preventing the discomforts of hot summers, because they offer one effective screen against the sun's rays, especially if placed up balconies e terraces facing south, and fully included in the type of interventions by energy restructuring.

Refreshment of the walls through painting it is undoubtedly the simplest intervention to implement. At any paint shop you can equip yourself with everything you need to bring back the casa like New. Very often, however, we find ourselves having to face particularly insidious problems such as mold stains due tohumidity and condensation.

In these cases it is essential to identify the cause that caused the problem and look for a solution that is not only superficial but that aims to prevent the mold be present again later. Minor interventions may be necessary renovation that improve thewall insulation or the roof, for example, to be carried out under the guidance of an expert hand.

Energy renovation: the air conditioning system and effective alternatives

Another possible renovation regards theair conditioning system. It is obvious that if the problem is solved with a air conditioning portable, it will be necessary to simply make holes for entry and exit of the air (which is strongly advised against being done alone as it requires expertise and tools that are generally not available). If theair conditioning system it is of the fixed type, you can only turn to specialists, remembering to do it in time because the installation is generally quite complex.

A series of interventions by energy improvement help us minimize the use of air conditioning, with particularly beneficial effects on the environment and, last but not least, on the portfolio. These have to do with the insulation andbuilding insulation but also with tricks such assunshade installation e tends. For this kind of measures are foreseen tax relief important, as we will see later.

Summer is the ideal season for renovations of the outdoor spaces of our home

The simplest intervention to be carried out with the arrival of summer, for those who own a balcony, a Terrace or garden, are the periodic operations of restoration e maintenance, such as clearing the soil of weeds, pruning plants and sowing new essences. Remaining within the scope of the garden and terrace, however, things can become more complex and demanding. In fact we can think for example of iinstall a barbecue or pizza oven, in order to make it possible to organize lunches and dinners in the open air with friends.

In a garden perfectly equipped for the summer, the outdoor furniture: tables, chairs and small armchairs, but also fixed benches, umbrellas and curtains. Needless to say, but the forms of renovation of outdoor spaces they can be numerous and also include flower beds, vasche, itineraries, fences, all interventions that can improve the enjoyment of our home.Preparing-the-home-for-the-beautiful-season-2

Furthermore, we can also hypothesize theinstallation of a swimming pool: there are all sizes, recessed or above ground, and for (almost) all pockets. Of course these jobs have very different realization times: so that they are ready for the warm season it is necessary to program them in time, according to the complexity of the intervention, and to contact specialized firms able to provide a quote adequate.

How much do renovation interventions cost?

For a clear assessment of the restructuring cost of a casa or of an Flat it is necessary first of all to understand which are the types of intervention that we wish to activate. It is therefore essential to evaluate the type of work to be performed (static renovation, internal or external, energy) that clarifies whether it is a punctual job (such asinstallation of a sun blind, of a mosquito net or one boiler), which can be expressed through the indication of a total price, or which concerns a larger area than the casa and that therefore requires the evaluation of renovation cost per square meter.

In both cases, you can contact companies specializing in home renovations can supply estimates responding to various types of intervention. Although i renovation prices per square meter they are rather aligned, if it is considered appropriate, it will be possible to compare several estimates in order to identify the most advantageous one for us.

How to save on costs thanks to the tax incentives for restructuring provided for by the Budget Law 2017

With the 2017 Budget Law has been extended until 31 December 2017 la deduction of 50% for the building renovation, confirming the maximum spending limit of 96.000 euros per property unit. A tax deduction of 2017% (and up to 31% in particular conditions) was also introduced for the period between 2021 January 50 and 85 December XNUMX for the expenses incurred for the adoption of anti-seismic measures on buildings in high-risk seismic areas (areas 1, 2 and 3).

It is therefore extremely advantageous to start the renovations (even those to prepare ours casa tosummer) this year because, since 1 ° 2018, the deduction it will return to the ordinary measure of 36% and with the limit of € 48.000 per real estate unit.

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