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With the arrival of Halloween, the end of the warm season and high temperatures is heralded throughout Italy. Let's not be caught unprepared, let's use autumn to prepare our home for the arrival of the cold. Just as our body needs some time to get used to the drop in temperatures, our home also deserves a gradual change. We will have to apply some small tricks to better accommodate the cold and make it comfortable. Let's see together how to avoid the dispersion of the heat and take advantage of tax deductions.

The interior of the house in winter

The first goal to aim for in autumn-winter is to have a home as warm and welcoming as possible. Never heard of Hygge style? Who doesn't dream of returning in the evening after a tremendous day in the office and finding himself in a warm spot on his sofa sipping a hot drink?

This if ours heating system it's perfect. Do you know that maintenance of the system is needed at the end of the cold season? Didn't you do it? Do not worry, there are specialized companies that quickly, before activating radiators for example, make one cleaning hydraulic heating system.

What is the maintenance of the heating system?

  • First of all in filter cleaning.
  • In a verification of the valves that measure the temperatures, in the case of radiators for example in the excess air leakage.

Do we love to wander around barefoot even in winter? The alternatives are two: or we install a plant of floor heating, or as we did in the past in the royal dwellings we pull out the carpets.

Heating systems: radiators, stoves, fireplaces which to choose?

Now there are three large categories of radiators on the market: steel, cast iron or aluminum. Regardless of which material you have chosen, there are behaviors that must always be remembered for don't impact the thermal performance of your home.

  1. Remember that when they are in operation the radiators must never be covered by fabrics like curtains and have cabinets in front of them to hide them. By doing so you reduce the propagation of heat and increase consumption. If you have to home refurbishing choose a beautiful thermo furnishing rather than counter frames that "cage" the radiator to make it less visible.
  2. To increase heat output: install insulating boards on the back.

There are several reasons that drive the tenant in choosing the fireplace or one wood stove or pellet. Surely the most romantic have the idea that a lively and crackling fire is the best choice, but some people prefer the more automated pellet system because it feels warmer and safer.

The fireplace, from an energy point of view, is the most economical choice, the firewood it has a lower and constant price and is available all year round. But not everyone has the opportunity to introduce the chimney in their home or to make one total renovation.


When winter approaches, we must also check the state of the fixtures. Often the heating of our house does not appear to be sufficient, but it is a problem related to heat loss. You know you can restructure or replace old fixtures by deducting the 65% until December 2017? Write to us and we'll explain how.

The exterior of the house in winter

To optimally live your home in winter you need to check the good condition of the external walls.

Are there any cracks or damage to the plaster? Often long rains or latent humidity lead to cracks which must be repaired immediately. Then check all sides of the house: they will be exposed to rain and snow for another long winter. If you live on the ground floor, you will need a snow shovel tool without the risk of being trapped in the house. These are small tricks that will make your winter more comfortable and warm.

If you need a partial renovation of your apartment, to know the costs for the modernization of your heating system, or you want to change your old fixtures enjoying tax deductions WRITE TO US FOR A FREE QUOTE.

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