45mq apartment renovation

45mq apartment renovation

Demolitions and disposal: demolition of masonry in perforated and non-perforated bricks, removal of glued parquet, removal of ceramic flooring including screed below, removal of wallpaper, removal of bathroom and kitchen coatings, cutting of perimeter walls no longer covered with ceramic, removal of plinths, removal of radiators, complete removal of sanitary water bath and kitchen, sanitary removal, removal of existing electrical system, dismantling of external fixtures, disassembly of containers, removal of shutters, extension of living room, dismantling of doors. All demolitions include transport charges and disposal in public landfills of the resulting material.

Buildings: supply and installation of screed for laying flooring, realization of plasterboard false ceiling, construction of reinforced plasterboard structural loft, formation of new internal planks made of perforated bricks, creation of masonry shower tray.

Made in the following materials: plaster shaving of the walls, two-part whitening in clear single color with emulsified paint, washable water-based paint, on prepared and isolated internal surfaces (entire apartment)

Poses: installation of porcelain stoneware flooring, laying of porcelain stoneware coverings (bathroom), laying of mosaics, shower tray and shower walls, laying of sliding doors, laying of sanitary ware on the ground, laying of skirting boards in wood, installation of new external fixtures, replacement of the entrance door panel including door disassembly and reassembly, installation and connection of air conditioning system.

New Plants: water and electricity

Supply: supply of wooden or stoneware skirting boards (including scrap and stock), supply of n. 2 sliding door, supply of white towel warmer, supply of new pvc windows, supply of Veneziana ARGENTO SATINATO glass interior kit, supply of sanitary fittings flush with the wall, supply of air conditioning system, supply of interior and exterior flooring, mosaic supply, supply of coverings.

Other: drafting of paperwork for the execution of the works in full compliance with the regulations in force: CILA, PSC, preliminary notification to the ASL, report of cadastral variation.

Matthew Sergi

Young architect with over four years of experience, gained in Italy and abroad. In these years he has had the opportunity to deal with projects at different scales, from buildings to renovations, up to urban redevelopment projects, including project management and directives.

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