95mq apartment renovation

95mq apartment renovation

Demolitions and disposal: floor removal in ceramic material including screed below, ceramic / stoneware floor removal, demolition of masonry in hollow and non-perforated bricks, creation of openings in masonry in hollow and non-perforated bricks, removal of bathroom and kitchen coverings, removal of doors , ceilings and external fixtures, removal of plumbing fixtures, removal of sanitary water bath and kitchen, removal of wallpaper, removal of skirting boards, crumbling of the walls previously covered with ceramics, removal of existing electrical system. All demolitions include transport charges and disposal in public landfills of the resulting material.

Buildings: supply and installation of flooring for laying flooring, supply and installation of Ultraplan Mapei level, formation of new internal panels made of hollow bricks, realization of plasterboard false ceilings, realization of plasterboard frames and veils for diffused / indirect light, realization of a plasterboard open wall, with shelves and openings for screening the hall / column area, realization of plasterboard veils or false beam for masking of the exhaust fumes exhalation hood

Made in the following materials: two-part whitening in clear single color with emulsified paint, washable water-based paint, on prepared and isolated internal surfaces.

restoration: sanding, grouting and painting of existing parquet, restoration of solid parquet strip for demolition of the sleeping area, with laying of solid parquet same essence of the existing one, sealing, grouting and polishing of marble.

Poses: installation of porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings, installation of wooden or porcelain stoneware skirting boards, installation of sliding, hinged and book doors, installation of sanitary ware and mixers, installation of new PVC ceilings, installation of new external fixtures, laying and supply of glass transom between the two bathrooms, installation of wall safes, installation of new external mosquito nets, installation of electric radiator.

New Plants: mechanical ventilation (blind bath), alarm system preparation, electric and water system.

Supply: supply of floor and wall tiles (bathroom and kitchen) in porcelain stoneware, supply of sanitary ware (for two bathrooms), supply of internal swing doors, supply of interior sliding doors and folding doors, supply of wooden skirting boards, supply of new ceilings in pvc for windows, supply of new pvc windows, supply of new mosquito nets, supply of towel warmers.

Other: drafting of paperwork for the execution of the works in full compliance with the regulations in force: CILA, PSC, preliminary notification to the ASL, report of cadastral variation.

Barbara Moreschi

Graduated in Architecture in 1996 at the Milan Polytechnic. Registered since January 2003 in the Order of Architects of the Province of Varese. Qualified to carry out the role of Safety Coordinator on construction sites. He works as a freelancer. Over the years it has worked

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