40mq apartment renovation

40mq apartment renovation

Removal living room / kitchen wall, ceramic floor, skirting, radiators and small parts.

Training of new interior decking made with perforated bricks.

realization of plasterboard false ceiling mounted on a metal framework.

Installation of level Ultraplan Mapei, thickness 1 cm, porcelain stoneware coverings and skirting boards.

Shaving and whitewashing walls.

Removal, with consequent transport to the landfill of the waste materials produced during the works, according to regulations.

PSC editorial and declaration of conformity for plants.

Barbara Moreschi

Graduated in Architecture in 1996 at the Milan Polytechnic. Registered since January 2003 in the Order of Architects of the Province of Varese. Qualified to carry out the role of Safety Coordinator on construction sites. He works as a freelancer. Over the years it has worked

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