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For those lucky enough to have a terrace or a veranda the time has come to put it back in order or make one renovation to be able to live it to the fullest. Warmth, friends, outdoor dinners or simply little moments of daily relaxation.

What should always be respected is one continuity between indoor and outdoor environment as regards colors, fabrics and style. In a terrace, however, it is allowed to give free rein to creativity, originality and to add that pinch of personal touch that perhaps in internal environments one does not always dare.

In this step, the advice of a architect which can offer you a custom project. Now we come to some practical tips to make your outdoor space the strength of your home during the summer months.

How to create small corners of paradise: the terrace for a return to nature

La privacy it is the first thing to be reckoned with if you want to fully enjoy your terrace. For this reason the use of curtains is recommended veiled fabrics that protect, but do not close the environment. For a more natural terrace you can think of inserting panels from wood to protect you from prying eyes. Again, it is nature that offers us the simplest solution.

Il Bamboo for example it is a valid ally to create an intimate and welcoming environment in a short time. Wood is the privileged material for a terrace warm tones and enveloping. This is why it is also used for floors and coverings, for direct contact with nature.


Small green oases

For a self-respecting terrace you need plants and flowers. Among these, geraniums are the most used both because they are easy to manage and for their anti-mosquito power. Another idea is to insert aromatic plants, so you will have a scented terrace and smells ready to use for your dinners with friends.

A valid alternative to the classic vases seems to be the use of pallets to create personalized and original DIY cassettes or to recover simple wooden fruit crates. Just fix them, clean them and paint them in the color you prefer. If you have large spaces, no one denies you the possibility of creating a space dedicated to cultivation with a small vegetable garden from apartment.

Playing with spaces

If your outdoor environment allows it to furnish with colored armchairs, tables and cushions is a winning solution. Also in this case the pallet comes to our aid, you can create small tables or other complements as long as you are familiar with the DIY. You will have a space where you can read a book, have an aperitif or party.


Yes to everything that makes your terrace a panacea for mind and body: chairs, beds, a hammock or rocking chairs. If you still have space why not an outdoor pool with whirlpool area. Also create a lunch area seems to be a winning idea, perhaps opting for an extendable table and folding chairs. Choose the area you prefer according to your needs and always furnished considering the spaces you have available so as not to create an environment that is too full.

Effect colors and lights Even for an outdoor space it takes style and harmony

Never forget to use colors that approach and recall the interior of your apartment so as to maintain a equilibrium between inside and outside.

Opt for warm, welcoming shades that recall the contact with nature. For the rest, go wild with the colors you like the most, always maintaining a fresh but elegant environment.

If you have a large terrace you have to insert two different types of lighting. One more cold and powerful to place in your dining area, one more tenuous and atmospheric for the remaining area. Also use warm lights positioned from below for a unique atmosphere. lantern-light-atmosphereIf you want to illuminate and at the same time give a romantic touch add scented candles or colored lanterns.

Warm and welcoming shades, natural materials, fresh colors, flowers and scented candles for a terrace that will leave you and your guests amazed. Don't forget to add creativity and imagination, only in this way will you make your terrace truly unique. The time has really come to rediscover and renew this space, thanks also tax deductions for restructuring.

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